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  1. They added a new variant: Baby Pink Vinyl / 200 Also full album stream: https://holdingpatterns.bandcamp.com/album/endless
  2. Side A: 1. We Ain’t Got Love 2. Heartbeat 3. 40oz 4. Clair 5. Mattress On The Floor Side B: 6. Dressed Down 7. So Like You 8. Just Fine 9. Control 10. These Streets 11. 8006 Hedgeway CT. https://havemercy.merchnow.com/ Only option up on merchnow is Translucent Blue w/ Purple Splatter, no pressing info listed.
  3. Here's a couple warehouse deals: Youth Lagoon - Savage Hills Ballroom - $5.91 - Used Very Good Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force - $7.07 - Used Like New Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods - $8.69 - Used Like New Turnover - Magnolia - $8.65 - Used Like New
  4. New EP out today, don't see anything about a physical release yet. https://teenagewrist.bandcamp.com/album/counting-flies
  5. Wishful thinking, but i hope Everything is Alive one day gets pressed.
  6. Grabbed the clear! Here is three new songs: http://www.getalternative.com/track-premiere-taking-meds-stranger-who-stares/
  7. Someone on Reddit last night posted about getting handwritten Lyrics sent to them from skeletal lightning, maybe it's that.
  8. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Used Very Good - $4.67 The Decemberists - Traveling On [10"] - Used Very Good - $7.32 Pinback - SUMMER IN ABADDON - Used Like New - $8.02
  9. Got a lot of RSD sale emails take 20% off everything + free cd/poster in every order + free EVR shirt in orders over $20!! equalvision.merchnow.com 20% off with RSD2019 deathwishinc.com 15% discount storewide with the use of code 'RSD2019' at checkout. Additionally, all A Thousand Arms Music releases will be marked down in celebration of all things vinyl. athousandarms.store Use Code 'RSD2019' at checkout to take 25% off everything in this collection steadfastrecords.net/record-store-day-sale Enter code RSD2019 during checkout for 20% off polyvinylrecords.com/store
  10. Wanted to consolidate the variants. Let me know if I missed any Pressing Info: /200 Solid Pink (Cut Loose/Canada Record Stores) /330 Yellow with Cyan Splatter /500 Coloring Book Foldover with Clear with Multi Color Splatter /500 Half Highlighter Yellow / Half Baby Pink with Baby Blue Splatter (Banquet Records) /500 Picture Disc (Urban Outfitters) /990 Baby Pink with Magenta Splatter /4000 Clear with Multi Color Splatter /? Pink and Oxblood Swirl (US Indie Exclusive) /? Swamp Green (Green with Yellow and White Splatter) /? Half Clear / Half White (UK?) /500 Green Cassette (Rock Sound)
  11. They had some of the instrumental vinyl for sale at the show here in Houston FYI. I was able to grab one during hail the sun's set.
  12. Not sure if you saw the latest rise records test pressings that just sold on ebay, same dude won both. Mothership - $2,550.00 Happiness - $1,634.01