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  1. Still available at the UK store: Love and Rockets - The Albums 1985-1996. Arkive. (ochre.store) I carted one just to check: $154.99 + $73.28 shipping.
  2. I ended up passing on getting tix. As much as it pains me, I have to be more financially responsible next year.
  3. Anyone going to try for tix? I’m feeling wanting to try for Chicago in ‘24 as it’ll be a few days before a pretty big birthday.
  4. Diggin' the new song. The tour dates are insane as well. Nabbed the Fifth Member splatter exclusive.
  5. I didn’t hit up any record store today. Wasn’t feeling it. If anyone spots the Dream Widow online, hit me up. It’s only record I wanted.
  6. COLD AS LIFE 'IN MEMORY OF RODNEY A. BARGER' DELUXE 2XLP PREORDER: COLD AS LIFE 'In Memory Of Rodney A. Barger' Deluxe 2xLP | A389Recordings (bigcartel.com)
  7. Dokken are also putting out a box set: The Elektra Albums: 1983-1987. Dokken - The Elektra Albums - Amazon.com Music
  8. Yes...BV and Revolver...and also HardTimes...are all in same fulfillment center/company...Project M Group. And it's been a clusterfuck all around with some releases...even outside of supply chain issues and pressing plant delays. They've mishandled plenty of people's orders. Not to mention lacking customer service.