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  1. If you're interested in keeping up to date with things, please make sure you sign up for the newsletter at https://deadformat.com -- it'll be worth it!
  2. 2022 is gonna be a good year! Also don’t pay too much attention to the design of those lists everyone is pulling up - glad y’all are enjoying the trip down memory lane though 🙂
  3. Hey dudes -- glad to see people are interested. This has been in development in a long time, and I'm super stoked for people to try it out. I'm also running a survey asking a few questions on how people ship their records/etc online, if you could take the time to answer this thing it'd be super helpful! http://deadformat.net/topic/47893
  4. Hey dudes - I think this is something I can fix on my end, I'm looking into it now...
  5. Hey Eric, I'm clearly not running from anything, otherwise why would I be still managing a website with 10,000 users on it and openly discussing things on the internet? - I'll email you sometime this weekend and get stuff straight.
  6. Added another style.. any suggestions as to more I should add? Grab the code here: http://deadformat.net/signatures.php
  7. Check out http://deadformat.net/signatures.php
  8. Check it out, just made a little thing to generate automatically updating signatures. Just use this for the image source: http://deadformat.net/sig/yourusername Will generate this: Here is the code to use it as a sig here: http://deadformat.net/signatures.php
  9. It's not a bug per se. You can enable sorting without "the" on your tradelist settings page. Any other issues or feature requests, it would be amazing if people would please post them on the DF board so they can be taken care of! Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, You can check out a list of all the stuff that's changed here: http://deadformat.net/topic/39071 Or, like somethingvinyl said, get a quick overview of some key new features at http://www.deadformat.net/tour.php If you have any suggestions/feature requests/bug reports, please post them on the DF board! Hope everyone enjoys the new site... it's been a long time coming!
  11. Everything is fine. No need to worry kids... the site isn't going anywhere for a long time.
  12. Never. I actually had no idea about the downtime this morning.. I was sleeping. Glad it corrected itself though!
  13. Hi guys! This thread is awesome. Continue discussing Dead Format related stuff and asking questions on the absolute worst place to post it. Yes it's true I have an account here but probably not for much longer since I haven't bothered to check it in months since I would expect that any relevant DF information I need to give attention to would be posted over at the DF boards. But I'll help you out just this once anyway: Arms Aloft / Fake Boys split and Fake Boys full length are still coming out, I'm truly terribly sorry for the delay on these things and apologize you've had to wait so long to get them. But, there's no need to worry.. tests are on their way to me soon, everyone who ordered will be handsomely rewarded with lots of surprises and I know for sure I'll have Fake Boys LPs in time for their record release show / tour with Off With Their Heads in June. I'm also working on 3 more releases that will be out sometime before this fall - but rest assured I won't be taking preorders for them since I'm such a shitty dude/flake/dick/etc etc etc! Scott - I see one news item submitted from you on 12/28/09, sorry I didn't get around to posting it! Try again? Also! If any of you guys haven't given up hope on DF and switched your tradelists to checkmyvinyl or some shit already, you'll be glad to know the new version of DF is only a couple weeks away with a lot of new tradelist features, improved homepage with better news system, record store db, and lots of other cool stuff you'd know about if you paid attention over there! I am also launching hosted stores at http://stores.deadformat.net and I guarantee they will be better than anything out there. All that being said, if you're really concerned and want regularly updated information feel free to email me, IM me, send me a PM (ON DEAD FORMAT PLEASE), or even "call me out" with a thread over there or something. I'll probably respond. Thanks!
  14. I'm at the airport now, email [email protected] with your code and I'll get it reset. There have been a bunch of successful downloads so far so it's a pretty isolated issue, but I will look into it.

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