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  1. SE7EN soundtrack is up for PO now. Gotta admit...a bit underwhelmed with the cover art. Seven – Waxwork Records
  2. New The Jesus And The Mary Chain coming out. https://themarychain.com/glasgow-eyes
  3. VC is not a “what is this record worth?” kinda place. Take those queries and research to Disccogs and eBay. Not here. Looking for info on that "rare" album you found at your parent's basement? There's a thread dedicated to that type of stuff. Post your queries there. Don't create a new thread asking info about that shitty Beatles record you found at Goodwill.
  4. While the record is en route...I'm listening to this streaming...and hot damn! It sounds so much more bigger and open and clearer. It's like listening all over again and noticing missed details and nuances.
  5. Did all variants sell out?!?! I guess I checked my email way too late.
  6. Shitty customer service is becoming more and more the norm these days. From small business to larger. And it's always once excuse after another. All of this bullshit could have been prevented & avoided if they had acknowledged the very first address change email and replied directly to confirm that it had been updated.
  7. No word yet on what bands will be on the sub but here some of the artists who are in Arkive's roster: Bauhaus Buffalo Tom The Cult Fields of the Nephilim PJ Harvey Love and Rockets Luna Gary Numan Full roster: artists | The Arkive (beggars.com)
  8. 2024 BBC RADIO SESSIONS SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE -SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE OPENS ON THE 15th of NOVEMBER 11:00AM GMT- For the first time ever, we are releasing a bespoke vinyl subscription service for our Arkive BBC Radio sessions that were recorded for John Peel. Customers will receive x10 records over the space of 10 months plus a record box to perfectly preserve the past! On the 15th of November at 11am GMT we will share a link to sign-up… To register your interest, sign-up below: https://shop.beggarsarkive.com/bbc-mailing-list

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