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  1. I have reconsidered my opinion on this record and it fucking rules. Better late than never. Did we ever find out if the sound defect on the first track was across the entire pressing?
  2. Love that tracklist for Green Mind. Here's hoping I can get a digital copy that is not mixed ridiculously quiet. It makes putting their discography on random pretty much intolerable.
  3. I'm going to have to disagree with the masses on Freedom. I think expectations were just too damn high. TSOPTC was groundbreaking when it came out, it was almost unfathomable that a band could go from STFLTFOD to Shape in such a short time. Anyone expecting a similar elevation of game would surely be disappointed. Instead it's more of the same with a few signs of growth and a few signs of looking backwards. IMO Elekta, Dawkins Christ, 366 could easily have fit onto Shape. Old Friends/New War and Thought is Blood are amazing and show signs off growth. Francafrique, Servants of Death, and Useless Europeans have an early 90s alternative vibe that is pretty decent. The other tunes are filler. I'd suggest revisiting the record with fresh ears and an open mind. It's definitely their second best LP.
  4. It appears we may have scared Hugh off. We should all email him to make sure he is ok!
  5. Want both of these, won't ship to Canada. Anyone able to help me out?
  6. I tried a couple of cheapo amazon options and threw them in the trash. I tried a few $60-80 options from decent brands JBL/monster and they had numerous issues (COSTCO was awesome at taking them back so no risk here). My wife got me a set of Apple AirPods for my birthday. I don't know how they compare to Bose or Samsung but if you are running with an iPhone the integration/connectivity/comfort is absolutely incredible. Most impressed I've been with an apple product since my first iPod.
  7. if anyone has an extra D/L code, please PM me. I'm not sure if I can wait for my copy to arrive.