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  1. And eBay...I've counted at least 5 so far...but hey, Capitalism, Fuck Yeah!
  2. I think I’m gonna cancel & re-up when Helmet is on.
  3. Target edition arrived today. And if you have the time, go read the Paste review of the record. It’s a bit brutal but speaks a few truths & makes good points.
  4. Ah OK. It’s cool. I’ll try again then & hope for best.
  5. Thank you. But it’s telling me can’t be shipped to my address. Huh?
  6. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult It sold out even before I refreshed at 8am ET.
  7. Took a gamble with Park Ave and hopefully they do have the TKK.
  8. Missed TKK. Again. Damnit. I was refreshing 1234Go! and by time I found it on the list, it was sold out. 😕
  9. @thischarmingham, will you have the TKK? Cuz if so, I’ll make sure to be up at 8am ET to nab it.
  10. Well. My store didn’t even get their allotted copy of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. The owner told me that if they receive it in a later shipment, he’ll hold it for me. But he did have the Malfunkshun for me. So that’s cool & snagged that.
  11. I am not hating Dark Matter. Some folks are bitching and moaning that it sounds too polished and shiny. I'm kinda feeling the opposite. It feels leaner and more guitar-driven record with some nice and tasty riffs going on. And Ament's basslines are just sweet sweet on some of the songs. But I do feel there's a bit of an inconsistency on where the record wants to go. Does it want to rock out more like Vs. and Vitalogy or get more melodic & soft like Lightning Bolt and even the Into The Wild soundtrack? In any event...I'm enjoying it a lot more than LB and even Gigaton.
  12. On initial listen...I'm feeling conflicted. There are a few moments & parts of songs where I was excited...but overall, as a total sum of its parts, the album feels middle of the road and more of the same. Nothing groundbreaking that would make me feel...
  13. Well. This is my plea for help. My store is doing wristband time slots again & by the time I remembered to request, it was late and I got at 10:30am slot. What I really really really want will likely be gone if they get any. So. If anyone can be on lookout and help me snag Malfunkshun and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, I’d be forever grateful. Please & thank you.

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