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  1. LEFTOVER COPIES FROM THE JANUARY GHOST OF A389 SHOWS VERY LIMITED SUPPLY / WILL NOT BE REPRESSED Integrity side features 3 covers while the Psywarfare Side features one epic mega-aural assault. TRACKLIST INTEGRITY: Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne) / Making Love With Devil (Zouo) / Night Of The Vampire (Roky Erickson) PSYWARFARE: Au Regal Des Voraces One-Time Pressing: Limited Edition of 300 Copies broken down as follows: 100x Halloween (Orange/Black Merge) 100x Hellstorm (Blue w/ Black Splatter) 100x Neon Eclipse (Orange Blob In Yellow) https://integvinyl.bigcartel.com/product/integrity-psywarfare-split-lp-ghost-of-a389-show-exclusive
  2. If anyone has been looking to snag the Integrity / Psywarfare split 12" that they had only at the Baltimore shows this past weekend, leftover are up now: https://integvinyl.bigcartel.com/ They also have a bunch of exclusive and rare Integrity releases.
  3. jhulud

    Flenser Releases

    Really diggin' the ECW track. My kinda shoegazey fuzzed-out noise.
  4. jhulud

    PO: Green River Reissues

    Just got a shipping email from Sub Pop.
  5. jhulud

    PO: Beach Slang - MPLS EP

    Corrected the post. Also...here's a teaser they linked in the B9/QP email: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8ZH8p_Tl3g&feature=youtu.be
  6. PO on 1/29. Presumably on Polyvinyl. It'll be out via Bridge Nine's new imprint label Quiet Panic. "MPLS EP The only thing I ever wanted to be was a rock & roll singer—Minneapolis is the city that showed me the way. A Paul Westerberg song and a Bob Mould song, played with abandon, nerves and love—a great, big, sloppy thank-you. And, damn, do I mean it. PRE-ORDER = JAN. 29"
  7. It's amazing how many NIN/TR projects get announced and hyped up throughout the years to essentially just fade away into nothingness and empty promises. To be a NIN fan is often frustrating.
  8. I’ll probably bite before the cut-off day.
  9. Did anyone get email confirmation of your purchase?
  10. Scored one with the print! Fuck. Yeah!
  11. All the music sites are heralding it as confirmation of the album being finished. Finally. I’ll believe it once it’s officially announced & release dates given.
  12. Or he bought 2 in the first drop and 2 more in the second drop. Matt then noticed and hence now mentioning it. Shitty move but not surprising given the person.
  13. I couldn’t imagine working for Jason Tate. Must be an insufferable experience.
  14. I just want the print. If anyone nabs a print one and doesn’t want the print, I’ll happily buy it.