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  1. Purple/Black marble Brooklyn Vegan/Hard Times Exclusive /500 - https://shop.thehardtimes.net/products/l-s-dunes-past-lives-lp-limited-edition-only-500-made-purple-black-swirl-vinyl Orange Crush (standard retail) /??? - https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/888072445116 & https://lsdunes.com/products/past-lives-orange-colored-vinyl/ Bubblegum Pink (Roughtrade/UK Exclusive???) /500 - https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/l-s-dunes/past-lives/lp-plus Black 180g Vinyl w/ Alt Cover Screen print /250 - https://lsdunes.com/products/past-lives-ltd-ed-signed-screen-printed-cover-180g-black-vinyl-lp-ltd-250/ Black 180g Vinyl /500 - https://lsdunes.com/products/past-lives-180g-black-vinyl/ Custard Yellow /1000 (webstore exclusive) - https://lsdunes.com/products/past-lives-custard-colored-vinyl/ Clear w/ Black & Yellow swirl (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) /3000 - https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/ls-dunes-past-lives-limited-lp CD w/ Patch - https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/888072480667 Tape - https://lsdunes.com/products/past-lives-cassette/ L.S. Dunes: guitarist Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), guitarist Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), vocalist Anthony Green (Circa Survive), bassist Tim Payne (Thursday), and drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday/Yellowcard) migrated from rock’s thriving emo, post-punk and hardcore scenes searching to unshackled themselves from the expectations and aesthetics of their already successful careers. The seeds of impromptu jam sessions was instantaneous. With the addition of Circa Survives vocalist Anthony Green, it was clear, this time the music formed the band. Credits: Producer, Recording Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Will Yip Producer, Recording Producer: L.S. Dunes Studio Personnel, Engineer: Justin Bartlett Studio Personnel, Engineer: Anneliese Parenti Studio Personnel, Mixer: Vince Ratti Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Ryan Smith Associated Performer, Guitar: Frank Iero Associated Performer, Vocals: Anthony Green Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Tim Payne Associated Performer, Drums: Tucker Rule Associated Performer, Guitar: Travis Stever Associated Performer, Music Production: Billy Perez Past Lives Tracklist Tracklist - 2022 Antibodies Grey Veins Like Forever Blender Past Lives It Takes Time Bombsqaud Grifter Permanent Rebellion Sleep Cult
  2. My collection has been sitting in storage for a while and I figure it's time to sell off most or all of it. I have listed basically every record I own on Discogs. Some of the more desirable ones are pretty high in price, but I tried to keep them in line with how much they have sold for in the past. Almost all of them are in excellent NM condition. I think they all have offers open, so feel free to send me an offer. You can message me here or on Discogs if you have any questions about a specific record. Thanks! https://www.discogs.com/seller/acfine/profile Additionally, there are a few records that I would like to sell that neither Discogs nor Ebay will allow me to list as they are bootlegs. See below. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (white vinyl) NM Frank Ocean - Channel Orange (translucent orange vinyl) NM Kanye West - Yeezus (clear vinyl) NM Kanye West - Graduation (purple marble vinyl) VG+ seam split
  3. Have the following records for sale or trade. Not looking for anything in particular in trade so if you see anything you are interested in please send me your trade list. If interested in purchasing, shipping will be an extra $4.00. I also have these and some 7" and 10" records listed on my site if you want to take a look at those as well. I will be adding more to this when I can. If interested let me know. Thanks http://frozencreekre...s.storenvy.com/ Test Presses 7"s Nightmares For A Week - Veins (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Numbered-5/5) $35.00 The Casket Lottery/Waxwing - Split (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Numbered-05/10) $35.00 12"s Able Baker Fox - Voices (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Out of 20) $75.00 Bayside - Shudder (Black, 1st Press, Test Press) ***OFFER*** Bayside - The Walking Wounded (Black, 1st Press, Test Press) ***OFFER*** Brandtson - Send Us A Signal (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Red Hand Made Cover, Numbered-05/20) $50.00 Dashboard Confessional - A Mark, A Mission, A Scar (Black, 1st Press, Test Press) ***OFFER*** Further Seems Forever - How To Start A Fire (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Numbered-09/13) ***OFFER*** Saves The Day - Under The Boards (Clear Green, 1st Press, Test Press, Out of 16) ***OFFER*** Spitalfield - Remember Right Now - (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Numbered 13/20) ***OFFER*** The Casket Lottery - Moving Mountains (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Out of 8, Screened Cover) $65.00 The Forecast - In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Numbered-15/20, Screened Cover) ***OFFER*** Thursday - Five Stories Falling (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Out of 15) ***OFFER*** Washington Square Park - Washington Square Park (Black, 1st Press, Test Press, Numbered-10/15) $20.00 7"s 12"s A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Boom (Clear Red, 1st Press, Out of 110) $26.00 A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? (Clear Green And Clear Red, 1st Press, Out of 500) $38.00 A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - You're Always On My Mind (Clear With Red And Yellow Splatter, 1st Press, Out of 214) $30.00 Aficionado - Aficionado (White, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Numbered-07/30) $15.00 Alkaline Trio - This Addiction (White, 1st Press, Out of 500, UK Pressing) $30.00 Allison Weiss - Say What You Mean (Coke Bottle Clear, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Numbered-105/200) $20.00 Bright Eyes - Fevers And Mirrors (Black, UK Record Store Day 2010 Pressing) $35.00 Broadway Calls - Comfort/Distraction (Coke Bottle Clear, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Numbered-057/200) $15.00 Hardside - Time Is Punishment (Clear, 1st Press, 6131 Records Subscription, Out of 200) $12.00 Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Opaque Dark Grey, 1st Press, Out of 200) $15.00 In Between - Still (Coke Bottle Clear, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Numbered-196/200) $12.00 Incubus - Morning View (Black, 1st Press 180 Gram, Black Friday Record Store Day Exclusive 2012, Out of 3000) $40.00 Indian School - The Cruelest Kind (White, 1st Press, Out of 100) $14.00 Lowtalker - The Marathon EP (White, Sealed, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Out of 200) $13.00 Maker - Mirrors (Clear, 1st Press, 6131 Records Subscription, Out of 200) $12.00 Mates Of State - Crushes (Clear, 1st Press, Out of 1500, Record Store Day 2012 Exclusive) $20.00 Mates Of State - Our Constant Concern (Clear, 1st Press, Out of 646) $9.00 Mates Of State - Team Boo (Clear Yellow, 2nd Press) $9.00 Minus The Bear - Highly Refined Pirates (Clear Purple, 4th Press, Out of 17) ***OFFER*** Mountain Man - Two (White, Sealed, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Out of 200) $10.00 Placeholder - Nothing Is Pure (Opaque Dark Yellow "Opaque Olive Green", 1st Press, Out of 150) $13.00 Sainthood Reps - Headswell (Coke Bottle Clear, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Numbered-027/200) $13.00 Sainthood Reps - Monoculture (White, 1st Press, Out of 108) $17.00 Saves The Day - Saves The Day (Black, 180 Gram, 1st Press) $14.00 Seasons Change - Please Don't Leave (Opaque Baby Blue, 1st Press, Out of 300) $10.00 Silver Snakes - Pictures Of A Floating World (Opaque Forest Green, 1st Press, Out of 100) $14.00 Steve Fisk & Benjamin Gibbard - Kurt Cobain About A Son Original Score (Black, 1st Press, Numbered-0116/2000) $15.00 Taking Back Sunday - We Play Songs (Black, 1st Press, Out of 1400) $12.00 Taking Back Sunday - We Play Songs (Clear Orange, 1st Press, Out of 300, Fingerprints Exclusive) $20.00 The American Scene - Safe For Now (Maroon, 1st Press, Out of 300) $16.50 The Good Life - Album Of The Year Demos (Black, 1st Press) $13.00 The Good Life - Novena On A Nocturn (180 Gram Black, 1st Press, Sealed) $14.00 The Good Life - Novena On A Nocturn Demos (Black, 1st Press) $13.00 TRC - Nation (Coke Bottle Clear, 1st Press, No Sleep Subscription, Numbered-104/200) $12.50 The Troubled Coast - Awake And Empty (Black/Light Blue Inside Out, 1st Press, Out of 400, Hot Topic Exclusive) $9.50 The Winter Passing - A Different Space Of Mind (Clear Gold With Black Streaks, 1st Press, Out of 150, 6131 Records Exclusive) $21.00 Underøath - They're Only Chasing Safety (180 Gram Clear, 2nd Press, Out of 2000) $85.00 Vales - Clarity (Clear, 1st Press, 6131 Records Subscription, Out of 200) $10.00 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Black, 1st Press, Out of 500, UK Record Store Day Exclusive) $15.00 Cassettes The Early November - Imbue (White) $12.00 Thanks, Brian
  4. Lyric sheet shredded in Clear /50 - https://velocityrecords.com/collections/no-devotion/products/nodvnoobsc-lp Opaque Pink w/ Handwritten Lyric Sheet /40 - https://velocityrecords.com/collections/no-devotion/products/nodvnoobsp-lp Opaque Pink /100 - https://velocityrecords.com/collections/no-devotion/products/nodvnoobop-lp White In Clear /100 - https://velocityrecords.com/collections/no-devotion/products/nodvnoobec-lp Clear w/ Black Smoke /500 - https://velocityrecords.com/collections/no-devotion/products/nodvnoobcb-lp White/Black/Grey tricolor /250 (UK Exclusive) - https://www.banquetrecords.com/no-devotion/no-oblivion/794558905718
  5. I have decided to part with two Thursday records: full collapse live on 2x 12” white vinyl $75 including shipping or best offer waiting 15th anniversary 12” with bonus 7” on white with blue & white splatter $100 including shipping or best offer posted some pics on IG at horrorshowrecords and am happy to provide more to any interested buyers. both records are open. I am the original owner of both. Full collapse live was played once. Waiting wasn’t ever played. Both in amazing condition (vinyl and packaging)
  6. I feel like I've been working on this one forever now, its almost here. Hot Topic will have this exclusively as a 2xLP with the original CD artwork, gatefold jacket. The vinyl will be opaque and I asked them to try and match the greenish-gray color of the sky thats right above the building on the cover so we'll see how that turns out. As of right now this is looking to be out around 8/28 and it will be limited to 1500 copies I just approved the test and it sounds pretty awesome. It will be $19.99. Oh and it will have the bonus track "Ný batterí" which is a Sigur Rós cover. I believe that track was on the Japanese version of the WAtT CD.
  7. Hello, I have decided to part with all of the Test Presses that I have acquired over the years. I have regular copies of all of these records so there is no real need for me to have these as well since I am not Variant Collecting. I am in no need or rush to sell these so please serious offers only. I do have a general idea what they are worth so if you're looking for an incredible deal you're most likely not going to find it here. If interested please send me so some offers and we can go from there. Thanks! 7"s Nightmares For A Week - Veins (Black, 1st Press, No Cover, Numbered-5/5) $28.00 Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence (Black, 1st Press, No Cover) $OFFER The Casket Lottery/Waxwing - Split (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover, Numbered-05/10) $OFFER The Get Up Kids - Woodson (Black, 2nd Press, No Cover, Out of 3) $OFFER 10"s The Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day (Black, 1st Press, No Cover) $OFFER 12"s Able Baker Fox - Voices (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover) $OFFER Bayside - Shudder (Black, 1st Press, No Cover) $OFFER Bayside - The Walking Wounded (Black, 1st Press, No Cover) $OFFER Brandtson - Send Us A Signal (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover, Numbered-05/20) $OFFER John Nolan - The Acoustic Sessions (Opaque Orange, 1st Press, Hand Drawn Cover of Old Man by John Nolan, Out of 15) $OFFER Saves the Day - Under The Boards (Clear Green, 1st Press, No Cover, Out of 16) $OFFER Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (Black, 1st Press, Comes in a White Die-Cut Sleeve, A-Side Label Numbered-13/20) $OFFER Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be (Black, 1st Press, No Cover, Out of 20) $OFFER The Forecast - In The Shadow of Two Gunmen (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover, Numbered-15/20) $OFFER The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (Black, 3rd Press, No Cover) $OFFER The Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder (Pink, 1st Press, Regular Cover, Out of 30) $OFFER Thursday - Five Stories Falling (Black, 1st Press, No Cover but Pink insert Numbered No. Test/2000, Out of 15) $OFFER Washington Square Park - Washington Square Park (Black, 1st Press, No Cover, Numbered-10/15) $24.00 ppd Thanks, Brian
  8. Looking for the following test pressings and offering rewards that lead to a successful purchase of said tests. Deja Entendu first run limited to 8 test Science Fiction test thank you for the help
  9. Just wondering if anyone that subscribed to the No Sleep Records 2014 vinyl subscription ever received the exclusive "subscriber and friends" 7"'s from Matt Pryor (Get Up Kids), John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday), Geoff Rickley (Thursday), and Sean Nelson (Harvey danger) in a box to hold all of them. Last email I received about it was august of 2015 and said they were waiting on Audio from one of them but they were still coming. Was it just me or did everyone get shafted? I haven't seen copies pop anywhere thanks
  10. Any interest in various posters I have? Trying to clear out a bunch of stuff but don’t wanna just throw them out. Was thinking $4 flat fee to ship on top of no more than $1-$5 per poster, or cheaper if you buy multiples. Before wasting my time with pics, here’s an idea of what I have... -Many Murder By Death posters (older shows, autographed Bitter Drink release poster, first Kentucky cave show) -Charlie Wagers posters (Gifts From Enola farewell show, Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis anniversary tour, Jakob Sines jacket, + more) -random AFI poster -2005 Derek Hess Warped Tour
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q9E7WUbEJdNL3GDnRmjD61GpNxN5sAs7Vq4GCqj-AsQ/edit?usp=sharing I have a fairly extensive collection that ranges for all tastes involved with Vinyl Collective members. I've made many transactions with people here on this board as well as Dead Format(username:strangerdanger3). Willing to give deals to anyone who wants to buy more than 3 record from me. For every record after 3, I'll throw you some discount/bone to fetch. Thanks! -Dustin
  12. Title says it. I've got a NM copy of Penfold's Amateurs And Professionals on milky clear (/150) that I've only played twice so it deserves a better home. Looking for any pressing of Thursday - War All The Time as long as it's in good condition.
  13. Buy 2 get 1 free! Shipping is $4 for 1 record and $.50 for each additional record. Except 2xLPs are an additional $1. Discogs profile to show 100% feedback https://www.discogs.com/user/alostlanguage $40 Records Architects | All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us | UNFD | Half Red/Half Ultra Clear | 2017 | 3rd | /250 | Signed by Band - Has small seam split on top $5 Records Blkshrk/Topher Horn | ...For Todd | Fat Finger Cosmic/Rocksteady Disco | Black | 2016 | 1st | /400 Daughter | Not To Disappear | Glassnote | 180g Black | 2016 | 1st David Allred | Woods | Oscarson | 10” Black with hand sewn cover | 2016 | 1st | 26/30 Dial.81 | Detropia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | UHF Records | Red | 2012 | 1st | /300 Moppy | Moppy's Science Of Sound V. 1 | Animal Rights Records | Black | 2016 | 1st $1 Records Nightmare Of You / Nightmares For A Week | Nightmares Split | Paper + Plastick | 7" Black & Orange Swirl | 2012 | 1st | /325 Symmetry | Yes | Italians Do It Better | 7" Icey Blue | 2016 | 1st | /5,000 - SEALED
  14. Offloading some stuff, everything listed is in awesome condition and are pretty much like new or never played. Please add $4 for shipping (will work out a deal for multiple records) No shipping outside of the US currently, sorry. Xiu Xiu - Knife Play (Purple club edition variant #/250 comes with 7") $20 August Burns Red - Rescue and Restore (Box set, unplayed, translucent orange/gold) $60 Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy (Red/orange vinyl, unplayed) $15 Thursday - Full Collapse (Purple putty /418) $20 Caspian - Four Trees (Translucent Bronze) $32 Head Wound City - S/T EP (Clear w/ Red splatter, unplayed) $10 Shlohmo - Rarities and Extras (new, unplayed) $13 Senses Fail - Let it Enfold You (Clear w/ red and yellow splatter) $30 The Album Leaf - Between Waves (Translucent royal blue /200, new) $13 Pelican - Arktika (Clear, unplayed) $20 Deafheaven - Roads to Judah (Cream) $10 Sbtrkt - Wonder Where We Land $10 *will strike through anything that has sold* Thanks!
  15. Message me with offers. 12" Better Off - (I Think) I'm Leaving | 6131 Records / Blood & Ink Records | Clear Purple | 2nd Press | /400 Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return To Dust | Deathwish Inc. | White | 1st Press | /2040 Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes / Sun Giant EP | Sub Pop | Black 2xLP | 1st Press | /? Motion City Soundtrack - I Am The Movie | Epitaph Records | Black | 1st Press | /? Roam - Backbone | Hopeless Records | Half Yellow/Half Opaque Blue with Red Heavy Splatter | 1st Press | /500
  16. This should have been in my email this morn, but it's not...I can't risk waiting till Sat for public tix sales. Thx!
  17. Hey all - Trying to clear out some stuff I don't really listen to. All prices are PPD. I'll cut deals for multiple purchases. All orders will come with random goodies; stickers, posters, 7", etc. If you see something you like, shoot me a PM. Thanks! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Botch | 61502 | Hydra Head Records | Blue w/ Black Splatter | 2006 | 1st | /2,000 - $15 Thursday/United Nations Bundle - $30 for both Thursday | Full Collapse | Victory Records | 180g Red | 2011 | 5th | /350 | Hot Topic Exclusive - $20 United Nations | The Next Four Years | Temporary Residence Limited | Blood Red w/Black Oil Splatter | 2014 | 1st | /491 - $18 Various | After Dark 2 | Italians Do It Better | 3xLP Clear | 2013 | 1st | /500 | Signed by Johnny Jewel, Chromatics, Desire & Glass Candy - $50 ON EBAY Anniversary, The | Designing A Nervous Breakdown | Vagrant Records | Clear w/ Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Splatter | 2016 | 2nd | /150 Every Time I Die | The Big Dirty | Suburban Home Records | Opaque Brown | 2007 | 1st | /500 Recover | Ceci N'est Pas Recover | Fadeaway Records | Test Press  / 10” Black | 2014 | 5/10 Recover | Challenger | Animal Manufacturing Co | Test Press / Black | 2014 | 6/10 Underoath | They're Only Chasing Safety/Define The Great Line | Tooth & Nail Records | 2xLP 180g White | 2016 | 1st | Tour Exclusive - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chromatics | Cavecare EP | Hand Held Heart | Black | 2002 | 1st | /1,000 - SOLD Chromatics | Running From The Sun | Italians Do It Better | 180g Transparent Sunrise | 2015 | 2nd | /1,000 - SOLD Cloudkicker | EPs | Blood Music | 2xLP 180g Clear w/ Gold & Silver Splatter | 2014 | 1st | /200 - SOLD Envy On The Coast | Envy On The Coast | Photo Finish Records | Black (Tour Exclusive) | 2016 | 2nd | /500 - SOLD Express Rising | Express Rising (Jeux de Ficelle) | Memphix | 180g Black | 2003 | 1st | /500 - SOLD Joyce Manor | Cody | Epitaph | White | 2016 | 1st | /300 | Kings Road's EU Merch Store Exclusive - SOLD Mansions | New Best Friends | Sophomore Lounge | Black | 2009 | 1st | /250 - SOLD Mars Volta, The | Amputechture | Music On Vinyl | 2xLP 180g Red & Gold Marbled | 2014 | 2nd | 1,023/3,000 - SOLD
  18. Hi - I have an extra copy of the Blood Red w/Black Oil Splatter 1st press out of 491; opened but never played. https://www.discogs.com/United-Nations-The-Next-Four-Years/release/6427601 $18 ppd takes it.
  19. Hi Im looking to buy The forecast - The forecast The forecast - Shadow of two gunmen Thursday - city bt the light divided. Shipping to uk. Pm if you can help. Thanks
  20. Looking to own this again. One of my favorite albums ever and one was one of my favorite records I had before I lost it.
  21. Thursday (Bundle) $25 ppd shipped Includes- Waiting (15th anniversary 12"+7" Blood Orange) Full Collapse (Black) No Devolucion (2xLP Black) Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (180 Gram Gold) - $25 ppd shipped Mewithoutyou - It's all crazy! It's all a dream! It's all false! It's okay (2xlp mixed marble) $12 ppd shipped
  22. Willing to buy if anyone has it. Looking for a near mint or close to copy. Thanks!
  23. Selling my CD collection, hoping to make some money to help pay off my giant student debt. I currently haven't been able to go through and price everything but I'm all for offers at the moment. I have a CD refurbisher so I'll be going through everything that has been bought to make sure they're all refinished. Bought a vast majority of these while in high school so no judgement please =) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-XBzIyljap6xzDlnXe8BL6XD3uFrhdAUqJrydbBdo-4/edit?usp=sharing

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