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  1. Don’t Ask Why by MBV has particularly clear vocals as far as they’re concerned.
  2. If you were ever even slightly interested in the glitter, getting it signed would probably be what puts it over the edge for me.
  3. Probably the most wholesome VC thread of all time, this right here...
  4. Gotta love eBay and their deceptive language: “More than 49% sold.” after the guy sells one of his two copies. They’re going like hot cakes, Buy It Now soon!
  5. Guys, we have to accept the fact that as Whirr fans we're just a bunch of whiny little bitches who don't deserve to know when we're getting our records.
  6. This is why I love Joy Division so much. They simply wanted to be associated with the happiest word in the English dictionary; no dark connotations of any sort...
  7. As long as you wash them down with plenty of Windex you’ll be fine.
  8. Discogs themselves appear to be a partner in this so I’d be shocked if any boots are involved given their attitude towards them in the marketplace. I think whatever they actually end up doing to address the out of print titles is going to be so stupid that none of us has even thought of it yet.
  9. Dude, that package is gonna arrive with so many seam splits it won’t even be funny.