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  1. of course! I wish you luck! I searched for it for years before finally finding one. The pressing is really great.
  2. its actually been hard to find for the past 4-5 years lol
  3. just a heads up the clear is available here for 69. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3997254?ev=rb
  4. I had never heard of them either but this was a swift buy. I also grabbed the two albums by as we draw that I highly recommend if no one has heard them. It’s heavy but a great French band that’s on throatruiner.
  5. the rondo of blood and castlevania x soundtrack is back in stock BTW
  6. the white is back in stock on merchnow https://merchnow.com/products/v2/275557/electric-messiah-white-vinyl
  7. Awesome please let me know, I will send you the Monies immediately.
  8. If no one has it and you can’t find it I will pay you for the symphony of night one! I was going to grab it but missed out =(. So please don’t return it! Thank you!
  9. I have the blue one I could part with.
  10. I am really curious how long the show will go till! I hope it's not the typical 30 minutes per band then 45-1 hour final act then over. Most of these bands 30 minutes is like 3 songs or less.
  11. You mean god damn this is boring!!! They have been putting out the exact same album every time without fail. I used to be a fan but can’t listen to them anymore and they didn’t disappoint by making the same thing they did previously.