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  1. If they haven’t shipped yours then they aren’t going to and you unfortunately fell into that oversell category that they always have. It’s happened to me before where I just assume it’s coming and then I call them and they inform me they oversold.
  2. MayCauseDeath

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    This album isn't terrible, but it is a terrible Thrice album.
  3. MayCauseDeath

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Only 224 left. I have waited for this for a long time.
  4. You love the song just as much as you love colored vinyl basically
  5. The delux OG also had completely different artwork. I think that makes that pressing unique. I thankfully got that from someone on the boards here for an amazing price and I still thank them for that.
  6. MayCauseDeath

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    now im really happy i got the rare one
  7. Oh shit lol I misread. ignore that post.
  8. I hate SRC and had a horrible HORRIBLE experience with them. They sent me the wrong items which I RETURNED and basically said tough shit they don't give refunds and after I threatened a chargeback it took 2 months for them to issue me it.
  9. MayCauseDeath

    PO: Birds In Row - We Already Lost the World

    never assume a record you get at a show is a particular color without specifically asking.
  10. MayCauseDeath

    WTB - ETID | The Big Dirty

    this is one i am always surprised they have never repressed
  11. it didn't sell out they physically pulled it from the store. Merchnow doesnt pull items off the store when it goes OOS for sometimes weeks.
  12. I dont think it was that bad, it could have ended with something badass but did not.
  13. MayCauseDeath


    I don't mind this at all because I am happy to be getting the albums. I am just annoyed because the "random colors" are always that weird purple mix.
  14. i doubt they are going to sell 100 denim vests