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  1. Threaten a chargeback. They can't say they don't cancel orders. It's against most CC terms.
  2. no worries! I hope my response did not come off as rude because I did not indent it to!
  3. Can you not get the ABR variant without the live stream ticket?
  4. Can you not get the ABR variant without the live stream ticket? I want that variant but don’t want the live ticket.
  5. Fuck yeah! Pre ordered! ........... JK this is horrid.
  6. So i had never really listened to this band before this release. I purchased the live stream vinyl and after listening more I think I may have jumped the gun on ordering. If someone wants it at EXACTLY what I paid for it from Kingsroad USA let me know or I am just going to cancel.
  7. https://mondoshop.com/products/halloween-tiki-mug-the-shape-variant?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_pid=4804852449373&pr_ref_pid=4805413797981&pr_seq=uniform
  8. I agree with this, I have no interest in a re-record and I also think its disrespectful to the original vocalist on the album.
  9. You are missing out! They have still put out some great albums. Also yes the album closer is absolutely fucking AMAZING!
  10. Johnny truant - no tears for the creatures. If you haven’t heard this and you like heavy music this is a must listen.
  11. I included this a while ago and no one said anything so I thought I was the only fan. I love this album! They were great live