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  1. Did you ever post a picture of the Clear w/ Smoke? I've been emailing trying to get you to change my order to black. I don't think the Far clear 180g is truly 180g and I don't want the same problem.
  2. I got mine today shipped from FL to Seattle. It is a little bent at the crease, but not too bad. Great record too for the record. This band kicks ass.
  3. FYI, Garrett at No Sleep Mailorder just emailed me and told me they just got the 6131 records in. They just need to be assembled and packed. No idea when they'll ship, but it sounds like it will be soon. I feel better knowing they are in No Sleep's hands as opposed to those bags at 6131. Glad my 6131 got sold, now I just have to patiently wait for my 180g pressing from SRC. Got the clear, hope I don't regret it as I tend to prefer black.
  4. Well that is fantastic, but for those that want to hear it before they buy it because they were less than impressed with the last stuff they put out, is there a streaming link somewhere?
  5. Has 6131/No Sleep said anything indicating their preorder has shipped (or will ship)? I know they had the issue with the wrong color, but has that been cleared up? Any news? Thanks
  6. Are there any tracks from this streaming online? Thanks
  7. 6131 responded to a tweet and said next week. Exact quote " there was a major screw up in the pressing. We'll now have them next week."
  8. They planning on letting the people who made the mistake of preordering from them know?
  9. This may be the case, but they didn't even offer black records in the preorder because if they would have I would have bought it. No surprise that 6131 is saying nothing despite the "street date" was yesterday. I emailed No Sleep & tweeted at my boy Joey @ 6131 and have heard crickets. 6131 apparently doesn't care much about honoring preorders, release dates, or general principles of customer service. I'm not sure why No Sleep is selling for them because it only makes the 6131 stink rub off on No Sleep. PS Still no refund or store credit given to me. I gave up awhile ago on that. I'll just never buy anything from them EVER again.
  10. Would love to have Lime on wax. Good call. Humansville is a classic song I rarely remember.
  11. You guys are so Internet tough it is scary. When I get my refund, I will gladly shut up.
  12. I'll gladly shut up after $20.28 of cash or store credit is rightfully given to me.