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  1. I struck out...was on EVR and while the cart was updating for my turn...that's some bullshit right there...I watched it go from "available" to when it arrived in cart to say "sold out". Fuckin' shitballs.
  2. Funny enough...I recently joined Reddit just to putz around and see what I have been missing. And was toying with the idea of starting a Reddit community then. If enough people are keen on it, I will start it. Let me know.
  3. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/cathy-pellow-stepping-away-from-sargent-house-following-allegations Only posting on the main board as aware that Sargent House puts out a lot of releases by bands that a lot of VC'ers are into, myself included. I'm a bit shocked over all of this but not-so much at the same time. I have friends over yonder in the other coast who have been at shows at seen Cathy being extremely intoxicated & belligerent...but this was a few years ago, maybe pre-pandemic days. That's not excuse though on her behavior, past or present. I hope she gets the help she needs.
  4. All variants are available on Cleopatra's BC page...the splatter one is the pricier one at $43 so it's the most limited? Gub | Pigface | Cleopatra Records (bandcamp.com)
  5. Setlist from opening night of the Eras tour... “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” “Cruel Summer” “The Man” “You Need to Calm Down” “Lover” “The Archer” “Fearless “You Belong With Me” “Love Story” “Tis the Damn Season” “Willow” “Marjorie” “Champagne Problems” “Tolerate It” “…Ready for It?” “Delicate” “Don’t Blame Me” “Look What You Made Me Do” “Enchanted” “22” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” “I Knew You Were Trouble” “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” “Invisible String” “Betty” “The Last Great American Dynasty” “August”/ “Illicit Affairs” “My Tears Ricochet” “Cardigan” “Style” “Blank Space” “Shake It Off” “Wildest Dreams” “Bad Blood” “Mirrorball” (acoustic) “Tim McGraw” (acoustic) “Lavender Haze” “Anti-Hero” “Midnight Rain” “Vigilante Shit” “Bejeweled” “Mastermind” “Karma”
  6. Got off waitlist earlier tonight for the Tampa date. All left were upper level in the 300’s nosebleed. Nabbed one anyways.

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