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  1. I had to hound them three times via their online ticketing system (the first couple of tries you keep getting general COVID-related messages about how busy they are and asked to read the FAQs) but when I finally got escalated to a real support person my order - which had been in limbo for months like yours - shipped the next day.
  2. Always warms my heart to see the more limited variants held back until after the initial release sells out, ensuring a lot of fans end up buying multiple copies... 'Tis the season.
  3. Reckless doesn’t keep real-time inventory so I’m assuming this is long sold out and a lot of folks are going to see cancellations.
  4. There has been a steady stream posted on Discogs from various places all day, all for around retail. Just keep an eye on there and I’m sure you’ll get one.
  5. Lockdown-wise, things are almost as bad now as when the original RSD 2020 needed to be postponed (and eventually split up). Man, they really couldn’t have picked worse timing for their two big annual events...
  6. Wouldn’t really be a Frank Ocean mail out if it didn’t arrive late...
  7. It makes me wonder how many copies some people were buying of a hyped release like this. I feel like in the old days, this would have sold out in under 30 minutes - an hour tops. That must mean there were probably people buying 5+ copies if you try to work back from the current rate of sales.
  8. It’s incredible what a “1 per household” policy does to keep these up a little longer and give more people a chance without resorting to flippers.
  9. I dunno, maybe this is an original "90s" Sub Pop sticker... but even if it is, $188 is a lot of bones for something that's basically identical to something they still throw in for free with pretty much any online order to this day: https://www.ebay.com/itm/90s-SUB-POP-sticker/383700365255
  10. I don’t really have the time to work out the numbers so I’ll take you at face value and agree if you think the 5% figure they give us is accurate, but it would be unfair to only include sold copies and not those still for sale priced over retail as they technically take away from the pool of copies available to the public at retail. Each of those represent a copy taken off a wall or out of a bin in some retail environment and being offered for sale at a markup.

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