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  1. So now that Mightier than Sword is gone, what's going to happen for Blink 182? I really liked the variety that MTS produced as well as the sound quality. I'm also not too fond of Hot Topic's cancelling of every other order, and receiving warped copies. I was just wondering if there was another label that might be pressing blink's stuff soon besides Geffen/Hot Topic. If you know anything, let me know. Thanks
  2. Interested in the S/T copies if you're willing to sell and if they're not the splatter variant
  3. Understandable. But if you get back up on your feet, Cheshire Cat is currently in the Hot Topic webstore, but Buddha and S/T are sold out. However, I believe they might come back up. They bounce between in and out of stock quite a bit.
  4. S/T, Cheshire Cat, Neighborhoods, TOYPAJ, and I've heard MAYBE the MTTS will all be repressed on splatter. S/T is currently in the hot topic webstore. Check Travis' thread on the blink 182 splatter series. he has the list and tentative release dates there.
  5. We definitely need boxcar racer and +44 on splatter. It would look so sick on a clear w/red and black, and +44 would be really sweet if they released 3 variants (blue, pink, green) just like the cd. Also, Dogs eating Dogs, Icon, and Uranus splatter? Pweeeeeeaaaaasssee Travis?