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  1. Long Bump for a Lions update: Hello! We have finally uploaded "MTNZ" to Spotify! It isn't currently under the correct "Lions" but in a day or so that should be fixed and MTNZ should be right alongside "Songs for Streaming". This is important because so many people have asked us to make this available - we were further inspired to make this happen because......... Brittle Bones Records (Knoxville, TN) and Riff Castle Records (Nashville, TN) decided to .....REPRINT MTNZ ON VINYL! This is the second pressing of MTNZ and there will be 300 more of these bad boys for people to enjoy. We'd been seeing outrageous prices on discogs and others floating around so we sought out people that would be willing to take on the risk and believe in our first release enough to make this accessible to everyone again! The vinyl layout is insane, with some more surprises to be unveiled, but basically next Friday 11/16th - each of those labels will put preorders up for purchase at very affordable prices - each label will also have a LABEL SPECIFIC VARIANT which will be unveiled next Friday, as well. So, hopefully, this news stokes some people out. If it does, please share this or tag people you may know that would be interested. Also, go ahead and give each label's page a like so that you can follow along with the preordering process and vinyl variants. In future music news - I have booked the last week of November at a studio in KY to record vocals and finish our full length to a point where it can be sent off for mixing and mastering. last week, I finished the scratch tracks for four new songs that will comprise an EP that is very good. Thank you to everyone for everything. Thank you to the label heads Kris / Travis / Dale for gassing me up. Thank you to anyone this may mean something to.
  2. Full album up for stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/0KboipLKn5nFyzodnabHZU
  3. Just got this in the mail from rfc, it's a standard sleeve, not the deluxe gatefold cover fyi.
  4. Some warehouse deals - most are Used - Very Good A Will Away - Here Again (Yellow w/red splatter) - $5.36 HAYBABY - Sleepy Kids - $5.38 Self Defense Family - Superior - $5.42 Memphis May Fire - This Light I Hold (Colored Vinyl, Includes Download Card) - $5.85 Diamond Youth - Orange [LP] - $5.97 Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget - $6.44 - Like New blessthefall - To Those Left Behind - $6.30 MAPS & ATLASES - Lightlessness Is Nothing New - $7.54 John Williams - Star Wars: The Last Jedi [2 LP] - $7.59 - like 10 different listings You Me at Six - Night People (Limited Edition, Includes Download Card) - $8.04 Better Call Saul: Original Television Soundtrack Season 1 - $8.54 Anthony Green - Pixie Queen - $8.64 Hopesfall - Arbiter - 10.03
  5. Saw on discogs, they are selling a red version of the 7 inch on the current tour.
  6. Equal Vision is having a 15% off Halloween sale, these are both $19.54 right now.
  7. tlr

    PO: Emery - Eve

    They just put up a second press for preorder with two new variants
  8. Dashboard - A Mark, A Mission is on sale for $20 now https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/dashboard-confessional-a-mark-a-mission-a-brand-a-scar-limited-lp
  9. Album art potential NSFW http://www.emerymusic.com/products/ Pressing Info: /150 Swamp Green/Bone Swirl with Red, Orange and Gold Splatter /600 Red In Clear Color-In-Color /750 Black Second Press: /250 Blood Red w/ Oxblood Splatter /500 Coke Bottle Green Digital album is out now, vinyl maybe done in november. The /150 might be leftovers from the indiegogo variant.
  10. Was going to post this same thing over the weekend but forgot. Really enjoying the Doe record, last three tracks are my favorite. Has anyone ordered the mystery test press deal when you order more than $50? Curious what people have been getting
  11. Two new songs, looks like digital only https://microwavetheband.bandcamp.com/
  12. tlr

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Here is some i found going through the list: People Like You - Verse $5.25 Ra Ra Riot - EP (RSD) $4.25 Watch Dogs 2 OST (RSD) $6.50 Tim Kasher - No Resolution $4.25 Half Waif - Form/A $4.00 68 - Two Parts Viper $6.25 Pine - Pillow Talk $3.75 Nai Harvest - Hairball $2.50 Mew - +- $5.25 Inventions - Maze of Woods $4.50 Inventions - Blanket Waves $4.50 Front Bottoms - Back On Top $5.25 TWIABP - Always Foreign (Indie Clear) $5.75