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    DeadFormat is shutting down

    I keep a Google list online for my collection, with a nifty column that would summarize all the information about one record in just one cell the way I like it. To update DF I simply copied over that one cell (or rows of cells if there was more than one update), done. The information can go whereever. It's resally part of the ritual when a new record comes in: find the release in Discogs and add it to the collection, copy relevant information over to Google docs, then use this to update DF. And never look at the stats I dynamically derive from the Google doc of how much I spent on records any given year... Pretty bummed about DF going away though. Discovered lots of bands due to discussions or recommendations from there.
  2. And sure enough the domain is down now: Good that I keep the source tradelist in Google Docs.
  3. Yeah, back for me too. Last minute renewal it seems. So true.
  4. Getting smited is a good thing then, right? Like the cool dudes in school are always seated in the last row?
  5. You know what I also like is when you get the download code at the time you ordered the record. Like Trent Reznor did with the Ghosts album. You paid for it online, you get the files, you can start listening right afterwards...and a few days later the vinyl arrives. For me it would double the fun. Although I know that others may like the suspense before the shipment arrives. But for that kind of thing you still have pre-orders.
  6. Through deadformat.net. For conspiracy reasons I changed my name though....don't tell anyone.