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  1. It appears we may have scared Hugh off. We should all email him to make sure he is ok!
  2. Want both of these, won't ship to Canada. Anyone able to help me out?
  3. I tried a couple of cheapo amazon options and threw them in the trash. I tried a few $60-80 options from decent brands JBL/monster and they had numerous issues (COSTCO was awesome at taking them back so no risk here). My wife got me a set of Apple AirPods for my birthday. I don't know how they compare to Bose or Samsung but if you are running with an iPhone the integration/connectivity/comfort is absolutely incredible. Most impressed I've been with an apple product since my first iPod.
  4. if anyone has an extra D/L code, please PM me. I'm not sure if I can wait for my copy to arrive.
  5. Normally I'd agree with you, I'm guessing that if you threw one of these up on discogs or Ebay the feeling of being cheated would go away pretty quickly
  6. Thrice - Palms FULL ALBUM https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=ED86F54BAAC0D0B4B9351D5888F21C7F Thrice - Palms FULL ALBUM https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=DCD88FAA94EE327277A8E71FECF0D374 Thrice - Palms FULL ALBUM https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=10F9F6B8EF0D9D9A6206042DC5C1DE0E Thrice - Palms FULL ALBUM https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=CA6EFA277DD987B166B387A62971DAAB Thrice - Palms FULL ALBUM https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=8F44B3A8C20D9D3DD21B5942767F8A08 Thrice - Palms FULL ALBUM https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=3577EA24A8C7363D346562D3DF03FA90
  7. Not surprised with the flood of bands pulling their back catalogs from No Idea. Hopefully they take this opportunity to do a remaster/deluxe edition or something.