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  1. The hatred for third man is pretty childish, you are just not getting what you want. it looks like a lot of the copies of the variant will be at their rolling record store at Muddy Roots where Sleep is playing but fuck them for selling them directly to some sleep fans they should have sent one of two more copies to Orlando
  2. People want these because they are rare and become valuable and then also complain about them being rare and valuable
  3. Pretty much what I do, honestly You have no idea what the other person would consider mint
  4. Isn’t this kind of how record store day works? honestly I don’t think it matters what third man would do, people are going to shit on them, of course only if they don’t get one. I’d assume most labels have some sort of system based on sales or a relationship when it comes to getting limited edition items into stores. Only one store here gets loser editions from sub pop and I am going to guess it is because they buy more sub pop releases then the others, business wise it makes sense
  5. I think he is just saying that later Tom Petty albums are just not that good, I agree but to each their own
  6. apirk

    The Third Man Records Thread

    The thing is I don’t think the purpose of the extra stuff being sent in the vault is to keep it all together. I am guessing their intentions are you use or display everything they send but then again they probably intend for people to listen to the records which probably doesn’t happen as much as it should
  7. Pretty sure nowhere unless someone is selling a copy on Discogs they bought from flightless cheap. Maybe with the larger pressing numbers they’ll show up somewhere though doubt they’d be much cheaper though
  8. https://www.joestrummer.com/ looks pretty good shipping is insane on that site but bullnose has them all up
  9. apirk

    The Third Man Records Thread

    It is a disclaimer lots of bands use that sell prints, surprised more labels/bands don’t use a disclaimer with vinyl as well
  10. apirk

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    This is up at bull moose but I had it in my cart and went to checkout and it was gone and is no longer available
  11. Don’t really get all the negativity towards the surprise aspect of this release. Personally I would rather be surprised with the actual release of a record the.mn be surprised there is a 2 month early pre order. You could’ve gotten it online at third man so it was available online. There are 10,000 of these if you are patient you’ll find one or this is Sleep just wait for one of the other dozen variants to come out.
  12. apirk

    Record Store Day 2018

    I got the cd when it came out years ago, it isn’t anything special but not terrible. Probably just mad a label he is no longer on is releasing it
  13. Love jay never picked this up mostly due to price so I am excited for the repress
  14. Not related to vinyl but I saw them last weekend and they were great
  15. apirk

    Record Store Day 2018

    Pretty much the same here, plus if you are willing to wait you can get stuff super cheap if it isn’t one of the 2-3 super high demand items. I know people say it isn’t what the day is about but I am still buying them from record stores