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  1. Moose blood blush hot topic $25 La dispute pink rooms of the house banquet $22 Balance the things yellow $16 Sorority noise joy departed yellow banquet /300 $16 Basement I wish I could red $16 Fireworks we are everywhere blue $22 Brand new black your fav $19 The used sold I call fives $12 Head north bloodlines tri color $18 Foxing Dealer gold $22 Foxing Dealer splatter $17 Have mercy the earth clear $15 Jurassic world raptor $35 Fireworks 7"bon fire and adventures black $12 each Aaron west sealed cherry red $8 aaron west blue $10 aaron west teal $12
  2. https://deadformat.net/collection/ksterg added tons 12" Mayday Parade- A lesson in romantics white $25 Relient K- Two lefts don't make white/orange split $35 neck deep wishful thinking clear with splatter first press Nfg radio surgery pink $22 Head north bloodlines tri color first press $20 jurrasic world mondo stripe $35 elder brother $18 all American rejects splatter $16 iioi first press clear proper $25 tiny moving parts yellow with red swirl $18 scrapbook minds twy no closer to heaven splatter $25 $10 each or $5 with something else trc nation Best practices the Ep lp direct effect sunburn frontiers white lights choke up black coffee Restorations Foxing Dealer Gold first press /500 $25 White preorder $25 white splatter $18 albatross Grey red haze /800 $28 milky clear second press $30 blue with orange splatter 7" all three Aaron west colors fireworks bonfires and adventures both on black have mercy somos Orange/red
  3. Basement real friends the color Fred and twy sold
  4. They actually shipped early got mine yesterday
  5. https://deadformat.net/collection/ksterg
  6. Silverstein and sorority noise sold added more check the list
  7. Order 50 more mailers definitely willing to negotiate on all of these A will away white splatter $12 *SOLD* Silverstein orange $17 * SOLD* Mayday parade a lesson in romantics white $30 Twy tgg blue preorder $35 *SOLD* Runaway brother green $16 The color Fred brown $16 * SOLD* Tiny moving parts $17 *SOLD* Nfg radiosurgery pink $18 A skylit drive has a seam split $16*SOLD* Stray light run blue $16 *SOLD* Dead leaves black $14 American football tour press /300 sealed $35 Jurassic world mondo stripe $40 Moose blood hot topic first press $35 *SOLD* Real friends hot topic $20 *SOLD* Neck deep $20 Basement I wish second press cream $20 *SOLD* Also have more not priced just message me
  8. https://deadformat.net/collection/kstergCheck the for sale list although I'd entertain offers on some things not on the for sale list.
  9. Hotelier Aaron west motion city gone
  10. Came out swinging don't let me cave in saotw split gone
  11. Also have a copy of paper boats by Dan Campbell