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  1. Didn’t see one of these and considering how much he releases a year figured others might find it useful the would be RSD release Vampires on Titus is up on bullmoose, probably won’t last long I guess since it was supposed to be just for Europe it can be preordered https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34428318/guided-by-voices-vampire-on-titus-opaque-yellow-vinyl-indie-exclusive anybody else sign up for Hot Freaks?
  2. New Redd Kross colored vinyl up in vault store was pretty excited to see these figured someone else might be too
  3. Bullmoose has dog and pony if you are still looking for it
  4. They should just release stuff as it is available but I am guessing they know half the reason there is demand for a lot of this stuff is because they are record store day exclusives and would sell a lot less if they were just the indie exclusive that pop up all year round
  5. There is a good interview with Mark on Joseph Arthur’s podcast where he talks about the book
  6. You were hoping to do a swap with a 10xlp boxset?
  7. EUCLID Records in St. Louis has their inventory online plus if in the area they are delivering www.euclidrecords.com
  8. Yup got it for like $100 almost a year later Boxsets always seem to drop in price fast too. I have gotten the latest Live Garcia, CHRIS Bell and Soul Asylum boxsets at/over 50% within months of when they were released for rsd. Some boxes do become more difficult to find but not many
  9. The tour copies are up for sale on their website if you sign up for their fan club. They are expensive since they are coming from japan but cheaper then Discogs
  10. Cool so have I and every band that could sell out an arena sold those tickets behind the stage unless of course their stage setup obstructed the views. I can’t think of a single sold out arena show I’ve been to where at least a portion of the seats behind the stage weren’t sold, I’ve sat there a few times and wasn’t that bad
  11. Ended up getting St Louis tickets we will see where best available gets me, happy to be in and not have to deal with trying to get something during the public sale
  12. Thanks, seems like a lot of people are not getting tickets who used it but I guess I’ll find out soon