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  1. I bought a record from Japan a few years back. It came inside a black Disk Union plastic bag folded along the top edge and taped closed, with my address handwritten on a white index card and taped to the outside.
  2. Don’t know what kind of mailers you’ve gotten from European sellers but I wish some of the records I’ve ordered from there came in packaging as strong as newspaper.
  3. I’m honestly buying more on some of these Bandcamp revenue holidays than I do on a typical Record Store Day and I’m getting better stuff and the band/label is making more money so I’m finding them pretty cool.
  4. Yep, that too - this one rings all the “stuff to lookout for” warning bells. If it were the old days I’d contact the high bidder and let them know but unfortunately you can’t help folks out like that anymore since eBay started hiding usernames...
  5. Yes, those were the three things that convinced me it was a bootleg: 1. Sticking "repress" into the description. 2. Sneakily covering the part of the sleeve that can most easily be used to identify whether it's authentic (the Alice Wheeler credit). 3. The fact that this number is already registered in the Love Buzz database, and the hand-numbered on that presumably legitimate copy is clearly different from this one so there's no chance it's the same copy being sold. Bidding was around the $300 range for some time which honestly isn't too bad for a well-done boot of this, but the way the price jumped the past 24 hours I think whoever is bidding doesn't realize it's a fake. Poor soul...
  6. Been watching this copy of Love Buzz with great curiosity the past few days as I suspect it's a bootleg and the seller even (subtly) adds the words "repress" to the description: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NIRVANA-LOVE-BUZZ-BIG-CHEESE-VINYL-7-RARE-45-GRUNGE-SUB-POP-NUMBERED/174295164011
  7. Camp out the night before. Complain about how cold it is. Share stories about the flippers who brought their entire extended family to get multiple copies of rare releases. Bitch about how you were fifth in line and there was only one copy of the one release you really wanted and the kid that was fourth in line got it even though he must have been in diapers when it was originally released and you've been a fan since 1997. Buy a half dozen records you really didn't need or want and that you can get for half the price a month down the road when the same store you camped out at is blowing out old RSD inventory. Spend 10x the retail amount for that one release you missed, most likely buying it on eBay from that same little brat that was ahead of you in line. Tell the board this is the last time you wake up early for Record Store Day. Do it all over again the following month.
  8. What it should have been all along! Wouldn’t be surprised if this now becomes an ongoing annual event for online record stores that takes some of the shine off RSD. And with how poorly they handled it, they have no one to blame but themselves.
  9. Seriously, what would these AmRep releases - especially the Melvins ones - need to retail for not to sell out in minutes? They seem overpriced as it is, even with the cool artwork, but the fanbase eats them up!
  10. It would be nice if this had a hook other than just clear vinyl. Last year’s release of Unknown Pleasures had the original Saville reverse artwork which was actually nice to see for a change. I bought that but think I’ll pass on this one (unless it ends up really cheap somewhere down the road).
  11. I don't think this is the case any longer. If postage is generated online they will go back to the shipper's account and charge the overage if they have payment info on file.