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  1. Funny that you tell me that I have rage for downvoting you, yet you send me 2 personal messages both saying "fuck you" and that "my dad left me, suck a fat one", maybe I'm not the one with rage problems? And your profile says your 24, please grow up and act your age
  2. Fuck you.

    1. lazylabradorrecords


      Please no profanities or I'll report you for harassment

    2. THE_James_Champ
  3. Please take off topic talk elsewhere. PM me I guess I will accept REASONABLE OFFERS no lowballs
  4. Because I know you are not, and I don't put them on ebay months before they are released
  5. This is a forum, no need to correct grammar mistakes, as you are not a teacher
  6. How am I a fool? I'll be the one laughing to the bank when someone on ebay buys this
  7. Well obviously I cant do $100, but I'm sure someone will buy it, if not here on eBay. People were buying copies of EOTS for $50 on ebay before it was even released, IMO that's much worse than what I'm doing.
  8. Its called making a live man. Its a bear market we have to do what we have to do. Am I wrong?