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  1. I’d hardly call people selling 20+ year old indie albums scalpers. I mean, it’s not like they’re flipping the UO variant of something and listing on eBay while they’re still in preorder. These things are long out of print, highly regarded classics. That’s basically any good used record store’s bread and butter.
  2. Yes, if only one do Waterloo. End Of An Ear is a close second but not as large or centrally located.
  3. Ok, which one of you guys got it? https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-sells-unique-wu-tang-clan-album-owned-by-martin-shkreli-11627411669
  4. How could you argue with the creative mind behind such album cover masterpieces as this?
  5. Always a shame when these new kids on the block like Rough Trade (Est. 1976) start jumping on the vinyl bandwagon and screw stuff up so royally. Leave it to the professionals, guys…
  6. In my experience I think this actually works the other way because the lower priced copies (missing covers, water damaged, otherwise unplayable) set a “floor” people look at and also drop the average. I guess it goes both ways, though; probably for rarer releases the price is inflated by the “low/average/high” history and for more common releases it hurts prices.
  7. Yup, this is all part of the forbidden dance know as The Mystery of the Hobby.
  8. It seems like the $39 version is signed, ships with a QR code for some exclusive digital content, and also - unlike the people that bought the $27.99 version - you never asked for it specifically, they just sent it to you.
  9. Ok, thanks for the clarification. If that’s the case then I can understand the complaints a little more - it sounds like it’s basically an overrun of an existing variant that they just got signed, and then you get some digital content. Not nearly as “special” as they were pushing…
  10. I don't know, to me it always sounded like exclusive variants but admittedly an exclusive color and not just special packaging. But still, the emphasis in the beginning was the packaging (the wheel, whatever that is, the special printing, etc) and the interactive/social stuff so it doesn't seem like it's too far from what I was understanding. You're still getting a limited color in a sleeve that no one else offers with a load of bonus content for what, like $10 more than the standard release? Doesn't sound like that bad a deal to me but again, without seeing a regular v
  11. The vagueness around what the actual problem is makes it really difficult for me to sympathize with the members, they're making a big deal out of a one-word edit to the site which at the heart of it doesn't change the language too much in my opinion:

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