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  1. This is 100% my ranking also I think new Bermuda is flawless. I have gone back to it so much. OCHL just doesn’t connect with me at all musically or emotionally. I am always shocked New Bermuda Constantly gets ranked low.
  2. I was at this show, it was great. I have this on a signed print that they were selling at the show also.
  3. Everyone should see the hand pour variant, its easily one of the best looking variants I own. So beautiful but also its more of a red/orange than maroon tan which is what it was originally described.
  4. Yeah I agree I was surprised that it was just those 2 with them. I love the two songs with vocals and think the rest of the album is disjointed with no real identity. The last 3 tracks of the album are really difficult to get through because there is very little there. Putting it in perspective, the album is pretty much just 3 songs and the rest is complete filler. I loved their previous album so I was really looking forward to this but this is a definite pass for me.
  5. Also New Bermuda is my favorite of theirs. The sound and atmosphere really resonated with me more than Dreamhouse and OCHL.
  6. I really enjoy pardon my French. This song is better than anything off of their last one. I might grab this.
  7. Although I am not a huge fan of the name of the band, these songs are absolutely phenomenal and I immediately ordered it. Thank you for posting.
  8. I for one don’t care for etchings in any way shape or form. It’s definitely not a selling point in my mind, I would rather have a blank side than have a price increase for an etching I will never look at for more than a second to see what side the music is on.

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