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  1. First and foremost, if your order has not been fulfilled for WHATEVER reason, you may open a dispute with PayPal regarding it. I have initiated refunds on orders with open issues, if you haven't gotten notice on this, please let me know! If you have received an order, thanks. I have messaged a few of you individually. Not to be rude in any manner, you may choose to believe what you want. A few of you, thank you for your kind words. To rest of you, you can continue to harass me, but again, please open a dispute with PayPal for your refund. To address of few of the questions an accusations: Thread DELETION? No thread was deleted. I hid the thread until I was able to further address this situation. No I didn't message a mod to have the thread deleted. I understand why you may believe this to be me evading the issue, but no. I have received a number of disputes at once and it's hard to address them all. My inventory WAS real, and I'm sure if you dig you can find some of the records I have sold multiple copies of variants with success. "will most likely strike again" What strike? I did not have intentions to fraud anyone out of an order. I have been under the weather these past few days and haven't been able to fulfill orders as granted. Do not fret, I don't particularly want to make any further transactions with the community unless you've insisted otherwise. Thank you for those of you who have accepted my apology and understand the matter. I've had issues with my account being limited on PayPal multiple times as being a new seller have have felt with shipping issues before but not to this extent. This has been addressed before if someone wants to chime in on this "make believe story" as well. "potentially scamming because he has openly stated he 'DOES NOT HAVE THE RECORDS' he was just selling, or double sold them." ​Double sold? I have multiple copies of a lot of variants that I have purchase over the years, (no, not scammed). It has been addressed here previously. I have been called out for being a variant collector and hogging records, yeah. That's the only issue I've ever had in my few years of selling records. "Wow, he got my hopes up by saying he had the record I was looking for. He stopped responding after I asked for photos." I have provided photos for numerous records on here before, some even with my face in them. I have previously informed you I was under the weather (again, believe what you want) and accept responsibility. I have accepted too many orders at once at wasn't able to fulfill on time. I had bought from him in the past and had no issues Same here. I've boughten from him like 2-3 times and have not had a single issue. Purchased something last week though and it's unavailable for one reason or another. Refunds will be issued. Please open a dispute if I have not issued a refund!!! But the thread deletion and accepting low offers for expensive records points to someone trying to make some quick money ripping people off. I will 100% apologize if I am mistaken, I will edit the post to say Potential Scammer. What low offers? I think a few of the offers that were given to me were acceptable. I have been more than fair as far as pricing previously, if someone wants to back this up, go for it. Only seems like a good kid because he got tracked down lol. Tracked down? I don't believe I was trying to fraud anyone. My information was public and if I were surely trying to scam don't you think I would have been more cryptic about it? I.E. not using my real PII. He has the whole pressing of Ac cities burn unopened? Firs tresses of Brand New, Thrice, The Dear Hunter, The Devil Wears Prada, Converge, BTBAM all sealed? It could happen but it seems like a quick way to prey on people who are looking for those particular records. Thanks for backing this up and saying you have received these types of records. Yes, a lot of my records were brand new and sealed. I collected and kept most of the records in storage over the years. Addressed previously on this forum when people incriminated me about being a fake scammer when I first started selling. 95% of my records were brand new or opened and never played. Found his discogs account and it has 55+ feedback all positive. Account was banned, obviously not deleted. 55+ was probably more than 100 but we know everyone doesn't reply or leave feedback. Tracking issues Not everyone is perfect. I have sent out different tracking numbers before by accident, and been confronted about it. If you item has showed up and I have sent you a messed up tracking number before, please speak up as well. I would like to fully extend my apologies to the community, and would like to have all orders resolved that have yet to be.
  2. http://www.discogs.com/sell/release/2892605?ev=rb
  3. Not sure if you're a cassette collector but there's one more copy of Dog's Blood left. The other ones sold out quickly! https://www.srcvinyl.com/music/alexisonfire-dogs-blood-cassette.html https://www.srcvinyl.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=alexisonfire
  4. Thanks. Love Chelsea. Her latest was stellar work, I personally think so.
  5. Thanks for linkage. AFS version confirmed. You know, I was thinking the same thing? Maybe a lot were put away for hoarding purposes, or they actually are not being sold because a lot of people are playing the white version because of the pressing count. Another thing, maybe the proper amount was never pressed because AFS went bankrupt... We will never know.
  6. This item is on backorder. That means it is on order and will be in our warehouse in 1-2 weeks. We will ship your order as soon as this arrives.

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