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  1. unknown pleasures

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Record Store Day: Black Friday - all the excitement of a regular ol’ new release Friday, but the day after Thanksgiving!™
  2. unknown pleasures

    PO: Rise Against 8LP box set (OVERPRICED)

    Maybe they’re subconsciously encouraging people to shoplift it?
  3. unknown pleasures

    Other Vinyl Message Boards or Websites

    Sounds like one of you guys is being played...
  4. unknown pleasures

    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Power, Corruption & Lies for $9.99 on vinyl at Amazon If you don't own this already, I command you to buy it.
  5. unknown pleasures

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    EDIT: Ack, I posted an Amazon deal in the non-Amazon thread. Just put in the right place, sorry.
  6. I was thinking of this last night and while it’s not really this site’s target audience, I read recently that there’s a huge glut of Elvis Presley records and no one wants them anymore. Apparently, before the vinyl renaissance his releases (along with The Beatles) were the de facto “Hey, I found these in the attic - it’s Elvis so they must be worth a million dollars!” type records, but between so many of his fans aging/dying off and the general abundance out there (his stuff was issued and repackaged and reissued thousands of times) no one cares anymore and any antique store you go to has a shelf of Elvis records no one is ever going to buy.
  7. They're a brilliant one I hadn't thought of - seems like a lot of those psych bands go in and out of favor in less than a year.
  8. I've got to revive this old thread and mention Fucked Up. I feel like ten-or-so years ago people were hunting down their singles left and right - now they release a new album and hardly anyone cares, and it feels like it's been that way for the past few albums...
  9. unknown pleasures

    Worried about Sound Quality on 2 Records I ordered

    I’ve found you can fit much more music onto a 12” than a 7”. I wonder why that is, since they’re both just as thick?
  10. I once tried to use this exact same line to compliment a girl on her figure and she slapped me. Women, am I right?!
  11. I’m holding off for the “Big Mac/Bag of Prunes Bowel Movement” black.
  12. unknown pleasures


    Maybe they meant they were in rare form?
  13. unknown pleasures

    Hallmark vinyl record birthday cards

    VC board member spends so much on records they get into argument with spouse, walk into greeting card shop to buy apology card and instead walk out with three Hallmark cards bundled with shiny 7” singles. That sounds about right...
  14. unknown pleasures

    Hanging up records safely?

    I find liquid-filled ones are best for hanging. If you pry them apart there’s just enough moisture on one side to get them to stick to the wall.