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  1. Low is touring some new tracks soon. Pretty pumped on that. (wooah first post in like 4 years! sup, dudes?)
  2. Reposting from our record store employee picks: www.facebook.com/apollonbergen Insta: @apollonplatebar 1. Anderson .Paak - Malibu "Anderson .Paak is the doctor’s orders. Easily the album I’ve spun the most this year after seeing the light during a trip home to the States this summer. Paak’s third album showcases the LA musician’s brilliance in combining vibes of 70’s funk and soul, early 90’s hip-hop, and the wild card that is his own voice and take on a genre that has grown new wings in recent years. The past few years have been Kendrick’s, the next few will be Anderson’s. In an i
  3. Hometown: Duluth, MN Low - The Curtain Hits The Cast Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Retribution Gospel Choir - 2 Bear Garden - Disco Biscuit Trampled By Turtles - Palomino Current Home: Bergen, Norway Enslaved- Frost Taake- Hordalands doedskvad Hole In The Wall- S/T Monica Heldal- Boy From The North Immortal- Battles In The North
  4. I do recall hearing that certain banks provide a similar service over here, and I guess the quickest answer to my questions would be to call them myself to figure out the parameters of what they cover. I suppose I was more-so curious as to the "documentation" aspect of insuring valuables in the eyes of insurance companies stateside or anyone with experience in the matter. Are pictures needed? Receipts? A spreadsheet? Or just the word of the insuree. "Yeah, I had like 50 Yesterday & Today butcher covers but my house burned down. Gimme money."
  5. bump out of curiousity- does anyone here have their collections insured? If so, through which bank (US) and what is their policy for documentation? As far as I know there is one bank here in Norway that provides insurance for collections of valuable items however one must document the amount paid as well as picture documentation. I haven't looked to far into it but do try my best to keep up a GoogleDocs spreadsheet including the pressing information, the amount paid as well as the year of the purchase, mainly just because I find it interesting to see how value fluctuates over time but have
  6. Not sure if already posted, but here are a few Norwegian sites with leftovers: http://bigdipper.no/publisering/RSD http://thegarden.no/vinyl/rsd-2015.html Conversion and postage will suck for out of country buyers though..
  7. Just watched Almost Famous for the first time in probably a decade. Totally forgot about this!
  8. Bought the Chet Atkins release for my pops. Dude has 70+ Chet records, but not this one. Wuhu!
  9. Definitely this year's top score for me personally. The shop I work at ordered early with wishfull thinking and much to our surprise received 10 copies Damn yesterday was fun.
  10. Flippin' out over Shrines and Black Seeds. Finally tracked down Catacombs and Annihilation last year, decently priced. GAH. NILE!

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