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  1. Yeah I'm definitely in the same boat as you. Huge fan of this song right off the bat, hope the rest of the record is just as promising. Been missing some good Torche tunes these last few years. The last Floor record was fantastic, too.
  2. Shoutout to the USPS for delivering this crushed and bent to shit!
  3. Also heard the live stream. It was obviously cell phone video of a record playing so it was in no way indicative of the actual production, but man.... goosebumps. Sounded like they were using a lot of super low tunings which reminded me of Soundgarden (not the songs themselves but the actual guitars) I had read rumblings that Strange Reflection was a real stand out and they were right. I can't wait to finally have this in my hands.
  4. With releases like this, I (selfishly) wish that the shop would block people who purchased the first pressing from grabbing this one. Kinda like how a lot of places will cancel orders on people who buy more than one of something.
  5. Very true, I just figured with them already working on a release that some here may choose to directly support the band instead.
  6. Just a heads up, the band didn't give permission for this. Chris and Chaka both mentioned on Instagram that they're officially releasing this on vinyl with a lot of bonus stuff and MOV still went ahead and put this out.
  7. If someone going tonight wouldn't mind grabbing me a clear/white, I'll pay ya cost+shipping to the states+extra for your troubles!
  8. Someone posted a live clip of Shake My Blood on FB. Holy shit. I NEED to hear this soon
  9. If anyone comes across this in, erhm, DIGITAL form, please slide right into my messages
  10. Never! Someone on a CI group I'm part of already posted pics of theirs