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  1. Ah cool Thought they were referring to the thing people were freaking out about a few weeks ago looking forward to some dates
  2. Wasn’t that keep you membership line added awhile back? It just seems people want to read inyo every little thing. I’d bet there is a tour announced for next year but I don’t think they are trying to leave clues. They said something about keeping memberships updated a couple months ago because the owed Xmas singles were coming als
  3. I guess SRC is just carrying on the tradition of vinyl collective, Virgil must be so proud i think I had a year and a half preorder unless you count the under the influence preorders that never came out
  4. I have an OG but will probably pick this up IMO probably a top 5 all time alt country/Americana album, it is pretty much perfect.
  5. I was hoping there would be no “huge announcement” in the newsletter for the melts, and it did not disappoint
  6. Sweet I can’t wait to see how many of the same people that bitched because they missed out on this and should have pressed more but then was able to buy it when they put up the black vinyl on their site will now bitch they they repressed it
  7. It will be in pop market or Insound in a few months after release for like 150 and people will buy it thinking it is a huge bargain
  8. If these sell out before the newsletter comes out the board will be pretty epic today
  9. Preordered from bull moose a few weeks ago, looking forward to this
  10. Pretty much, after the weekend they really shouldn’t care who buys what or how many they just want them gone
  11. Surprised people aren’t at least familiar with Loretta Lynn and Coalminers daughter. It is pretty much a classic country record so not sure why that is any weirder than any other albums of the month. I get if you don’t like country but it is an essential country record
  12. I doubt it they had them all for sale separately. I am guessing they are all seperated in the warehouse