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  1. yes you are right, I am honestly surprised how bad this is. I can't believe no one at any point said "this sounds horrible."
  2. You should go listen to "A City By The Light Divided" by Thursday. Absolutely unlistenable album because of the production on it.
  3. There is one thing that makes this song unlistenable for me and thats that part of the music reminds me of a slowed version of Alive by P.O.D........ then listen to the TORCHE SONG.
  4. this deserves its own thread if it's the case, please don't bury this in this thread.
  5. I’m sure your going to buy all 30 variants they will press, along with skate decks and flags. So keep me posted on it.
  6. its okay, not going to jump on a pre order because I have found them pretty generic.
  7. Hes speaking of few, and saying that they stopped the color pressing they sold. I am talking about few and not mentioning the new one.
  8. I am confused...... how does a label put the "Kibosh" on something that was crowdfunded and supposedly created with that money? I am assuming that a band that crowdfunds and self funds something most likely owns the rights to it?
  9. You should give the new stuff a listen its actually quite good. Different than their first two albums but still enjoyable. This is a band that I never once imagined would still be making albums.
  10. Someone from the cave in Facebook group live-streamed it and I heard it. It’s definitely more in with the albums you mentioned you liked and not heavy at all.
  11. Yeah i almost purchased that same package but I didn't because it seemed costly. I am very glad I didn't but I am very disappointed to hear that they just tried to sweep it under the rug instead of address it. I also hate when bands play the victim card when they took peoples money and then don't update anyone. I really wish they would address this and get it resolved.
  12. I think he ordered the $150 bundle that came with a hoodie and a supposed "colored" version that they never even did. They started deleting comments and ignoring people who asked about the colored version. I think it only sold about 80 so I think they just didn't do it and fucked everyone.
  13. thank you, I grabbed the OG Zozobra Harmonic Tremors for 40 which I have been looking for forever.