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    I'm a music and art lover. I collect CDs and Records (vinyl) and I'm always looking to expand my library. I'm specifically into hardcore and metal.

    My collection here doesn't get close to representing my actual collection. Too lazy to add it all.
  1. Same here. I've been busy at a conference the past few days and had no idea it was getting released today. I'm so upset and need to complete the collection (recently finished SILYAYD).
  2. I didn't even know there was a pressing until recently. I didn't have enough time to check due to a conference and I'm pretty upset. I recently completed the SILYAYD collection and would like to do the same with Come Now Sleep. I know the Hot Topic red edition will come out early November, but I still need a clear to complete it. If someone is willing to help a desperate brother out, I'd appreciate any help if you know someone that got two (which there were probably many. As you can see, people are already taking advantage on eBay trying to sell up to $200). Thanks and appreciate it.
  3. Kyle Crawford really nailed these designs and did fantastic with the merch too. If anyone had to work with Underoath, it would be him. He has the style to go with the band.
  4. Those ACB. The only person I've seen to have the entire collection via variant. I just PMed you.
  5. I'm looking to purchase The Contortionist's Exoplanet Picture Disc! Message me if you are willing to part with it, thanks!