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  1. I don’t think your comment was too far from the reality of those people who list multiple copies of RSD titles the week before, I’m sure there’s at least a few people out there making a living flipping $100+ exclusives but not on something like this Beach House record, that’s my main point.
  2. Is it really $20 here or there? Let’s assume they paid no tax and bundled it into a larger order with free shipping. They’re losing over $4 each in Discogs and PayPal fees (maybe less in fees in the unlikely event they have their own payment processing agreement). That brings it down to, what, $12 or $13 profit? And that’s best case scenario; if they did pay tax and shipping and have to drive a long way to mail the package and ate up some gas we’re looking at closer to $4 or $5 profit, I guess depending on how much they gouge for shipping charges. Then there’s the time aspect: that thing sold out in a minute so they would have had to sit around and wait for it to get listed, refresh, cart and buy it - keeping probably a dozen people who really wanted it on this board alone from getting a copy, who knows how many others elsewhere - all for a few bucks? There’s not enough hours in the day to turn that into a job...
  3. I just looked at this thing on Discogs and am dumbfounded that some people killed themselves to order this just to turn around and flip it for $45? Seriously?!
  4. Has vinyl become mainstream enough that I can submit a network pilot for an "Odd Couple" like pair of roommates? They'd be a pair of twentysomething males in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Both would buy records but one would do it for the love of the music while the other is a "no-good flipper." The opening credits would show them flipping through dusty stacks of vinyl, one unearthing a rare Velvets acetate while heart symbols appear over his head, the other coming across something equally rare with dollar signs above his. There'd be a scene in line at RSD where the one guy is working on his want-list and looking forward to spinning his new purchases later that day while the flipper is paying off homeless dudes with booze to hold his place in line at Rough Trade and Academy. A running joke would be that our purist has an amazing turntable setup costing a small fortune while the flipper doesn't even own a record player, and in fact doesn't even know how to play one. I'm thinking 9:00pm on Thursdays.
  5. There’s not many things that have come out in the past decade that I’ve loved every second of, but that EP is one of them. Absolutely brilliant dream pop.
  6. Why wouldn’t they be serious? This thread collectively contains the most serious posts I’ve ever seen on Vinyl Collective.
  7. I know man - I was a huge Cherry Vanilla addict, too.
  8. Given the show’s setting, it seems like a missed opportunity to do a Kmart exclusive. Y’know, before they’re totally bankrupt. (Personally, an orange Orange Julius exclusive would have been my first pick over UO if I was the marketing guy.)
  9. Think I’m going to buy this Halloween one and hopefully quit cold turkey; they’re cool enough that I’d probably want to pick up a bunch and I’ve got enough collecting vices already without going down the Tiki black hole...
  10. Quiet now, I had just convinced myself a Halloween tiki mug was a bargain at $60. Let me be happy with my delusional purchases...
  11. That makes me feel a little better. I’ll probably bite the bullet and give Mondo even more of my cash than they already have. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Who needs three square meals, anyway?
  12. So this is the first Tiki I’ve been seriously interested in, but $60 plus shipping is making me think long and hard...
  13. All kidding aside, I think the most interesting thing about this release is the original black on white sleeve. I mean, of course I’m going to throw my money at it because Joy Division! but it’s pretty underwhelming for a special anniversary release.