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  1. Hi I'm selling my signed Blink 182 California record. Signed by Mark, Matt & Travis. Variant is the first press purple variant. I'm based in the UK. Willing to ship to US. (Should go without saying but I'm sure people don't package correctly) will be shipped in 10" mailer with padding sleeves. Selling for £130 + shipping which will work out about £135 or if US buyer £141 ($176) Kinda want to get this shifted fast as I'd like the money for a convention at the end of the July so if you know any blink fans who would be interested then send them my way. Record never played. Sleeve mint condition, no bends, tears, etc.
  2. I'm selling my copy of the Neck Deep / Knuckle Puck split. It's the Banquet Records variant. From what I've seen around it's going between £85 - £125. (For US buyers that's $111 - $163). Looking to sell for £100. I'm posting this at work so don't have pics right now but if you're interested send me a message and I'll be more than happy to send plenty of pics of the record. It's been kept in it's original clear sleeve and in my record storage so it'll be free from dust and damage. Ideally looking to ship within the UK but will ship to US provided the conversion and shipping is covered.
  3. I'm looking to collect all of the Warped sleeves but I'm going to do them one at a time to avoid ending up in huge debt. So starting off with week one which I believe is the yellow sleeve with the devil-like character on. Anyone wanna sell me it?
  4. I'm looking to collect all of the Warped sleeves but I'm going to do them one at a time to avoid ending up in huge debt. So starting off with week one which I believe is the yellow sleeve with the devil-like character on. Anyone wanna sell me it?
  5. Still looking to bag all of these but I'm taking my time with it so I don't end up in huge debt. Does anyone have week 1 they're willing to sell me? I believe week one is the yellow sleeve with the devil-like character on it. Hmu. I'll also be making a separate thread in the hopes of being able to find that variant better.
  6. That's to prevent the records themselves getting warped. Might have week 4 and 5 confirmed. I have confirmed week 1. Anyone in weeks 2 and 3 able to help me out please drop me a message.
  7. I've got a massive request. Neck Deep are doing different variants each week of Warped Tour for their new album. I doubt there will be many of these online after Warped tour and as I live in the UK I won't be able to go to any of the dates. I've made a list of states per week so anyone in the following states who would be willing to pick me up a copy would be a massive help! week 1 - Anchorage, AK Pomona, CA Mountain View, CA Ventura, CA Mesa, AZ Albuquerque, NM Oklahoma City, OK Week 2 - Houston, TX Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX Nashville, TN Atlanta, GA St Petersburg, FL West Palm Beach, FL Week 3 - Orlando, FL Jacksonville, FL Charlotte, NC Virginia Beach, VA Pittsburgh, PA Camden, NJ Wantagh, NY Week 4 - Hartford, CT Mansfield, MA Darien Center, NY Cincinnati, OH Toronto, OH Columbia, MD Holmdel, NJ Week 5 - Scranton, PA Cuyahoga Falls, OH Detroit, MI Chicago, IL Shakopee, MN Maryland Heights, MO Milwaukee, WI Week 6 - Noblesville, IN Bonner Springs, KS Salt Lake City, UT Denver, CO San Diego, CA Portland, OR Auburn, WA I just need one person each week. Here's the post if you want to see for yourself https://www.facebook.com/neckdeepuk/photos/a.558654910860268.1073741825.323164801075948/881267978598958/?type=1&theater
  8. Is there any cheap turntable that won't damage my records? With it only being temporary just for the sake of me being able to actually play my records rather than leave them to collect dust, impeccable sound and tons of bass is not an important factor for me right now.
  9. I've seen in previous posts on here that ions are a make that you stay away from unless you want your records to be ruined. I currently have a GPO and find that on one or two of my vinyl it skips and the rest of them the vinyl moves up and down a little bit so all of them warble a little. It's noticeable but not intolerable. But for those two reasons I refuse to keep using it as a I don't want to damage my records. I'm saving up for a new better turntable however that could take some time, but I still want to be able to play my records until such a point I can get a good non-usb turntable. A friend of mine has an ion and says she finds that none of her records warble and it doesn't skip any of her vinyl. Sounds a hell of a lot better that mine give that it's also a USB turntable. However I don't want to spend money getting one if it's going to damage my records just as much as my GPO will. Thoughts? Does anyone have an ion? What's your experience with it?
  10. Missed out on a copy of the Halloween Orange/ Blue variant of the new Turnover album. Gonna have to wait till someone is selling it on here.

  11. Probably jesus christ, google gave me a hella old post.