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  1. Clear - https://ptmmercado.com/products/oregon-city-lp-pre-order Black - https://ptmmercado.com/collections/vinyl/products/oregon-city-standard-edition-lp-pre-order Double vinyl. Pre-Orders before 2/27 midnight PST will be on clear vinyl. This item will begin shipping in early June to coincide with the physical release of the album. Tracklisting: Church Mouth Horse Warming Party New Orleans Bellies Are Full 1989 My Mind > How The Leopard Got Its Spots > 1234 Lay Me Back Down Chicago And I The Devil AKA M80 The Wolf Colors March With 6 > Elephants > Sit Back and Dream Tommy > Helter Skelter
  2. Have the following records for sale. All vinyl is new unless otherwise stated. All prices include shipping. Thanks. Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead (Silver Marble) [Music On Vinyl] - $22 Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Flexi) - $14 Portugal. The Man - The Pines & The Devil 7” (Translucent Red) - $30 *or both P. TM titles for $40 Circa Survive - B-Sides 7” (Gold w/ Black Sleeve) this one - $ 30 Speak The Truth...Even If Your Voice Shakes 7” (Coke Bottle Clear w/ Purple Splatter) - $ 19 Touché Amore / Pianos Become The Teeth Split - Gravity, Metaphorically / Hiding 7” (Baby Pink) - $7 Wye Oak - Trigger Finger 7” (Flexi) - $9 Send me a message if you are interested in any of these. I feel the prices are fair, but if something doesn’t look right just reach out. I Even have a handful of 7”s that are not listed that I’ll throw in some random orders too.
  3. Short list for sale haven't posted for a while, but was very active previously. DM me offers if you want to talk price, all prices PPD. $30 - Stranger Things Volume 1 score Red and White swirl (sealed) Stranger Things Volume 2 score Upside down inter-dimensional blue (lakeshore records) (sealed) $30 - The Maine - Can't Stop Won't Stop - Black with gold splatter /1000 $50 - All American Rejects - Move Along - Clear with black smoke/3000 (RSD 2016) Panic at the Disco - Death of a Bachelor Tour LIVE - All my friends were glorious $18 - Portugal the Man - Woodstock $20 - Lovelytheband - Everything I could never say - White (sealed) Also have 2 cassettes $40 - The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely - Blue (includes some pins and other trinkets from the exclusive box set) $10 - Awesome Mix Volume 2
  4. I only need a few more variants for a full set. Hoping someone can help me out. Waiter: “You Vultures!” - Red /500 Censored Colors - Neon Green (Single LP) /1000 Satanic Satanist - Blue/White Swirl /500 Satanic Satanist - 180g Green /400 Satanic Satanist - 180g Black /500 It’s Complicated Being a Wizard - Black (First Press w/ screen printed insert) /667
  5. Hello everyone! Some time ago I bought 2 tickets for PtM London concert at Heaven Nightclub (27 September), so me and my cousin could go together. Recently he found a job in Barcelona, so he had to move. I tried to resell the Ticket at Stubhub without any luck. Now I got an extra ticket, and the concert is tomorrow. I moved in to London very recently, so I don t have any friends that like PtM as much as I do, and to which I can invite to the concert. So, I decided to just give it to another PtM fan, so that person can enjoy the concert! I will decide who I will give it from the first 5 ppl that answer this two questions: "What was the first PtM song you listened to?" and "What PtM song do you like the most, and why?". You can either email me the answers at [email protected] or write me a Facebook private message (David Alberici); is enough to just tell me your name and answer the questions, but any other extra info, comments, etc, are welcome. I hope another PtM fan can read this post before is too late! Thanks for your attention, and I will be waiting for your answers!
  6. I've got another FS thread but I figured this deserves its own. It's with great sadness that I part with these: American Ghetto - /8 Church Mouth - #6/10 - dust sleeve signed by entire band at the time It's Complicated Being a Wizard - #14/20 Satanic Satanist - /8 Will entertain offers.
  7. Alright, I decided to keep my PTM collection going by collecting all variants, I searched around a lot and found a total of 54 variants including test pressings. Please let me know if any numbers are wrong or if I'm missing anything. Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Black/Silver /300 (Owned) Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Clear with Black Splatter /200 (Owned) Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Clear with Gold Splatter /500 (Owned) Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Green /500 (Owned) Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Orange /500 Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Brown /500 (Owned) Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Black Re-Press It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Light Blue /500 (Owned) It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Blue /333 (Owned) It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Black /667 It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Clear /500(Owned) It's Complicated Being a Wizard - White Test Press /20 (Owned) It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Black Re-Press (No Etched B-Side) Church Mouth - Blue with Cream Swirl /250 (Owned) Church Mouth - Chocolate with Cream Swirl /250 (Owned) Church Mouth - Raspberry with Cream Swirl /250 (Owned) Church Mouth - Plum with Cream Swirl /250 (Owned) Church Mouth - Grey /500 (Owned) Church Mouth - Red /500 (Owned) Church Mouth - Bone /500 (Owned) Church Mouth - Black 180 Gram Numbered /200 (Owned) Church Mouth - Black Test Press /10 Church Mouth - Black 180 Gram Church Mouth - Black Re-Press Censored Colors - Purple with Green Splatter 2xLP /250 (Owned) Censored Colors - Blue and Yellow 2xLP /250 (Owned) Censored Colors - Gold 2xLP /250 (Owned) Censored Colors - Lime Green /1000 Censored Colors - Gold /1000 Censored Colors - Clear /500 (Owned) Censored Colors - Black Test Press /8 Censored Colors - Black Re-Press Satanic Satanist - 180 Gram Blue /100 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - 180 Gram Green /400 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - 180 Gram Black /500 Satanic Satanist - Blue and White Swirl /500 Satanic Satanist - Purple /400 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - Orange /300 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - Clear /300 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - Highlighter Yellow /500 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - Pink /500 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - Transparent Orange /500 (Owned) Satanic Satanist - Black Test Press /8 Satanic Satanist - Black Re-Press Majestic Majesty - Black (No Labels) /1500 (Owned) Majestic Majesty - Black (White Labels) /1500 (Owned) American Ghetto - Grey /300 (Owned) American Ghetto - Black 180g /??? American Ghetto - Black Test Press /8 American Ghetto - Black (Owned) In The Mountain, In The Cloud - White (Owned) In The Mountain, In The Cloud - Black (Owned) Evil Friends - Black (Owned) The Pines/The Devil - Red 7" /1500 (Owned) My Mind/Seventeen - Black 7" /500 (Owned) Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now) - Black 7" /1000 (Owned) Sumatran Tiger - Clear 7" /400 (Owned) Feel It Still - Flexi Single /400 (Owned) Feel It Still - Black 7" Woodstock - Black (Standard) Woodstock - Black (Alternate Cover)
  8. I need to finish my variant collection. These are the records I still need. Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Orange(Red?) /500 Waiter, "You Vultures!" - Black Test Press /??It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Black /667It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Black Re-Press (No Etched B-Side)Church Mouth - Black Test Press /10Censored Colors - Lime Green /1000Censored Colors - Gold /1000Censored Colors - Black Test Press /8Satanic Satanist - 180 Gram Black /500Satanic Satanist - Blue and White Swirl /500Satanic Satanist - Black Test Press /8American Ghetto - Black 180g /???American Ghetto - Black Test Press /8
  9. There are two main groups here. Once that I have never worn and ones that I have. I like to support artists and generally but a lot of pre-order bundles. Way past time to get rid of a bunch. Unworn shirts ==> $7. Others ==> $5. + $4 Shipping. Also open to offers multiple discounts, etc. Shirts I've never worn Shirts I've worn Special Notes: - Yellow The Fall of Troy shirt is a Medium - The Doors Shirt is Medium - Brown IWABO shirt is Medium - IWAB0 3/4 sleeve baseball tee is autographed (but Large) SPOKEN FOR: - CAPN JAZZ - TFoT Unlikely - TSOAF - TFoT - Yellow Ghosts
  10. No pre-order yet. But soon... New song in the mean time.
  11. hey guys, title says it all. Looking for the German import version of the Satanic Satanist with the folding cover. Either the orange or the white/blue marble. Get at me if you are willing to let one go. Thanks
  12. Hey yall, clearing out mostly doubles. $5 shipping with tracking. US only, please. Shoot me an offer if ya want! 7" ACxDC The Second Coming To Live a Lie third press green /500 $5 Burnt by the Sun / Carbomb Relapse orange $5 10" King Buzzo This Machine Kills Artists Vol 1 Amphetamine Reptile 70/400 $100 12" Arabrot Solar Anus Fysisk Format $10 Black Angels Another Nice Pair Light in the Attic red $10 Boris Smile Southern Lord clear orange 180g /1000 $15 Earthless From The Ages Tee Pee Records blue sealed /500 $25 Flaming Lips Zaireeka 4xLP WB / Lovely Sorts of Death $25 Have Heart The Things We Carry Bridge 9 3rd press green/yellow/white $25 Melvins a Senile Animal Hydra Head 4xLP peach,olive,yellow,darkblue $95 Melvins Freak Puke AmpRep/Ipecac Gary Taxali/signed (split seam on top, record was shipped in sleeve) $80. Melvins Hold It In Ipecac $10 Nothing Guilty of Everything Relapse white first press /750 $30 Portugal the Man In the Mountain In the Clouds Equal Vision/Atlantic white $15 Portugal. the Man The Satanic Satanist Equal Vision VC first press red/orange sealed /100 $35 Portugal. the Man Censored Colors Defiance neon yellow first press /500 $60 Portugal. the Man Censored Colors 2xLP Equal Vision blue/yellow first press /250 $70 Portugal. the Man Church Mouth Defiance green marble $30 Portugal. the Man Waiter: Vinyl Collective /200 2nd press clear w/ black splatter $40 Puig Destroyer s/t No Sleep Records white/red RSD /700 $10 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Cardinology Lost Highway red w/ 7in, comic $50 Sleep The Clarity Southern Lord black /1000 $15 Torche Meanderthal Robotic Empire black first press /800 $20 Weedeater Goliathan Season of Mist trans blue /500 $15 Young Widows Old Wounds TRL first press amber /70 #2 $25
  13. I am moving and need to make some cash! So I am going to move some of my rare OOP records and other stuff. If the prices feel out of your reach PM me, there is always room for discussion. Prices posted with shipping unless noted! If you're looking to package some stuff let me know so we can work some deal. What I am trying to sell and think has value right now is below but different items on my tradelist would be open, My 7" collection is up for grabs, willing to sell as a lot for a great deal. https://deadformat.net/tradelist/tecmobowl I will ship international but PLEASE PM me so we can discuss it before hand. UPDATE; Edited some prices, took off Jimmy Eat World Clarity because well yah know. 12" Balance and Composure - TTWTWM - Tour Edition Red/White - $35 (10")At The Drive In - Vaya Ep CoachellaRSD Gold/500 - $40 Circa Survive/Sunny Day Real Estate Split EP RSD Maroon - $30 SOLD Circa Survive - Juturna Orange HotTopic - $40 Circa Survive - On Letting Go Trans Blue HotTopic - $35 PENDING Paramore - All We Know Is Falling Trans. Green Original Pressing - Make me an offer Blink 182 - MT&T SHOW HT Clear w Splatters - $30 La Dispute - Somewhere... 2xLP Cream/Black - $50 Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth Blue w/Cream /250 - $50 Portugal. The Man - Satanic Satanists Red w/Yellow(Orange) /300 - $60 Seahaven - Ghost/Acoustic Stamped Tour Press 77/100 - $45 Appleseed Cast - Two Conversations Green Splatter - $35
  14. womp womp I'm not looking to buy much of anything right now but if you have a PT-Pro/Grande or Clipping-CLPPNG, I'd be willing to either do trade+cash or something, PM me and we'll work something out Shoot me offers and stuff! As Tall As Lions-You Can't Take It With You (Clear) Joanna Gruesome- S/T Silversun Pickups- Seasick At The Drive in- Vaya EP (Hot Pink, Fearless /3000) Ancestors- Of Sound And Mind Hans Zimmer- The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Mastodon-Crack The Skye (black) MGMT- Oracular Spectacular Portugal, The Man- American Ghetto Portugal, The Man- Waiter:"You Vultures!" The Prodigy- Invaders Must Die Zechs Marquise- Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare Coheed and Cambria- The Afterman: Ascension (Black) (sealed) Coheed and Cambria- Year of the Black Rainbow Coheed and Cambria- No World For Tomorrow Coheed and Cambria- A Favor House Atlantic 7 inch Coheed and Cambria- The Running Free Coheed and Cambria- The Suffering Coheed and Cambria- Welcome Home Coheed and Cambria- Guns of Summer Kevin Devine- Luxembourg 7inch The Color Fred- Bend To Break (Brown) /500 - signed Terrible Things-Terrible Things (Black) 7 inch Death Cab For Cutie- Soul Meets Body MC Lars- Greatest Hits Black Sabbath- Paranoid Black Sabbath- Heaven and Hell King Crimson- In The Court Of The Crimson King (black 200g) Mastodon-Divinations Earl Greyhound- Suspicious Package Wants: Danny Brown- XXX Danny Brown- OLD Tim Hecker- Virgins Conor Oberst- One of My Kind Bright Eyes/Her Space Holiday split Simon Joyner- Hotel Lives David Dondero- This Guitar David Dondero- Golden Hits vol 1. Clipping- CLPPNG At The Drive In- Relationship of Command RSD Leonard Cohen- New Skin for the Old Ceremony Swans- The Burning World Swans- Love Will Tear Us Apart single Swans- To Be Kind Bauhaus- In The Flat Field Boris- Pink Boris- Feedbacker BADBADNOTGOOD-BBNG BADBADNOTGOOD- BBNG2 BADBADNOTGOOD- III Elliott Smith- New Moon Elliott Smith- XO Elliot Smith- Figure 8 Stuff I don't expect to get but hoping for Death Grips- Exmilitary Eric's Trip- Love Tara
  15. I have an extra silver and black pressing /300 that I want to trade for the orange German pressing /500. I also have an extra copy of The Pines/The Devil 7" if anyone is looking for that.
  16. Hey all, I'm moving next week and I'd like to trim down my collection a bit. PM me offers! Buy a few and I'll throw in stickers or posters or samplers or records with it! Note: I'm out of 7" mailers, so please only buy one with a 12" if at all possible! Appleseed Cast, The - Illumination Ritual - Black /72 (Generic Graveface Test Cover) Appleseed Cast, The - The End Of The Ring Wars - Gold /1000 Beatles, The - Abbey Road - Black 180g Beatles, The - Rubber Soul - Black (60s Stereo Pressing) Beatles, The - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Black 180g Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline - Black Bright Eyes - Fevers And Mirrors - Black (Wichita UK Pressing) Bright Eyes - Lifted: Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground - Black Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down - Black Cheap Girls - Split w/Lemuria - Grey Mix City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love - Clear /557 (No Demo CD) City And Colour - Sometimes - Yellow and Blue /2110 Coffee Project - Easy Does It - "Cream Stirred In” Dead C, The - Stealth/The Factory - Clear /1300 Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere (2012) - White /500 Early November, The - In Currents - Green Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree - Maroon /1500 Feist - My Moon My Man - Black Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel... - Black Frightened Rabbit - Be Less Rude - Black Home Grown - Kings Of Pop - Clear /1000 Home Grown - You're Not Alone - Black Iron And Wine - Around The Well - Black Iron And Wine - Woman King - Black Kevin Devine - Another Bag Of Bones - Blue /500 Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood - Red/Orange Swirl /400 Kevin Devine - Driving Baby Lips (Bootleg) - Black Kevin Devine - Luxembourg - Black /100 Kevin Devine - Make The Clocks Move - Black /200 Kevin Devine - Part Of The Whole - Black /100 Laura Marling - Blues Run The Game - Black Mae - The Everglow - Black /1000 Mark Kozelek - Lost Verses Live - White /100 Matisyahu - King Without A Crown - Black Metric - Synthetica - Black mewithoutYou - Brother Sister - White /1000 mewithoutYou - Ten Stories Box Set - Black 861/2000 Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - So Sad To Say/The Impression That I Get (Jukebox Single) - Black Mustard Plug - Big Daddy Multitude - Black /100 Neon Indian - Fallout / Polish Girl - Black /2000 Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Black (Non-Gatefold Pressing) Nico - My Funny Valentine - Red Owen - The Association Of Utopian Hologram Swallowers - Black Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth - Chocolate With A Drop Of Cream /250 Pujol - Black Rabbit - Black Ra Ra Riot - Split w/Stornoway -Black Sun Kil Moon - Among The Leaves - Light Blue /500 This Will Destroy You - Field Studies - Red (Autographed Center Labels) Velvet Underground, The - The Velvet Underground & Nico - Black (Recent Pressing) ********** I also have some guitar pedals I'm looking to sell, both have less than six hours use time out of them. Just don't really use them anymore and want to upgrade to some better equipment: Boss DS-1 - $35ppd Behringer Reverb Machine - $35ppd or BOTH for $60ppd Almost positive I still have the boxes and instructions for both too.
  17. Hit me up if your looking to sell any of these! Deftones - Diamond Eyes (White) Thrice - Major/Minor Portugal the Man - Waiter: "You Vultures!" The Used - S/T Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak/Because of the Times/Only by the Night BTBAM - Colors (Any Colored Vinyl)
  18. I'm looking for: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (2xLP RSD Release) Coheed and Cambria - No World For Tomorrow IAMX - 7" Singles and Volatile Times Portugal. The Man - Its Complicated being a Wizard (Black with Screen Print), Church Mouth (Plum, Grey, or Red), Satanic Satanist (Any German Pressing), Censored Colors (2xLP Gold, Yellow German Pressing, Gold German Pressing, Blue/Yellow 2xLP), Waiter You Vultures (Orange, Green, or Gold Splatter) Lana Del Rey - Ride (7" Picture Disc), Blue Jeans (7" Picture Disc), & National Anthem (7" Picture Disc) PM me if you have any of these youre willing to part them.
  19. Saving up for some last minute holiday stuff.. Letlive - Fake History 2xLP (White) 18 ppd Portugal the Man - The Satanic Satanist (Black) 15 ppd PM with any questions. Thank you.
  20. Hello, looking to buy some stuff. A lot of holes in my collection. Portugal. The Man- The Satanic Satanist, The Majestic Majesty, In the Mountain In The Cloud Brand New- Daisy, Your Favorite Weapon listener- Wooden Heart, Return to Strugglevile The Wonder Years- The Upsides 1st press (Original artwork) City and Colour- Bring Me Your Love, Little Hell, Sometimes letlive.- Fake History The Chariot- Long Live Make Do and Mend- End Measured Mile, Everything You Ever Loved alt-J- An Awesome Wave Lana Del Rey- Born To Die Citizen- Youth Death Grips- The Money Store, Exmilitary Enter Shikari- Take To The Skies, Common Dreads, A Flash Flood of Colour Tyler The Creator- Goblin Margot- Not Animal Protest The Hero- Fortress, Kezia I know a lot of these are easily available online. Shoot me a price if you're selling. Thanks!
  21. The vast majority of this stuff is mint and unplayed. Wife had a significant reduction (67%) of income and it made me realize my vinyl collection got way out of hand. Cutting out things I don't need and need to raise a thousand dollars ASAP. SELLING: 7" Another Mistake - Lies for Lust (Clear) Balance And Composure - Acoustic 7" (Yellow) Bloodrust - New Jersey Devil Core Brick + Mortar - Making Moves 7" (Lime Green Clear) Drug Church - Drug Church 7" (White)(/200) (No Sleep Subscription Exclusive) Code Orange Kids - Cycles 7" (Pastel Green)(/200) Code Orange Kids - Cycles 7" (Red)(/300) Code Orange Kids - Cycles 7" (Clear Purple Wine)(/500) Girl Fight - Real Spite 7" (Gold) (/350) Girl Fight - Real Spite 7" (Clear w/Brown) (/150) Jet - Put Your Money Where your Mouth Is (Picture Disc) Matisyahu - Miracle ​ Menomena - Double 7" (# 649) NOFX - Fuck the Kids 7" Rolo Tomassi - Old Mystics (Blue Marble) Rolo Tomassi / Antares - Split (Clear ) (/250) Run Walk / Sirs - Split (Holy Roar Marble) (/250) Such Gold / A Loss For Words - (Clear Orange) Touche Amore & Make Do And Mend - Clear w/ Black Streaks (/400) Touche Amore - Live on BBC (White) Touche Amore & Pianos Become The Teeth (Aqua Blue) Touche Amore & Pianos Become The Teeth (Electric Blue/Gold) Touche Amore & Title Fight - Pink Touche Amore & Title Fight - Grey Touche Amore & The Casket Lottery - Solid Pink 10" Snuff - Blue Gravy At The Drive In - In Vaya (Hot Pink) 12" Balance And Composure - Only Boundaries (Blue) Blag Flag - Six Pack Departures - Teenage Haze (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Lowtalker - The Marathon EP (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Make Do and Mend - Part and Parcel (Clear Yellow) (/250) [uK Import] Make Do and Mend - Part and Parcel (Clear Blue) (/250) [uK Import] Mountain Man - Two (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Mutemath - Spotlight EP LP 311 - Soundsystem 2LP All Pigs Must Die - God is War (180g) Animals as Leaders - Animals as Leaders - Black 2LP 180g Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (Red) Balance And Composure (Separation) (Blue) (Autographed) Bars Of Gold - Bars of Gold (White) (/250) Bars Of Gold - Bars of Gold (Clear Blue) (/250) Bars Of Gold - Bars of Gold (Clear Green) (/250) Bars Of Gold - Bars of Gold (Clear Purple) (/250) Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Recent Press) Bob Marley - Marley OST 3LP Broadway Calls - Comfort/Distraction (Coke Bottle Blue)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) The Casket Lottery - Real Fear (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Circle of Dead Children - The Genocide Machine (Clear Blue) (/200) (Hand #'d) Cursive - In Burst & Bloom (RSD 2012 Exclusive) The Doors - Live At The Bowl '68 2LP Early Graves - Red Horse (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) The Fall of Troy - The Fall of Troy (Black)(/400) For Today - Ekklesia Give Up The Ghost - Background Music (Opaque Geen) Give Up The Ghost -We're Down Til We're Underground (Clear Pink) Goober Patrol - Vacation Heavy Heavy Low Low - Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock (Pink/Brown) Indian Summer - Hidden Arithmetic (Including all art/inserts) (/1000) In Between - Still (Coke Bottle Blue)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Into It. Over It - 52 Weeks Boxset (Includes Glasses leash and huge No Sleep Flag/Banner) iwrestledabearonce - Ruining It For Everybody (Swirled Crazy) Jaguar Love - Hologram Jams Joan of Arc - Don't Mind Control 2LP (Blue (/500) Joan of Arc - A Portable Model of (Black) Lagwagon - I think my older brother used to listen to Lagwagon Long Lost - Save Yourself, Start Again (Coke Bottle Blue)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Major League - Hard Feelings (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) Make Do and Mend - Make Do and Mend 2LP (/300) mewithoutYou - Ten Stories (Deluxe Boxset Black 180g Vinyl) mewithoutYou - Ten Stories (Black/Grey Marble) No Trigger - Tycoon (No Sleep Subscription, White) (/200) Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth (Black) Reach The Sky - So Far From Home Rolo Tomassi - Astraea (Half Black/Half Blue) The Saddest Landsape - After The Lights (Purple Marble) Such Gold - Misadventures (Mint Green Marble) Tilt - Been Where? Did What?Tilt - Viewers Like You Thursday - A City By The Light Divided 2LP (Red/Black/White Swirl) (/1000) Touche Amore - To The Beat Of A Dead Horse... (Clear 180g 4th Press) (/750) Touche Amore - To The Beat Of A Dead Horse... (Clear Green "Herb" (/420) Touche Amore - To The Beat Of A Dead Horse... (Blue "Rain) (/500) Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness & Me (Blue Marble First Press (/300) Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness & Me (Black) TS & The Past Haunts - Gone & Goner (White)(/200)(No Sleep Subscription) You & I - Saturdays Cab Ride Home (White) (#106/121) ODDS & ENDS: Bring Me The Horizon - Sempeternal Canvas Tote A Lot Like Birds - T-Shirt (pre-order) iwrestledabearonce T-Shirts Rega P2 Plinth & Dust Cover I prefer Cash, but also looking for these: WANT: Touche Amore (any test presses) Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness & Me [White] Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness & Me [Clear Green(Australian Tour)] Touche Amore & La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World [black (Sound & Fury)] Touche Amore & Make Do And Mend - Coke Bottle Blue (/250) Touche Amore - Self-Titled 7" [Clear] (First Press) Touche Amore - Self-Titled 7" [black (No Sleep Subscription 2011)] Touche Amore - 2012-2013 7" boxset The Fall of Troy - Doppelganger (First Pressing TEST PRESS) Rolo Tomassi - Acoustic/Remix 7" Rolo Tomassi - Party Wounds 7" [Pink] Rolo Tomassi & Mirrow! Mirror! - Slit 7" Rolo Tomassi & Cancer Bats - Split 7" Bear vs. Shark - Terrorhawk [Red/Yellow Swirl] Bear vs. Shark - Right Now...[Green/Clear] Bear vs. Shark - Right Now...[Purple/White Swirl] Circle Takes the Square - As the Roots Undo (Tour Press) Circle Takes the Square & pg.99 - Pyramids in Cloth 7"
  22. Pm me offers Circa Survive- On Letting Go Dark Knight, The -OST Menzingers, The - Chamberlain Waits (blue) Portugal the Man - it's complicated being a wizard (black) Portugal the Man - The Satanic Satanist (orange) Portugal the Man - Waiter: "You Vultures!" (Clear w/ black splatter)
  23. Hey just wanted to let everyone know I just posted some new things on ebay including: Dance Gavin Dance-People You Knew/Perfect blue vinyl /900 The Sound Of Animals Fighting- Ocean and The Sun black vinyl /400 Fall Out Boy/ My Awesome Compilation- Split yellow vinyl /500 The Replacements- Let It Be-Cassette Tape-Twin Tone Records 1st press! plus 19 other items of total awesomeness! Bid hard and I will combine shipping for multiple items purchased. Link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/605elizabethany/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 Hit me up if you have any questions! Thanks!
  24. Went through my records, and the following list is stuff I can easily live without. Everything on this list is un-played. Everything is NM unless noted in description. These prices do not include shipping. Will ship media mail unless requested otherwise. I'd prefer not to ship international. Sorry. I will gladly entertain offers. All Pigs Must Die – S/T 180G - $10.00 Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing – White vinyl - $10.00 Blink 182 – Enema of the State – Nude/peach hand numbered - $40.00 Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx live split - sealed - $10.00 Deftones – Adrenaline – 180G black sealed - $15.00 Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist – Hot Topic exclusive green. Sealed. (The jacket is creased on this one. The result of poor packing.) - $5.00 Deftones – Around the fur – Black - $10.00 Glassjaw – EYEWTKAS – Hot Topic exclusive orange. - $20.00 Glassjaw – Worship & Tribute – Hot Topic exclusive white. Never opened. $20.00 Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground – Blue vinyl. Sealed. $20.00 Lady Gaga – Born this way – 180G 2XLP. Sealed - $5.00 Mae – The Everglow – Black vinyl - $40.00 MellowHype – BlackenedWhite – Black vinyl - $10.00 Network – Money Money 2020 – Blue 180G – $20.00 Portugal the Man – Waiter! You Vultures – Remastered Black version. Sealed - $15.00 Saves The Day – Stay What You Are – Interpunk exclusive yellow marble (actually quite orange) - $25.00 Screeching Weasel – First World Manifesto – Pic Disk - $30.00 Straylight Run – S/T – Clear w/ black smoke - $35.00 Sum 41 – All Killer No Filler – Black vinyl - $25.00 (sealed, but will have to open to verify color) Sum 41 – All Killer No Filler – Red vinyl - $25.00 (sealed, but will have to open to verify color) Thursday – A City by the Light Divided – Red/black. Sealed - $20.00 Thrice – Artist in the Ambulance – Green marble. Sealed. - $30.00 Thrice – Vheissu – Brown marble. Sealed. - $30.00 Tyler the Creator – Goblin – Black vinyl. Sealed $8.00 Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue – Black vinyl - $10.00 Yellowcard – The Underdog EP – black vinyl - $10.00

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