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  1. Maybe. If he wants something silly.
  2. Emperor Tomato Ketchup?
  3. unknown pleasures

    MerchNow Not Responsible For Damaged Items

    You guys think that’s bad? I used to live by a record shop that closed at 6pm. I would get out of work around 5:30pm and if I rushed I could make it five minutes after closing. You may not believe this, but those bastards wouldn’t change their posted hours to accommodate me. The nerve of some businesses...
  4. unknown pleasures

    Help on how to trade

    Ever since pink vinyl releases became more common, I’ve noticed a whole different vibe around here...
  5. So much focus on Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control & Apples in Stereo ended up causing a lot of the smaller bands to get ignored. Beulah was great. And the Gerbils had a run of killer 7”singles in the late 90s that are well worth checking out if you’re into that DIY, bedroom indie sound.
  6. unknown pleasures

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    It really warms my heart the way the VC community can have a calm, level-headed dialogue concerning topics outside the realm of recorded music.
  7. unknown pleasures

    Matthew Sweet - "Classic" Albums Reissue Campaign

    True, there’s certainly the cash grab reissues with scanned, pixelated jackets mastered using ripped CDs (cough, Plain Recordings, cough) but I think most posters here know which labels to avoid...
  8. unknown pleasures

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    I’m assuming your mean Record Store Day ambassadors while secretly hoping you mean US Ambassadors to Swaziland.
  9. unknown pleasures

    The Weezer Thread

  10. unknown pleasures


    Christmas came early this year, VNYL is back on page 1 where it belongs! Er, I mean Crstms...
  11. unknown pleasures

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    I’m assuming we’ll likely get one or more BR2049 posters dropped at the same time? That ought to be interesting...
  12. unknown pleasures


    Use coupon code “ijustboughtmyfirstrecordplayerontuesdayobviouslyitsacrosleyduhdoesntreallymatteranywaybecauseidontlistentomyrecordcollectionijustphotographitforinstagramandhangthesleevesonmywall” for 10% off your first order.
  13. unknown pleasures

    Storage: Protection, Methods, Safety, etc.

    I feel like there’s so many threads about this, always popping up a couple of months apart. Maybe it should be a sticky?
  14. unknown pleasures

    PO: Harlem - Oh Boy (02/14)

    Since I believe they came before, I think you should describe TySegall as a wealthy man's Harlem.
  15. I can’t remember, I’ve only bought a couple of things from the site and it was years ago, but don’t the bands fulfill the orders? I didn’t think PledgeMusic did anything but provide the store/order management/payment processing? If that’s the case, wouldn’t any delays be on the artists themseles?