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  1. Hi, I am always looking for releases of Cursive, The Good Life and Tim Kasher. I do have ALL the different vinyl pressings for all of these bands already but I am still looking for: - Test Pressings - Promo CDs - Cursive - CFRE Radio Presents Cursive: A Studio Session Thank you.
  2. Heyo! Looking to finish my Have Heart & Verse collection so am currently looking for a few that are pretty hard to come by. Willing to buy or trade from my collection! HAVE HEART - THE THINGS WE CARRY Blue/Yellow Swirl (EOSJ Cover) Brown/Orange Swirl (EOSJ Cover) Test Pressing HAVE HEART - SONGS TO SCREAM AT THE SUN Clear Friends Press Sound and Fury Edition BHC 2008 Cover Test Pressing VERSE - AGGRESSION Orange/Black split Test Pressing Here is the link to my discogs. Here are some highlighted records that I'm willing to trade for some of these (depending on whatever ya have) https://www.discogs.com/user/dlamprox/collection BIG TRADES Better Off - Reap What You Sew (test pressing) Counterparts - The Current Will Carry Us (test pressing) Killing The Dream - Fractures (record release, boston, unnumbered) Killing The Dream - Fractures (record release, japan, 80/81) La Dispute - Wildlife (red/black /30) Mac Miller - Circles (test pressing)
  3. I'm looking for one of the test pressings of Denison Witmer's album "Are You A Dreamer?" that Count Your Lucky Stars and New Grenada put out. If you have a copy, send me a message with a price. Thanks! Jon
  4. Just posted a bunch of dupe variants for sale last night. I'm trying to pay off some bills and free up some (mostly) unplayed stuff that I'll likely not get a chance to listen to any time soon. Message me here if you're interested in anything I have for sale and I'll knock off 10% for the board. Feel free to make an offer on anything in my collection, too. I'm sure I'll be listing my Fall of Troy stuff, but need to inspect them since they weren't in with my dupes.
  5. Looking to trade a Drive Thru Records Test pressing of New Found Glory Sticks and Stones for Alkaline Trio Test Pressings or Trio Demo Tapes. This is not for sale https://instagram.com/p/BlEXq9Hjbck/
  6. Looking to trade my SUPER RARE Drive-Thru Records New Found Glory Sticks and Stones test pressing. I am looking to trade for Alkaline Trio Test Pressings or Demo Tapes. This is not for Salehttps://www.instagram.com/p/BlEXq9Hjbck/?taken-by=alkalinetriovinyl
  7. I just went through my Discogs inventory and reduced the prices on some of the higher value stuff. I'm having a boy or a girl (due date two weeks) and figured I'd try to move some stuff that I probably won't play. There may be some whales if you collect any of the tagged artists and there's a lot more. I'm willing to make deals with folks on here (especially for multiples) and would entertain a trade or two, but ultimately I'm trying to save money and clear some space. https://www.discogs.com/seller/lindermanr/profile I've got some other random things like prints and Garbage Pail Kids that I might post later.
  8. Hi there, I have the following Mondo/Death Waltz Records TP's for sale - Prices include CONUS shipping: Prometheus - $50 Zombi Holocaust - $45 The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave - $40 Colossal - $40
  9. If anyone is selling these Eighteen Visions pieces below hit me up! 18 Visions - Yesterday is Time Killed CD - No Time For Love 7 inch (Black Test Press and Yellow/Black variant) - The Best Of Cassette Tape
  10. I've got another FS thread but I figured this deserves its own. It's with great sadness that I part with these: American Ghetto - /8 Church Mouth - #6/10 - dust sleeve signed by entire band at the time It's Complicated Being a Wizard - #14/20 Satanic Satanist - /8 Will entertain offers.
  11. The following vinyl/cassettes are for sale. There are a variety of rare gems so first come first serve. We will discuss if I need to ship outside of the US (it get's expensive). Otherwise, thanks for looking and good luck getting what you are after. Anything not sold here will go on eBay. FYI: I am willing to accept offers, trades, and will definitely make a deal price if numerous items are purchased in bulk (and throw in some extras). Deal: Buy 3 $5 records, get 4th $5 record free. 12": Capsize - The Angst In My Veins - /250 Green Transparent and White Haze (tour exclusive) - $30 Cowboys Are Indians - Constantly Fucked - $10 Drug Church - Paul Walker - $10 Early Graves - Red Horse - (2012 subscription unopened) - $10 Foreign Tongues / The Felix Culpa split - $5 Foxes / Iselia split - $10 The Saddest Landscape - The Sound of the Spectacle - /125 Clear w/ Blue Haze Center (kickstarter) - $25 Sinaloa - Fathers And Sons - (screened alternate cover) /? - $20 Yusuke / Lori split - $5 12" Test Pressings: Drug Church - Swell - 18/20 - SOLD Foreign Tongues / The Felix Culpa split - /20 - $10 The Saddest Landscape - The Sound of the Spectacle - 6/25 - $50 7": Absolutist / Abest split /300 Black - $5 Adobe Homes / Beau Navire split - /300 Glow-In-The-Dark vinyl (w/ alternate art RARE) - SOLD Agent - Awake In Their World - /500 Black - $5 Amanda Woodward - Meurt La Soif / Un Peu D'Etoffe - /? Black - SOLD Amber / Locktender split - /300 White - $5 Goodtime Boys - Things I Still Don't Understand - /200 White - $5 Midnight Souls - Always - 24/300 Black - $15 Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To - 1st press /100 - Clear w/ Grey Haze - SOLD Perfect Future - Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable - /150 Black - $5 Settler - Dissociation Songs (In the Key of F) - /200 Black - $5 Short Stories About Their Distance / The World At A Glance split - Black /? - $5 Swollen Lungs, Volume One - /800 Black - $5 The Heads Are Zeros / Neck First split /100 Black - $5 The Heads Are Zeros / Neck First split /100 White - $5 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /110 - Trans Red - $25 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /110 - Trans Gold - $15 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /323 Trans Blue - $5 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /550 Clear - $5 The Saddest Landscape - Souls Worth Saving /? Red - $5 Raein / Phoenix Bodies split 2nd press /500 clear - $5 Violent Bullshit - Age of Quarrel II By Amon Duul III - /300 Black - $5 Xerxes - Twins - /400 Recycled Grey - $5 7" Test Pressings: Caravels - S/T - 12/15 - $30 Frameworks - Small Victories 15/20 - $35 The Saddest Landscape ?– Live At New Alliance - 18/20 - $30 The Saddest Landscape - Cover Your Heart - 15/20 - $35 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness 17/20 - $35 The Saddest Landscape / We Were Skeletons split - 13/20 - $40 The Saddest Landscape / Pianos Become The Teeth - 15/20 - $40 The Truth About Dreaming / Short Stories About Their Distance /? no cover - $15 Cassette: Carrion Spring - A Short History of Decay - /? - SOLD Light Black - Tom Hanks - /20 Pink - $10 Meet Me In Montauk - Where the Grass Meets Pavement - 8/25 paint splatter - $20 Sinaloa - Chapel & Basement - $10 The Cambodian Heat - Bludgeoning Subculture Aficionado - /? - $5 The Ultimate Screamo Band - La Saison Du Champignon - /30 Clear - $10 Vasudeva - No Clearance - /50 Clear - $20 Whips - The Ride /100 White (Unopened) - $10 CD/Various: The Truth About Dreaming - Noises From the Basement (CD) 22/50 - $5 The Cambodian Heat - Bludgeoning Subculture Aficionado (Business Card CD) 6/30 - $5 Rare Skramz Patches $5 each (quantity available): Circle Takes The Square SOLD Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing SOLD Gas Up Yr Hearse! SOLD The Truth About Dreaming SOLD Let me know if you have questions or have picture requests...
  12. I am selling my approved Mightier Than Sword test pressing copy of Enema of the State. It is one of the rarest blink-182 pieces that has been made available to the public. Photo 1 - Front, Side A Photo 2 - Back, Side B Photo 3 - Back, Inner sleeve As you can see in the photos, the white inner sleeve has a misprint as it reads 'Dude Ranch' instead of 'Enema of the State'. However, the hand-numbering on the white inner sleeve still corresponds to that on the custom silkscreen cover (3/10). I have contacted the owner of the 3/10 Dude Ranch test pressing and confirmed that their white inner sleeve is correctly marked, so this is a one-off. Both the cover and record are in excellent condition. I have played the record to confirm that it is Enema of the State. Please feel free to message me with any further questions or if you would like to make an offer (including shipping). I am sending from Australia.
  13. https://store.noidearecords.com/collections/new-on-no-idea/products/vinyl-grab-bag-frenzy-12-test-pressing-for-25
  14. I am looking for the 2xLP test pressing or at least the C/D LP. Tests were split up and sold as single LPs on MerchBucket. To get the 2xLP you had to purchase twice and specify you wanted sides A/B and C/D.
  15. We are doing some spring cleaning and posted a lot of test pressings from the past few years up for fixed-price sale on our site: http://ironpier.limitedrun.com/products/585154-iron-pier-test-pressings If there's anything else we've done that we should post to the collectors corner - prints, etc. please let me know. Available 7" Test Pressings Weed Hounds - "Beach Bummed" - #5/6 Agent / Polygon Split 7" - #6/9 Self Defense Family - "You Are Beneath Her" - #5/15 Wild Moth - "Mirror" Flexi - Unnumbered / 11 Available 12" Test Pressings Deep Pockets "You Feel Shame" - #7/10 Hollow Sunshine "Bring Gold" - #6/10 Hollow Sunshine "Bible Sea" - #7/10 Neaux "Fell Off The Deep End" - #10/20 Self Defense Family "Duets" - #4/5 Self Defense Family "Duets" (Rejected TP) - #5/5 Self Defense Family "Colicky" - #7/10 Wild Moth "Inhibitor" - #9/15
  16. FOR SALE..!! GIANTS (They, the Undeserving) Reissue Test Pressing. No: 18/25. PM to make an offer, also as I live in Australia shipping could be expensive! Thanks.
  17. Hey y'all, I listed a Test Press Copy of Capital's Blind Faith 7" from the archives. All the proceeds from the auction will go the the McAllister Family Memorial Fund. Please spread it round to your record collecting friends and bid this sucker up!! Ending soon... http://www.ebay.com/itm/201588127006
  18. Hello guys and gals! Lately I've been on a bit of a buying spree for anything Offspring! If you have any bootlegs, rarities, or imports (or just anything Offspring that is hard to come by) let me know! I'll buy anything that I don't already own. I'm a fair trader and won't low-ball you. I'm looking for: vinyl: - Americana 12" (1998 original pressing. Not with the corner cut off) - ANY TEST PRESSINGS - Ignition 12" (red vinyl, not the Hot Topic orange one) - Baghdad bootleg 7" - They Were Born To Kill 7" (grey vinyl) - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 12" - The Kids Aren't Alright 12" - Why Don't You Get A Job? 12" - Original Prankster 12" - Gone Away 7" Cassettes: - Self titled (with the Marc Rude "Fender Alien" artwork) - Ignition - Ixnay On The Hombre - Conspiracy Of One - Splinter - Any singles CDs: - ANY bootlegs or imports (I wont bother listing my collection of bootlegs, but anything I don't have I'll buy) - Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? (Single) - Next To You (single) - Bad Habit (single) - I Wanna Be Sedated (single)
  19. For Sale / Trade: Test Pressing of The Modern Jazz Quartet's 1974 album "In Memoriam"... one of their best (in my opinion). There were very few complete test pressings of this album made which makes it quite rare. This one belonged to their label, Little David Records. The slip outlining the album details is in Mint condition (see picture). Vinyl: VG Sleeve: G Vinyl is graded conservatively and has some scuffs but plays without pops. Sleeve is white and has some discoloration. Top seem has a few splits, but overall cover holds up well. (see pictures). I've tried to detail all this in the pictures, but if you need more details or info; please do not hesitate to contact me and I will gladly get back to [email protected] Thanks! Asking: $30 or willing to trade for 70s Funk/Soul, 70s Brazilian...make me an offer and let me know what you got to trade.
  20. Hi I'm relatively new to the record world, I had a few as a kid and then went the way of CDs in the 90s. I'm back to collecting records and players now, and really enjoying myself thank you very much! I found a test pressing of Ray Dorset Cold Blue Excursion in a job lot, it looks to have been played a few times but no scratches or wear. Would something like this be worth much? I have searched and can't find anything similar. Thank you
  21. Don't know if there's a thread for this already, if so please direct me. As I have a Lamb of God "As the Palaces Burn" test press that I have no info on. This thread is for any general questions about test pressings.
  22. All are Test Pressings 7" The Draft - Bordering / Devil in the Shade /3 The Draft - Na Na Na / Wired /15 The Get Up Kids - Loveteller #04/12 w/ spray painted leaf cover Chuck Ragan - Blueprint Sessions #1 The Boat / For Broken Ears /15 Chuck Ragan - Blueprint Sessions #2 It's What You Will / Symmetry /15 Chuck Ragan - Blueprint Sessions #3 Valentine / Do What You Do /15 w/ Bad A Side Chuck Ragan - Blueprint Sessions #3 Valentine / Do What You Do /15 w/ Good A side Strike Anywhere - Underground Europe 2001 Genoa Benefit Read Army Faction (Hot Water Music, Avail, The Weakerthans, Discount) /8 10" The Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day LP The Blacktop Cadence - Chemistry For Changing Times Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead Comeback Kid - Broadcasting The Draft - In A Million Pieces /15 Fifth Hour Hero / Gunmol - Split /8 Fifth Hour Hero - Not Revenge, Just A Vicious Crush /12 The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (Original Doghouse Press) Hot Water Music - Finding The Rhythms (2003 Test /20) Hot Water Music - Fuel For The Hate Game (2003 Test /20) Hot Water Music - The New What Next New End Original - Thriller Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning /8 Small Brown Bike - The River Bed /8 Strike Anywhere - Change Is A Sound No Idea Records - NIR 100
  23. Our dear friend and long time collaborator Pall Jenkins has launched an online store and put some pretty rare stuff up for sale. 7's and 12's http://www.palljenkins.com/music/?category=Vinyl Test pressings and super cool rare expensive stuff http://www.palljenkins.com/testpressings/ Support the dude, he rules. Cheers!
  24. SOLD! The Jealous Sound - Kill Them With Kindness - 2 LP Test Pressing (Rise Records) - 4/20 - $40ppd

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