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  1. Does anyone have a template they use that they can share that deducts all the expenses in an Excell spreadsheet, I suck at Excell.
  2. I was going to say $325 on their site. kind of surprised this is also going to stores. I wonder if it will end up on any of the sites that regularly do discounts
  3. Should be interesting to see what comes out. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure Don’t look back was filmed during April/May of that year which would mean he was in England during that time.
  4. The Factory editions seem to be lasting much longer then they used to.
  5. I think the reissue was in demand because I don’t think the last pressing is available anywhere. they literally say this edition will be available wherever vinyl is sold so I have no idea why people are buying it up or getting upset because the bands allotment is sold out except for the fact they are Pearl Jam fans.
  6. Funny considering the amount of “cash grab” complaints you were posted. They made 10,000 of those and you can still find them in stores so that is way too many probably. they definitely do not want any product to sit around. Plus the only reason most people want it is that it is limited, the whole vinyl market is pretty much based on manufactured scarcity. If they made 20,000 of them and said so, they probably wouldn’t sell more then they did. The only legit gripe would be they let people buy more then one if they did separate orders.
  7. No it was supposed to be part of the first drop I think though
  8. So they should do the same thing they do for the vaults for every limited release? Seems pretty unreasonable
  9. We don’t even know how many there are and there is no way to know how many active numbers will want to buy this.
  10. Gray Matter - Take it back on blue vinyl is up on Dischord
  11. They could’ve any band could do it. Just because Dischord does something doesn’t mean everyone has to because does that mean they have to do it for every release. I’d love it if everyone followed Ian’s models but it just isn’t realistic. They do do that for the vault and then people still bitch about shipping times/costs. It doesn’t matter what they do they cannot win with a chunk of their fan base especially since they have more I need everything and I need it now type fans then any band, at least bands I like.
  12. Saw it on a retweet, surprised I got one. the board is pissed. I get it but you can’t have everything plus look at the purple Target variant. Everyone was losing their minds, complaining, buying as many copies as possible and now you can literally find them in almost any Target. I would guess there is more going on with NO Code then this short pre order. Let’s be honest if everyone could get one the same people complaining would then be complaining about shipping