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  1. Hey! How much would you be selling Imaginary Numbers for? I've been searching for a copy forever!
  2. I know this thread is really old, but I've been searching for a copy of fh or pioneer on vinyl and I really don't feel like dropping $300 now. If anyone knows where I can buy a copy under $100, please let me know. Thanks, Ava
  3. I know I kinda missed the boat on this but, are they still selling vinyl in hot topic stores? (I know they're trying to clear out stock and all) The nearest hot topic to me is about an hour and I never made my way down when the $12 sale was going on. is vinyl still $12 in store? I'm finally going to make the trip, if there's a possibility that there's some vinyl in stock.
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the overslept ep by state champs on vinyl that they are willing to sell? I'm fine with any variant too. Just please message me if you're willing to sell to me!
  5. yeah I saw that a bit ago but sometimes things get really delayed through hot topic represses. But my best bet is to probably just wait it out
  6. yeah I saw that one and I think it's totally outrageous that someone wants to charge that much. I'll keep hoping for a repress, thanks anyway
  7. Hey everyone! I know this seems like a long shot or even somewhat stupid, but does anyone know where I can get decently priced (preferably within/or the $100 range) panic vinyl. I'm more so interested in their first three albums. I know ebay and discogs always have them, but they're way too expensive. Please help out I can't find anyone or any place willing to sell me a copy of fever, pretty odd, or vices. Thanks