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  1. Did you see the hunk they feature on their very professionally done website? No way this guy's a scammer - unless he's committing a felony with my heart, that is...
  2. You’re welcome! I was going to post a follow up about the Robyn LP being available but wasn’t sure if it would last. They had The Weeknd up for a nanosecond! Currently a ton of Cherry Bomb Instrumentals if anyone is still looking for those, plus some Slints.
  3. Amoeba just listed a bunch of nice Drop 1 stuff at reasonable prices on Discogs: Wipers, Clipping, New Order...
  4. I feel like everyone here is just dancing around the subject and too polite to tell this guy he’s crazy.
  5. I've lived on both coasts and there's not many singles family homes for $200k, even in the middle of nowhere. Maybe a fixer-upper or two. The Midwest and South, maybe. Just did a quick search and looks like most states are well above that for median value as of this summer:
  6. Where the heck are you guys living where houses are only $200k?!
  7. Warped copy of Clipping. for cheap if anyone wants to roll the dice: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1165455344
  8. You realize the majority of the records bought last weekend on RSD are probably being spun on record players that cost around $30 total, right?
  9. If you're looking for more noise records, I come across them all the time at Goodwill...
  10. If you’re still looking for Slint: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1164562387
  11. You really think so? I may remember incorrectly but I thought those early RSDs were solid - only 30 or so releases but pretty good stuff. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic...