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  1. New Origami Angel was released today, wasn't really into any of their earlier work but this album has some jams. https://open.spotify.com/album/2XHvAjd9OG3qsg7suAo90l /300 Green here: https://www.chatterbotrecords.com/webstore/origami-angel-somewhere-city-physicals Also the Pool Kids april fools hardcore thing is being made into a flexi: /250 Red https://skeletallightning.com/collections/skeletal-lightning-releases/products/pool-pool
  2. Deluxe version came out today, a couple remixes, acoustic, and looks like one new song https://open.spotify.com/album/0vqrWE9ttN5I2O4aa71oI7
  3. Two songs online on their bandcamp https://pinegrove.bandcamp.com/
  4. I sent in a request for a refund on Friday and got a response today through email. So a pretty fast turn around to save $12.
  5. Found a bunch of good deals after looking on deepdiscount: Future Crooks - Future Crooks In Paradise (Weatherbox) - $4.38 Cotopaxi - Having All The Fun - $4.76 Solids - Else - $4.96 The Obsessives - S/T - $5.27 Four Year Strong - Some Of You Will Like This - $5.86 Sinai Vessel - Brokenlegged - $5.59 Some Stranger - S/T - $5.88 Acceptance - Colliding By Design - $5.98 Eisley - I'm Only Dreaming ... Of Days Long Past - $6.17 As Cities Burn - Scream Through The Walls - $6.45
  6. /250 Swamp Green vinyl is available here: http://www.dbldblwhmmy.com/products/649959-great-grandpa-four-of-arrows
  7. Whole album release for Perspective: https://www.getalternative.com/album-premiere-perspective-a-lovely-hand-to-hold-lousy/ and Macseal signed with 6131, Super Enthusiast, out Nov 4th. /100 Half Blue / Half Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl /200 Clear Vinyl /600 Yellow Vinyl https://macsealband.bandcamp.com/album/super-enthusiast https://shop.6131records.com/collections/macseal/products/macseal-super-enthusiast-lp-cd
  8. They released their third album digitally back in march, no sleep just put preorders up today: /200 Royal Blue /300 Hot Pink https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/pre-orders/products/reap-what-you-sow?variant=23360095780949
  9. Debated making a new thread or keeping this one the topshelf thread, preorder for the no vacation ep went up today. /150 Pink in semi-transparent light blue color-in-color /350 180g black /500 Semi-transparent navy blue /500 Light pink and tan "a-side / b-side" vinyl (retail exclusive) https://novacationgrrl.bandcamp.com/album/phasing https://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/650618-no-vacation-phasing
  10. It sounds like to me they want to be the next portugal. the man, based off the father of all... song
  11. Two copies of the /300 Gold were put back up for sale https://skeletallightning.com/collections/latest-releases/products/william-bonney-all-ten?variant=18298264354878