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  1. BUMP HUGE BUMP So I get married in under two months. Here's a tip - if you set a budget for a wedding, you can kiss it goodbye! So many unexpected costs. So I'm bumping this. If you mention youre from VC, I'll do free shipping over $20. I will cut deals. Just need to make some cash!
  2. Been a few weeks since I last bumped. Come check it out. I've had to order two different sets of mailers since I first posted here, had over 100 orders. Thanks for any support you have given me!
  3. Shipping out another large batch tomorrow morning. Order and pay today, shipped tomorrow!
  4. Happy Labor Day! Added a bunch more titles - including all Ringo Deathstarr albums, a bunch of Graveface club exclusives and more!
  5. Maybe! Got new mailers, hit me uppppp. If you order and pay by tomorrow, I'll ship on Saturday!
  6. Went through almost 50 orders (had to order new mailers)!! So thanks to anyone that has bought. I've gone through and lowered the price on a few items. I think everything that I'm selling is the lowest price for that variant/record on Discogs.
  7. Yeah, still in Chi - I live up in the Edgewater/Andersonville area. Thanks on the decision making, it's been tough to get rid of but I know it's for the better regarding the type of lifestyle that I want to get into. For all others interested, I ship on Monday mornings! Get in your orders!!
  8. Added some more stuff yesterday. Lots of Owen, Portugal the man LPs willing to cut deals!
  9. I've got another FS thread but I figured this deserves its own. It's with great sadness that I part with these: American Ghetto - /8 Church Mouth - #6/10 - dust sleeve signed by entire band at the time It's Complicated Being a Wizard - #14/20 Satanic Satanist - /8 Will entertain offers.
  10. Yo yo yo. I mailed a bunch of stuff yesterday so oh should have gotten a tracking number through PayPal if you ordered. I'm trying to move this stuff quick so help me out!
  11. Added even more LPs for under $10, as well as some gems. Lots of Margot & Nuclear So & So's, Screamo, Minus the bear, Blink 182. If you spend more than $20 (total) on multiple records, I'll throw in free shipping and some extra free records. I'm shipping tomorrow morning so get those orders in for quick turnaround!

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