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  1. Direct from Milk! if you missed out (and don't mind paying the international postage): https://milk-records.myshopify.com/products/courtney-barnett-houses-charity-7-vinyl-red-vinyl
  2. Based on the crowd pics, most of the attendees probably thought they needed a mini Crosley to play these tiny 7” records, and since Urban Outfitters only sells traditional record players they passed. (Also, they blew all their spending money on silk screened posters at the PJ shows.)
  3. unknown pleasures

    Pearl Jam fans

    The bleacher seats are green (with a single historic exception).
  4. unknown pleasures

    Pearl Jam fans

    On the PJ site they go so far as to explicitly state: One hundred random customers will receive the Red/Blue Split “Boston Red Sox” vinyl.
  5. unknown pleasures

    Pearl Jam fans

    Not when they’re 9 games back...
  6. unknown pleasures

    Pearl Jam fans

    They’ll be able to flip it in the garbage.
  7. unknown pleasures

    Pearl Jam fans

    I wonder if there’s a sticker or something to distinguish the variant from the black, or if it’s really totally random. I also wonder if the variant is mailorder exclusive since it says “100 copies have been pressed and will be shipped randomly” implying none will be sold at retail. I think if these aren’t going in retail shelves it’s more likely there’s a sticker on the colored copies. If you can somehow tell from the outside, I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of these slipped into Newbury Comics warehouse employee’s collections...
  8. unknown pleasures

    Pearl Jam fans

    The good ol’ Mondo model from days past...
  9. unknown pleasures

    Hello from new member

  10. unknown pleasures

    Hello from new member

    It is if you like cats...
  11. If you want to see Casper Babypants, walk into a random Top Pot Doughnuts on a Saturday and there’s about a 50/50 chance he’ll be playing.
  12. unknown pleasures

    The Autograph Thread

    Please tell me that isn’t the Plain Recordings reissue of Loveless..!
  13. unknown pleasures

    WTB: Records at 2011 prices

    Nothing will beat the 1850s. Forget vinyl, I could hire a whole 12 piece band full of banjos, fiddles and washboards to play LIVE for me and it cost no more than room in the back of my covered wagon and passage to the Oregon territories. Sure it upped my family’s chance of catching dysentary but it was well with it for those sweet, sweet pre-Wilco Americana tunes.