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    I am absolutely in love with Coheed and Cambria and anything to do with any of the members(Prize Fighter Inferno, Davenport Cabinet, 3, Weerd Science, etc.) I also have more recently discovered The Dear Hunter and am frantically trying to collect all of their records! I have a beautiful Project turntable hooked up to a Rotel power amp and Bowers and Wilkins speakers.
  1. I think we need to make a petition to have this pressed again. There are so many people looking on here now and most that go up for sale are outrageously priced haha
  2. He contacted me today and refunded my money via PayPal. Said there was personal issues with his account and that he was contacted everyone and straightening it all out. Hope everyone gets their money back or the records they ordered!
  3. I won't simply because of people like you, MayCauseDeath and rthursdayx. Thank you guys for contacting me about this and keeping me up to date.
  4. Bought The Dear Hunter's The Color Spectrum from them and haven't heard from them since Monday. Messages read but no response.
  5. Yep I bought a Dear Hunter vinyl on January 1 and haven't heard anything for three days. Sent the money and everything. Not too happy with my first transaction on this website.