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  1. Something weird at TJ is indeed going on. I got shipping notice for the gold sometime last week. Received the gold AND clear together over the weekend. And earlier today I got a shipping notice for the clear. Huh?
  2. Oh, man...the Tre DW vs. Virgil thing was epic. At that time, if I recall correctly, Virgil was essentially hands-off from the boards so all those posts/threads didn't get deleted.
  3. At this point...how many years now? 5? 10?...it's just funny how many people are still salty about Virgil. Every time I see a post or some "life updated" about/by him...I'm all "cool"...and move on. I have bigger & worse things to worry & be concerned about. But that's just me.
  4. The Blue one is now up on Bandcamp is anyone prefers that route. Just got the email for it, so apologies if posted before. https://sumac.bandcamp.com/album/may-you-be-held
  5. Signed CD’s up for preorder. https://shop.blackpinkmusic.com/products/signed-cd
  6. It was already a no-brainer purchase for me...but having Plotkin do the remaster....daaaaaaaaaaaaamn...that's icing on the cake.
  7. I received both the gold & clear variants together. You’re welcome the extra shipping charge, Thrill Jockey.
  8. I grabbed a Bayside 7” for a friend but he ended up finding. So have it up for grabs if anyone looking for it. Cost + Shipping. Hit me up.
  9. As of right now...WP is alright...for a 7% IPA it's pretty tame...not as hoppy as I expected. PB is a little tastier and hoppier and living up to the IPA-ness. I'd love to try the other ones but they're sold out everywhere since limited runs.