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  1. Anyone get any shipping notification for the signed LP’s?
  2. https://www.upsetmagazine.com/news/milk-teeth-have-announced-their-self-titled-second-album
  3. Pricey for U.S. folks...but will be worth it. Love this band. https://shop.milkteethpunx.com/
  4. Plenty of bundles...pricey...available: https://mandymooreshop.com/ I love her music. No shame.
  5. I’m not too too annoyed that there are no FL dates. I’m not surprised anyways because I know FL sucks & bands hate coming here. Especially being a mostly-red state and the politically-leaning bands like PJ hating that fact. I may put my chance in 10C for Nashville tix. But April is a mess of a month for me already with other shows.
  6. True Body are a band based out of Richmond, Virginia who formed in 2015. Their sound is a distillation of the eclectic community they call family - denizens of the hardcore and punk spheres, powerful trans thinkers and magicians, soldiers of techno and other various dance musik disciplines. Their debut LP, Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated, is due out on April 3rd via Funeral Party Records, sees a refining their post-punk sound to include shades of goth, synth-pop, and more. Coming on the heels of vocalist Isabella Moreno-Riaño's recent collaboration with SRSQ, Heavenly Rhythms establishes without a doubt True Body's place among a rising scene of dark pop provocateurs. Pre-order: https://www.thefuneralparty.com/new-products/true-body-heavenly-lp
  7. I just started checking out her music after a friend suggested I do. I’m really diggin’. It’s got that weird & curious sound that gives me the same feel as when I first heard Baby Metal.
  8. Plenty of bundles. Two LP variants. https://centurymedia.store/dept/body-count
  9. Haven’t listened yet. Will be giving it a shot this weekend. If Jared is being hopeful on it, then I’m sure I’ll dig it. Him & I seem to be aligned in our nitpicky opinion on BS.
  10. Gave the song a few more tries. Trying to give it a chance. Still not doing much for me but I can appreciate that it may break then further in to a wider audience. It’s more palatable to those who enjoy heavy music but possibly not the abrasiveness of their earlier stuff.