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  1. When I saw them Friday night they said they only had black vinyl with them.
  2. Only downside to seeing them last night was that I wish they had played longer. Band never disappoints live. The stuff they’re playing off this record are great additions to their set list.
  3. These songs come off so much better live. Baroness still put on one hell of a show.
  4. Packaging and artwork is very Lynch IMO. Love it.
  5. God damn, THIS is a monster of a record haha. Fuck yes.
  6. They just released the title track. Wow, beautiful stuff.
  7. Check your email. They emailed it out to the address you used for your order through Hydrahead.
  8. Got my yellow today. This is a hell of a record with a ton of emotional weight to it (not in a bad way). Up there with their best.
  9. Yeah I'm definitely in the same boat as you. Huge fan of this song right off the bat, hope the rest of the record is just as promising. Been missing some good Torche tunes these last few years. The last Floor record was fantastic, too.