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  1. If anyone ever asked you how nerdy us record collectors are, this thread is Exhibit A.
  2. Those printed plastic sleeves are the absolute worst in my opinion because not only are you forever dealing with the will-it-or-won't-it of PVC damage but they almost always have at least one crack or seam split and there's no real way to replace them. I'm pretty sure I've passed on one or two releases packaged like this just to avoid the hassle...
  3. You mean like your Mom’s panties? (I’m so sorry, it was too good to pass up...)
  4. They’re all part of the Department of Record Stores coalition and share a lot of promo materials, site designs, etc. They also have a partnership with RSD stuff, etc: https://deptofrecordstores.com/
  5. Don’t Ask Why by MBV has particularly clear vocals as far as they’re concerned.
  6. If you were ever even slightly interested in the glitter, getting it signed would probably be what puts it over the edge for me.
  7. Probably the most wholesome VC thread of all time, this right here...
  8. Gotta love eBay and their deceptive language: “More than 49% sold.” after the guy sells one of his two copies. They’re going like hot cakes, Buy It Now soon!