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  1. Putting lurkers on blast hun. Also, you got like $30 of free downloads on here in the last few days and you can't afford a lousy upvote or thank you. For shame. Also I realize now you aren't mad I said something. You are mad you got called out.
  2. Or mention that a code was used. Not even just talking about me. You participate a lot in other threads. This one should be no different.
  3. Cool. Apparently posting links to PUBLIC bandcamp pages is sufficient reason for ShittyRambo to edit my post and add "Golden Girls" jokes. Bitch ass.
  4. Low "C'Mon" LP subpop.com/download_code ps7zumk8tfb5
  5. Low "The Invisible Way" LP subpop.com/download_code zxyfhtnfuyjr
  6. Mac Demarco "Salad Days" LP bandcamp.com/yum pqyw-3qzb (If you use a code, maybe hit that green arrow button)
  7. Mac Demarco "2" LP bandcamp.com/yum lqvt-39sn (post some bandcamp codes if you have them)
  8. Dinner! "Psychic Lovers" LP (captured tracks) bandcamp.com/yum gufa-hswm
  9. Diamond Youth "Nothing Matters" LP bandcamp.com/yum dmr2-3ptk (looking for Russian Circles' "Geneva" and "Station" lps)
  10. Nothing "Tired of Tomorrow" LP (standard version) bandcamp.com/yum 887k-buaf
  11. "Too Slow To Disco 2" 2xLP (compilation of blue-eyed soul from the 70s) slangstore.com/slangloader 6030882
  12. Destroyer "Trouble In Dreams" 2xLP mergerecords.com/download-code 9GWR835C
  13. Drive Like Jehu "Bullet Train to Vegas" 7" mergerecords.com/download-code serial number: UCL11U7B barcode: 673855002378

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