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  1. Apparently these buttons will be part of a “party kit” that some stores may have. I hope at the very least my local stores will get the buttons. If not I’ll be asking for anyone who snags to hook me up. (I can’t paste the photo nor link RSD’s FB page post).
  2. So looks like George has been doing some side project stuff: ALTO ARC From the sounds of the first single, it has an old-school Skinny Puppy w/ world influences. I am digging it.
  3. I'm not doing much as every weekend. Put in some "overtime" at work earlier and now just sipping on some beers and listening to some Japanese hardcore punk and adjacent bands. Right now: Septic Death. I noticed that Bob Odenkirk's movie Nobody is on HBO Max...will likely be watching that later as the trailer was great.
  4. Couldn't find the original thread I had done ages ago. So here's a new one. What's going on with y'all this weekend? Hopefully doing something involving fun.
  5. ^^ I had no idea it was a label thing for Interscope. I noticed it for the ones being done for NIN that they re-posted about. What a fuckin' joke. And the pricetag is laughable.
  6. Sooooo...although it was steep at $75...I'm a bit annoyed that the signed blue sold out so quick. Not even 30 minutes into the announcement post and was sold out. Oh well.
  7. Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Double Vinyl The Spirit Room (20th Anniversary Edition) | Michelle Branch
  8. It’s the eternal story of when alternative / underground bands get snapped up by the majors and don’t sell “enough” records. I recently watched this doc that takes a look at that very thing. Although it’s mostly focused on 90’s bands & some from early 2000’s, it’s crazy to see what a lot of them went through & got screwed over when on major labels. Highly recommend the doc.
  9. I'll echo and extend that Grandpa sentiment...shows and line-ups like this are more of a pain in the ass than anything else. Especially if that many bands are going to be crammed in during a single day and across two stages. At least something like Furnace Fest '21 had that many bands...maybe more but spread out over three days and across three stages. And it was run almost perfectly. (And nice touch to whomever edited in ETID w/ Rome in there...LOL...)
  10. I’ve been on a pretty robust 90’s Shoegaze kick lately and Drop Nineteens has been part of that playlist. Will definitely get that reissue when it drops.
  11. This pleases me very much... https://www.brooklynvegan.com/drop-nineteens-reuniting-for-first-album-in-nearly-three-decades

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