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  1. Times change… I’m sure if you go far enough back, there’s people who remember when Walmart originally stopped selling records and it was strange they didn’t.
  2. Can’t blame them - I’d be ashamed of Walmart for associating with Metallica, too.
  3. After countless design concepts and several years of prototyping, I'm proud to introduce you to the world's most beautiful 45 record adapter: "The Bottom" This heirloom quality piece is hand cast by a team of tweakers, ex-Dandy Warhols roadies and lesbian librarians at our production facility located under a bridge in sunny Portland, Oregon, USA. It's machined to extremely tight specifications, ensuring a very snug fit. We guarantee you'll have the most pleasurable vinyl listening experience of your life when using our high quality product - a product you'l
  4. So you’re saying the sort of thing a trendy vinyl subscription service would offer as a pricey add-on?
  5. People who keep their vinyl sealed would have the least use for this out of anybody…
  6. I don’t necessarily think this is true, prices seem to very between eBay, Discogs, Amazon, etc on the same records now even when they stay within a range on the specific sites themselves. (At least on types of things I look for...)
  7. You guys should see what’s been happening with sports cards. I don’t collect them myself but keep reading about crazy gains that hobby has made since the pandemic. Cards that were $500-1,000 a couple of years ago are going for $50k plus and there’s 12 month backlogs at the grading companies that certify condition. Makes you count your blessings as a vinyl collector.
  8. Seriously! It used to be they'd use inferior mailers (like those plain, slightly over-sized cardboard envelopes that always came with corner dings) but the other week I got a 100% branded Whiplash mailer from Europe and I'll be damned if the thing wasn't collapsing on itself, it's the flimsiest cardboard imaginable; totally different from the US Whiplash mailers. I'm sure it has to do with some EU environmental protections or something and whatever makes North American cardboard so rigid and superior must kill a bunch of sea creatures but boy is it annoying...
  9. These reissues have rolled out with all the smoothness and clarity I've come to expect from My Bloody Valentine...
  10. You guys are overthinking this. You just kidnap the artist in question and keep him/her in your basement. Then - if anything happens to the original - you can get an easy replacement.
  11. It’s funny that to appeal to a younger audience, McCartney had to rely on remixes from a group of musicians whose fans are primarily in their 40s and 50s.

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