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  1. Sweet I can’t wait to see how many of the same people that bitched because they missed out on this and should have pressed more but then was able to buy it when they put up the black vinyl on their site will now bitch they they repressed it
  2. It will be in pop market or Insound in a few months after release for like 150 and people will buy it thinking it is a huge bargain
  3. If these sell out before the newsletter comes out the board will be pretty epic today
  4. Preordered from bull moose a few weeks ago, looking forward to this
  5. Pretty much, after the weekend they really shouldn’t care who buys what or how many they just want them gone
  6. Surprised people aren’t at least familiar with Loretta Lynn and Coalminers daughter. It is pretty much a classic country record so not sure why that is any weirder than any other albums of the month. I get if you don’t like country but it is an essential country record
  7. I doubt it they had them all for sale separately. I am guessing they are all seperated in the warehouse
  8. There was a red splatter and a purple variant of the Mad Season and vault #4 which all sold out
  9. I love PJ and have missed out on releases but if you don’t have the attitude of you win some you lose some you are going to be dissappointed. with a band this big they have to do random drops, same people would complain if they emailed etc and they missed out so it doesn’t matter what they do.
  10. I read the JFN Facebook post today and was pretty much embarrassed for them, glad Lou responded to it too. There really was zero reason for it and the whole we want to be transparent thing is pretty dumb. Bands hop from labels all the time and labels drop bands all the time no big deal. Lou has put out a lot of stuff on that label in the years he’s been there, they should’ve just wished him well.
  11. That would be cook since they are ambassadors I’m hoping they’ll make a ton of whatever Pearl Jam release will be put out
  12. Looking forward to the doc but does Dave Grohl have to be in every fucking music doc