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  1. I’m not a Beatles expert but this set seems to be all over the place: re-arranging different A-Sides into the same single, using different artwork from different countries on different sleeves, recutting some releases to different speeds from the original. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice looking set, but just seems odd how it was handled.
  2. I realize I was really giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is more likely to be vaporware with delay after delay after delay in the true Kickstarter tradition.
  3. The amount of horrible lathe cuts from even more horrible bands that will be flooding the market in 12 months time will be mind boggling.
  4. It’s like they think they’re Newbury Comics or something...
  5. If you guys don’t have the self-titled EP that came before this, I highly recommend that. All five tracks are in this album, but they’re earlier versions. They almost sound like demos, a lot rougher and less polished than the full length versions, but I actually prefer them that way. That EP is CD only, unfortunately, and I’d be shocked if it ever got a vinyl release but who knows?
  6. If it’s just misplaced maybe the right hole will show up some day.
  7. F’n Tull always brings out the worst in people...