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  1. I grabbed the bundle, I love this record. This album got me back into them after initially not liking it hates you. Yes I know, I know. I love it now but did not at first.
  2. I have never heard this record before, so blind buy, I honestly haven't even heard we are the romans either and blindly bought that. I am waiting for it to arrive before I listen to it. I am familiar with the acclaim and importance though.
  3. 100% it has to because that’s the one for me lol. It’s not however just that song, it’s the one leading into it that gives it that punch to elevate it to such great heights. “I’ve had enough of the darkness, I’ve had enough the night….” Then boom rodin kicks in. Epic.
  4. Black dogs is really good also if you haven’t checked it out. I’m listening to it now and I love it.
  5. I agree with your post and it’s correct and that’s not where I am coming from. I guess I am pissed that they screwed over their fans for the funding campaign and I am bitter so I won’t purchase any vinyl from them until it’s dirt cheap. I love this band but they charged 150 for a colored vinyl that was exclusive to backers to only send black then block everyone and never acknowledge it. Literally block people just asking hey what’s going on with this. I should have clarified more that I will never by THEIR black overpriced vinyl because they screwed people over. I will absolutely buy black records for bands I love that will support them. I will also buy their vinyl if it’s cheap or has some collectors purpose because I do love them, but they are the only group I listen to that charge this much for black vinyl.
  6. I swear it was 40-50 retail when it was first released because I specifically did not buy it because of the outrageous price, and it's still available so I’ll wait a little longer.
  7. Yes but there is no urgency to buy it for over inflated price. White Bat was 40$ retail when it was released. The fundraising was 150$ for black vinyl. Your smart ass comment is not warranted. I would rather wait and buy it when it’s dirt cheap knowing it will be around. Inflated prices are one thing, but inflated prices for something that will sit for years and eventually drop in price is another. Were you aware that prices drop? Also yes vinyl is a music medium that can be listened to but I don’t want to be price gouged for something almost guaranteed to drop. So I will wait. Just wanted to make sure you are aware that something purchased at 50 sounds the same at a later date if purchased at 20.
  8. I did and it was just black. Such a fucking rip off. I love this band but have no interest in their vinyl since it’s not ok color. I have their first releases on vinyl but all the others are still around because they are black and not limited.

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