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  1. Euro’s not looking too hot either…
  2. It depends on the shrink. There’s more than one kind used, and the more “plastic wrap” kind definitely gets snug around the corners over time and starts bowing the jacket, especially on single LP or non-gatefold releases.
  3. I’ve been doing it the other way around and it seems to work just as well.
  4. You’re being very optimistic. Funko is a publicly traded company which means it owes nothing to anyone but its shareholders. It will always find ways to cut corners and squeeze out maximum profit, because that’s what (most) publicity traded companies do.
  5. This was their phone number in 2014 when I had problems with them: +44 1189569183 Good luck!
  6. I know several record shop owners that basically break even or even take a small loss on new releases. Then you’ve got people giving great record shops 1-star Yelp reviews because they “have too much used vinyl and not enough not vinyl.” Very sad state we’re in…
  7. Piebald era Newbury had 1/10th as much vinyl as the average Newbury Comics today but was somehow 100x more awesome.
  8. I honestly can’t tell which are the overpriced relists and which are just regularly overpriced.
  9. You know the old adage: one to keep sealed, one to listen to, one to sell… …and one to display in Urban Outfitters record frames, one to burn for warmth next January, one to pass onto your grandchildren, one to put under that short table leg to stabilize it and one to eat for roughage after the inevitable start of WWIII.
  10. I still get sales tax in the US which is killing it for me - same reason I passed on that last release in the fall.