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  1. OOP and hard to find Plan-It-X Fest 2004 DVD from Plan-It-X Records. Features stuff like Toys That Kill, Modern Machines, Japanther, Defiance OH, and loads more. Scope it out, bros. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171766760675?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  2. So you do understand. I guess I know now what you are. Thanks for playing.
  3. Do you understand how record collecting works? You wanted to underpay for a more collectable version of a record than one in far worse shape than it. Do you not understand this stuff? You were trying to get me to sell you a record in near mint condition for $16 that would cost you $18 from the very website you mentioned in regards to it. You realize this, right?
  4. You tried to use a record in far shittier shape than my own to get me to give you a deal. So, either you have no clue about record collecting and made a very dumb mistake. Or, more likely since you said you are highly engrossed in this world, tried to trick someone seemingly new around here into giving you a discount on a far superior product. So, either you're an absolute idiot, or a colossal cunt. Which one is it? Go buy you brand new version, geek. I already told you I am not selling you anything.
  5. The Led Zeppelin records are all Columbia House editions, which are rarer and sell for more on Discogs. Feel free to look it up. Copies of the ST on Discogs have gone as high as $90. The lowest on there now is around $20. This one is pristine and I didn't feel it was insane to ask $30 for it. Plus, goons like the guy asking me to sell him the Sabbath I have for $16 PPD because its only $13 on Discogs isn't factoring in the shipping on Discogs, which makes the much shittier copy in way worse condition cost $18 and now more than what he expects from my condition in outstanding shape.
  6. Going through Discogs again, I don't see anything where I am high, honestly. I'm not here to give fabulous deals to people I don't know. Sorry if this cool guy club expects that, but not happening. Don't buy the stuff. I don't give a shit. But keep your bullshit out of my threads.
  7. These prices are all in line with Discogs and the other sites. The garbage that's selling for $13 is in Good condition. This copy is in Very Good Plus to NM. I went through loads of eBay sales, Discogs sales, etc to figure out what I should charge. I sold the Metallica for $60 to a fella because it was near pristine. But whatevs.
  8. Various Metal and other records for sale. Most are in unbelievable condition, around near mint and look very rarely played, if at all. Deals can be given if multiple records are purchased. Shipping is not included in the listed price. Add $4 for the first record, and a buck for each additional record. Pictures will be provided for records upon request. Email me at [email protected] or message me for more details and questions. Hawkwind – Space Ritual – US – 1973 – Autographed by Lemmy, Foldout Poster cover - $70 Slayer – Reign in Blood – US – 1986 – Def Jam pressing, amazing condition

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