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  1. I still don’t see what’s gimmicky about a smaller, more poorly manufactured version of something all of us already owns, except only able to play a dozen or so titles (pressed on cheap plastic instead of vinyl and costing twice as much as a standard 7” single) and whose sound quality is questionable at best, unlistenable at worst.
  2. The trouble with that logic is it would require someone to buy one in the first place to resell it.
  3. If you’re not paying some European gentlemen with a small booth at a random record show in a German village 10 euro each to ultrasonically clean your records you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Not directly related to the delivery of records, but makes you wonder what they’re going through on their way to you in the back of these delivery trucks: Postal Worker Cooks Steak on Dashboard
  5. Yeah, I’m a total hypocrite because I’ll buy stuff like the Slowdive reissues on MOV. BUT those are incredibly expensive for original pressings. I reckon first pressings of this don't go for much more than the reissue, probably less.
  6. Yes, but it’s barely cheaper in Europe. Around 20-25 euros. MOV is just plain expensive.
  7. New vinyl pricing is crazy. I saw this a few weeks ago and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at $30 for a single LP. I know it’s “high quality” but still... I love this album and don’t own a copy on vinyl and I’m not in any rush to buy it. If someone like me can pass - who I’m guessing is prime target audience - I can’t imagine they’ll be selling through those 1,000 colored vinyl copies anytime soon.
  8. So I happened to click a PledgeMusic link I'd had saved and instead of their home page I was greeting with this message: Probably a huge long shot, but presumably if you're still waiting on a refund from them you could contact the liquidator at the given email address and add yourself as a creditor.
  9. Can I mention again those miserable excuse for mailers that are so often used by many UK shops and labels? I see them slightly less than I used to but still way too often. You know the ones I’m talking about: they’re really just thick paper envelopes and not cardboard. If you’re lucky, you get an insert to stiffen it (and for some reason inserts in the UK seem to be half as thick as US ones). I’ve seen them used for both singles and LPs. You’re 100% guaranteed corner damage and probably some warping. They're rare in the rest of Europe but the Brits seem addicted to them...
  10. The individual page for the splatter has a signed and unsigned option so I'm assuming they're just assuming someone who'd buy the bundle would want the signed version and including that without giving the option.
  11. I love DJ Shadow but completely stopped trying to collect his single releases a few years ago when he started doing random ones in editions of, like, 100 and stuff that was exclusively packaged with $300 toys, etc. I have neither the time, patience nor money to collect releases like that...
  12. Not available online. This is what they’re referring to by “two days”: Rappcats and DJ Shadow present: The 4th Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale August 10th & 11th, 2019 5638 York Blvd, Los Angeles Noon-6PM Did we mention the exclusive 7-inch yet?Shadow and Mass Appeal Records have prepared a limited-edition vinyl 45 of his BRAND NEW upcoming single with De La Soul, “Rocket Fuel.” Only 300 copies were made, and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the sale.