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  1. I grabbed both clear and gold. As Derek as mentioned above they are fantastic and I enjoy returning to their albums to constantly discover new perspectives on them.
  2. look at my post above! Refresh the page! (I posted this before I saw your response above!)
  3. The gold one is still up on Bandcamp. I just seconds before posting this checked out with it and the clear.
  4. The box set is only 5$ more than individually buying them, DTGL is $30 and not 25 like the other two. Also DTGL is a 2 LP.
  5. I wonder when this will actually be posted for pre order. I don't want to miss this!
  6. I grabbed the purple before it was taken down again. thanks for the heads up!
  7. If anyone is going to cancel their Meridional Repress let me know. I am still looking. also the singer is an idiot.
  8. I picked these up because I dont have them and missed the box set.
  9. I am sure we will since they are a US band. I dont know if they are signed to a particular label since their last album was self funded.
  10. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/the-armed/products/only-love-12-neon-green-vinyl
  11. Post whatever you want, whenever you want buddy! Sorry if you took my tone as being rude, but I thought this thread was supposed to be about lesser known small bands that only a few might appreciate to not to clutter the board. In my opinion that band falls into the more wider followed so I was just asking to post that one separately. It wasn't an attack and my tone wasn't rude or hostile. I included the main post of the thread this one is supposed to mirror in case you get lost along the way of doing whatever you want whenever you want. "Rather than opening a new topic everytime anyone sees a new preorder or release and clutter up the board with obscure metal bands that only a few people might appreciate, I figured it would be a great idea to have one thread that encompasses all new extreme metal releases and pre-orders. "
  12. I hate these all encompassing threads because you have to dig through pages of pages of stuff to find particular releases. Please do not put this in here when it's posted, that deserves its own thread.. Having to look in a thread every time this gets bumped out of fear I will miss something gets stressful. Thank you for the heads up though also!
  13. I ordered it, came to 41 euros shipped. Not horribly worse than 35$ Plus shipping from US which I missed out on.