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  1. Variants are just for people who attended the show
  2. Cool I liked this album when it came out, real whiskeytown vibe if I remember correctly
  3. I liked it too, actually liked a bunch of the singles from 3.0
  4. apirk

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Anybody else have to deal with customer service for third man? Instead of the last vault I got another copy of the beefheart vault and they don’t seem to believe me. Response is pretty slow compared to most labels of the same size. At the beginning of this week I sent the requested picture of both of my copies and haven’t heard back. Ive been a vault member since the beginning and never had an issue until now. I guess maybe this is a good excuse to just end being a member.
  5. Picked this up locally today, was a nice surprise
  6. apirk

    PO: Wilco 10 LP Box Set

    Well the albums are just the regular albums signed by Tweedy so the only rare thing is the box, which you could build yourself if you were handy enough and then that would be a 1/1
  7. apirk

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Nope tried it this weekend and it didn’t work, preordered the hold steady reissue and decided to give it a shot and it worked
  8. apirk

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    My code just worked
  9. Nice just used my $20 vote cash on this
  10. Sweet will pick it up eventually, nice to see there is no real reason to preorder
  11. The hatred for third man is pretty childish, you are just not getting what you want. it looks like a lot of the copies of the variant will be at their rolling record store at Muddy Roots where Sleep is playing but fuck them for selling them directly to some sleep fans they should have sent one of two more copies to Orlando
  12. People want these because they are rare and become valuable and then also complain about them being rare and valuable
  13. Pretty much what I do, honestly You have no idea what the other person would consider mint
  14. Isn’t this kind of how record store day works? honestly I don’t think it matters what third man would do, people are going to shit on them, of course only if they don’t get one. I’d assume most labels have some sort of system based on sales or a relationship when it comes to getting limited edition items into stores. Only one store here gets loser editions from sub pop and I am going to guess it is because they buy more sub pop releases then the others, business wise it makes sense