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  1. you are forgetting meridonial! Anti-Mother was before Meridonial. The order of release was Meridonial, Wrongdoers, Polar Similar.
  2. the best albums they have written to me have been their last 3 albums. Im in on this 100%
  3. Not speaking on the music in any way. The cover art is absolutely terrible. Almost so bad it makes me not want to order.
  4. awesome good luck! I love the mirrors/controller split. Mirrors was a completely underrated album. One thing that has always annoyed me with the band is the fans never gave Carl Schubac the respect he deserved for the vocals for the 3 albums he did. I think those albums are great but people when people always saying the original vocalist was better, I think is just rude. I could care less about the original vocalist and am not interested in the new album since Carl is no longer in the band.
  5. Email the guitar player! That is how I got my box set and Mirrors LP set. I just randomly emailed him and he said they had some that they had saved. This was 2 years ago, but it's worth a try.
  6. yeah ill grab them also i enjoy them a lot actually. I picked up the other release you did for them when it came out. Any chance of the new album being pressed?
  7. same if someone wants to trade or sell i would love one!
  8. Just one more then we can be done. Dunk Records to me is the Rise Records of Post-Rock. They are forever putting out the same stuff over and over.
  9. yes you are right, I am honestly surprised how bad this is. I can't believe no one at any point said "this sounds horrible."
  10. You should go listen to "A City By The Light Divided" by Thursday. Absolutely unlistenable album because of the production on it.
  11. There is one thing that makes this song unlistenable for me and thats that part of the music reminds me of a slowed version of Alive by P.O.D........ then listen to the TORCHE SONG.
  12. this deserves its own thread if it's the case, please don't bury this in this thread.