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  1. LOVE me some Crowbar, but haven’t been into the last few records to be honest. Hoping there’s less Jesus-y stuff this time around. Really digging the single more than the previous stuff so that’s a good sign!
  2. As a lifelong Converge fan I will listen to this album many times to come. Absolutely love it.
  3. The good songs are really, really good. The others - meh. Would have made for one hell of an EP with the filler stuff taken off IMO.
  4. Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) on second guitar for this set:
  5. Best way I can sum it up. A lot of single string type riffs like Slip, but I think this is an entire group effort as it pulls from all their respective projects and influences. I will say this though - while there are softer Rival Schools elements (only natural as the 98 demos were heading that direction), this record is far heavier than Interiors. Production is excellent too.
  6. Review from Northern Transmissions: https://northerntransmissions.com/quicksand-distant-populations/
  7. Newnoise gave it an extremely positive review. Has anyone else been able to hear it/review it yet?
  8. I think we all just have to accept that this is the way things are, and have been since 2017. Listened to the track a bunch on the ride home from Seattle this morning. Sounds biiiiiig and I’m glad Sergio gets to keep shining on these tracks. Definitely heavier than anything on Interiors.
  9. New song is up, definitely heavier than Interiors. I like it A LOT https://youtu.be/C7fBXJKrGy0
  10. Huh? Tom was arrested after the album was already recorded, then booted from the band. They recorded it as a trio PRIOR to his arrest because he wasn’t involved with any of it due to his own personal issues, which lead to him being kicked out of the band during the tour when he was arrested for theft.... which all happened after the album was already recorded.
  11. Correct. There are a few old interviews where Walter talks about that. Tom had actually been kicked out of the band prior to the writing and recording of Slip. He came back in and laid down the solos on the record, extremely close to deadline. Apparently that’s the only thing recorded of his on the album.
  12. Was not a consequence of them deciding to play live as trio.... Capone was supposed to play on the record but skipped on a bunch of writing sessions. The album was already in the bag before that tour.
  13. New single is called Inversion. Drops Tuesday. source: https://instagram.com/stories/bigbobfidel/2549951912368041501?igshid=h42p3bp86b6n
  14. If you reverse the audio on that clip, Walter sounding a bit more intense. Wonder if this will be heavier.

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