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Found 11 results

  1. Discuss 2014 sub here. Launching Tuesday NOVEMBER 12th.
  2. This is a little late, but I found some really cool music through a similar thread last year and couldn't find a thread for this year. Anyways here's mine (as of 7/1/14): Full - Lengths 1. Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues 2. Banner Pilot - Souvenir 3. The Menzingers - Rented World 4. Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean 5. Beck - Morning Phase 6. Masked Intruder - M.I. 7. The War On Drugs - Lost In A Dream 8 Tigers Jaw - Charmer 9. Manchester Orchestra - Cope 10. White Lung - Deep Fantasy EP's 1. Diamond Youth - Shake 2. Donovan Wolfington - Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark 3. Annabel & Dowsing - Split 4. Prince - Prince For More Descriptions & Links To Track/Album Streams: Full - Lengths EP's
  3. BOUGHT I wanna buy the cassette shown above. Thanks! I own around 6 7 cassettes, YOU COULD MAKE IT AROUND 7 8! Edit: Addition of BPR001 to my collection sometime today or tomorrow!
  4. Not sure how many people on this forum play this game but it is incredibly fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a good sense of humor. With that said lets get to the main point of this thread, the "Holiday Bullshit 2014 Puzzle" For anyone familiar with CAH you should know about the Holiday Bullshit, but for people unfamiliar basically last year on Christmas they had a promotion of sorts where for $15 you would get 12 gift filled envelopes mailed to your house throughout December all bearing gifts. Underlying these gifts on the envelopes were clues to a massive complex puzzle that took about 2 months before a team of people on the internet were finally able to break apart and solve the puzzle resulting in a prize. This year they are doing the same thing but calling it 10 days or whatever of Kwanzaa featuring 10 envelopes (gifts) and a puzzle that they claim to be muuuuch harder than last years to solve. So basically I have signed up and received a couple gifts already and am looking for a team to help me attempt to solve this mega puzzle and maybe we can all win the prize. Obviously it will be much easier for people who are also receiving the "Holiday Bullshit" as they have the physical copies of the envelopes and gifts and would have an easier time looking for clues, but anyone who wants to try and help solve this is more than welcome! It is too late to sign up for the Holiday Bullshit itself at this point but I would be happy to post pictures or links to the contents and envelopes received each day if this is the case for any people. I think this would be a lot of fun though and I'm sure everyone who participates would have a great time!! I know this board is full of smart people so lets do this thing!! https://www.holidaybullshit.com/ https://www.holidaybullshit.com/puzzle/
  5. My band The Science Involved is just nearing the completion of our new full length we've decided to call "The Tenderloin." We are basing the album heavily on corruption in society and all the different forms of such, whether it be in law enforcement, your job, your home, your relationships etc..I just wanted to get some potential feedback and see what people think of how it is sounding so far, so here is a studio update we made last week with just drums and guitars and some teaser tracks of the new sound, it's about 16 minutes long so you don't have to watch it all necessarily but let me know what you think, and if you really like it hit us up with a like or comment, thanks! https://www.facebook.com/TheScienceInvolved?ref=hl http://instagram.com/thescienceinvolved https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGBr3t_8ZXEVQjdE9035QA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to5wKxM_yLA
  6. Hi there everyone, just new to the forum but ive been looking absolutely everywhere for an Ed Sheeran 'X' vinyl that is in the green colour for my girlfriend. Ive been looking for about a month or so and everything seems to be sold out. Im really wanting the green exclusive one too. Any help would be appreciated thanks everyone
  7. My shop did not get the Dresden Dolls Self Titled record, was curious if anyone had one for sale out there?!?
  8. Looking to sell or trade the 12" of August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker. Brand New and Still Sealed. Preferably for the RSD release of Mae - Destination: Beautiful or the Ghostbusters 10" DM me with offers Tradelist: https://deadformat.net/tradelist/skadoodle/wants
  9. I'm looking for Millencolin's Life on a Plate vinyl on GREEN wax and for Pennybridge Pioneers on RED wax. Both are Indie Store exclusive editions and were released in 2014. I'd pay more if they would be still sealed.
  10. I want to see what other people think about what vinyl should get the honor of a repress in 2014
  11. lets spitball some ideas. i think it would be cool to do, you'd get a record from your wantlist to your door once a month. i guess sort of similar to secret santa, except a record a month, different people each month would be matched up (each pairing announced at the first of the month). We would go off of df wantlists for what we'd get. just an idea!

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