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  1. Hey @IanRees...I messaged you on IG about TP’s. I don’t know if you saw it. Hollah!!!
  2. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fuck. Got busy at work and missed the two I was watching. Fuuuuuuuck.
  3. Well. I ordered the super duper bundle with the box set & all the other formats...should be arriving next week now per the tracking.
  4. Bonkers. Complete and total bonkers is all I can really say what it was like watching that show. As was mentioned, it got crazier and more hair-brained as it went on. Just when you thought things couldn't get more ridiculous and just insane, here comes a new character player in this to make things even more nuts. Overall, it was a parade of scumbaggery at different levels by a cast of weirdos and fucked-up individuals. There were maybe two or three people that were redeemable and OK given the situations they were in. When can we discuss more to avoid spoilers?
  5. Nearly twenty years since their last recording, AS FRIENDS RUST return to the studio to deliver two hard-hitting, energetic hardcore rockers as only they can. Without having missed a beat, this 7" sees the band in perhaps its strongest, finest and most furious form, giving us all the melody and drive of classic AS FRIENDS RUST with even more bite and perspective. Mixed and produced by long-time AFR collaborator James Paul Wisner. Important note: Unfortunately, due to the uncertainties in the corona pandemic (e.g. pressing plant may close, postal services limit their deliveries) no definite release date can be given. So far, UWW Records plan Friday, July 3rd as street day. Pressing Info: 100 gold Vinyl (Coretex Exclusive) 100 white black marbled - (Band/Label Version) 100 yellow Vinyl (REV/USA) Tracklist: Up From The Muck Last Of The Famous International Scumbags https://coretexrecords.com/As-Friends-Rust-up-from-the-muck-PRE-ORDER
  6. My LP & 7" bundle from 10C arrived just now. They'll be in quarantine in the garage after being wiped down. Sorry, COVID-19...you ain't getting to me and my PJ listening experience...
  7. Update from MerchTable if you ordered: Dear Valued Customer Due to the risks of Coronavirus, Douglas County, Kansas has issued a stay-at-home order until April 23rd. This order effects many non-essential businesses in our community, including Merchtable, and will temporarily prevent us from shipping any orders. We apologize for this delay, it’s out of our control, but understandable given the serious circumstances we all find ourselves under. Ultimately the safety of our staff and our customers is off the utmost importance. As a small business we’d also like to say thank you to everyone who has continued to support Merchtable and our many artists during this difficult time. The music community, in particular, has been hit hard by the pandemic, and it truly is a community. Whether in person or online, we gather and we share and we listen together. Now more than ever we look forward to returning to serve you and all the artists on Merchtable as soon as possible. For now, from all of us to you, please stay safe and thank you for understanding.
  8. Two I have my eye on. Hopefully they don’t go for too too much & I can’t nab them.