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  1. LOL at a 7” box set. Talk about making it inconvenient.
  2. Update on break up... 7" Thank you for purchasing from the Ariana Grande Official Store. We are reaching out regarding your order containing the break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 7" vinyl. Due to overwhelming demand, vinyl are now expected to ship around May 31. We apologize for this inconvenience. You will receive a shipment confirmation containing tracking information once it's on the way! Sincerely, Team Ariana
  3. PO is up now: https://spartanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/638336-the-darling-fire-dark-celebration New song - "For The Loveless": https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8502716/the-darling-fire-for-the-loveless
  4. The Darling Fire are South Florida's new indie/shoegaze/emo/etc. powerhouse of a band boasting a resume that will make your head spin. Members of TDF have been in and played with The Rocking Horse Winner, Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional, and more. Their debut LP, Dark Celebration, is being released by Spartan Records in May...I think...and pre-orders and a first single will drop on Monday 3/18. I've caught the band a few times already at shows here and they're fantastically wonderful and the songs are amazing. Check their FB page for a few videos of the live songs...some which I had the pleasure of filming.
  5. Given that there is a thread solely dedicated to UO exclusives and releases...
  6. Quick question for anyone that knows. Sweetener...was it only available via UO? I found a copy online for $33.59 for the UK import.
  7. Snagged that DTADW with the quickness. Went with the clear and the clear w/ splatter. Had no problems w/ Paypal when ordering. Does PL release pressing numbers?
  8. Brand new 7" by Baby Shakes (3rd one on Surfin' Ki!) feauturing their brand new hit "Baby Blue" on side A and an exclusive cover of Shoes' "In My Arms Again" on side B! Co-produced by the mighty Record Shop Base from Japan!!! The 1st press of the record is limited to 340 copies including: -110 copies on white/blue wax (SKR Edition) -110 copies on white/pink wax (Record Shop Base edition - only 10 of these available here!) -120 copies on black wax -15 testpress copies (handnumbered, 5 of them are available here). MP3 download code included! http://surfinkirecords.bigcartel.com/product/baby-shakes-baby-blue
  9. Just got email notice that break up... 7" is now going to be on clear vinyl.
  10. Update! Update! Uodate! Posted by Austin on FB. ALRIGHT! Let’s get some updates, shall we? By now, everyone should have their Zao records along with their usLights 7”s. If you haven’t, please let me know! • usLights: there haven’t been any download codes given out because the band is working on re-mastering them for the digital side of things. For the first time in history, the vinyl is ready first. Ha! Once the digital files are 100%, I’ll send you all DL codes and put that record up for sale to the general public. In the meantime, you’re the only ones outside of myself and the band to hear these new songs! • The Skulx & Not Waving But Drowning: the test pressings have been approved, but I’m just keeping my mouth shut until they’re in my hands. These long POs took a toll on me, with having to field constant emails, social media posts etc so I just need to get back to what we used to do: no one knows about the record until it’s in my hands! Of course, I will send out the sub copies as soon as they’re done, so expect your copies before the word goes out. • Duncan Barlow: he got me the audio right before Xmas, so this one is still a ways off...but it’s underway nonetheless. More details on this as it’s available! • Because of how awesome you all have been, I’m going to extend the 2018 discount code through 2019. Thanks for believing in this project and trusting me! Not Sub Series related, but relevant to a few of you: • Bad Rabbits: these are nearly done. I approved tests a few weeks back and I’m told that we are nearing the end. Just waiting on the plant to get a little more violet colored pellets to finish up the purple variants. Woo! • PACK 7”: tests are also approved for this one. It’s great. You’ll all love it. Ha! I’m hoping to set this one up in the middle of The Skulx and NWBD.
  11. 3 hours left in the flash sale. Nabbed the 2xLP. Can’t beat $13.
  12. Haven't heard anything about it. Yet. There was the orange version that FYI stores had for a while.