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  1. I have two 50% OFF Hot Topic promo codes and I don't wanna use them. They available until 4/22/14 (today!) so hurry up guys. $15 OFF if you spend $30 or more: WEDF23NB $30 OFF if you spend $60 or more: SAZCTG62
  2. That's great. But how/why do they sold out their vinyl before the release date? Where else can I buy HT exclusive vinyl than in HT store?
  3. I'm also looking for it but they haven't put it up for sale yet. I messaged them about it but they haven't replied yet.
  4. I'm looking for Millencolin's Life on a Plate vinyl on GREEN wax and for Pennybridge Pioneers on RED wax. Both are Indie Store exclusive editions and were released in 2014. I'd pay more if they would be still sealed.
  5. Nope I just want to keep 1 or 2 copies sealed in my collection and will open the other(s) by myself and will frame them. Any problem with that?
  6. Could anyone help me getting 3 sealed copies of the Life on a Plate on Green vinyl? In every store on the web that I've found it's out of stock. I'd like to order them from the same store if possible.
  7. Understood posts before. Ok, I ask it again and hope someone will send me a link instead of google. Could you send me a link to the Indie Store exclusive ones?