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  1. Thanks for the info! It at least gives me places to start looking for. I recognized Taang from Rat-a-tat-tat birds. I like to look for whatever, I can buy newer stuff online. We were at Comic-Con last year and San Diego was a blast. It's a lovely city and the weather is a perfect escape from Phoenix in July. Thanks again.
  2. Haven't been on the board in forever, but I was wondering if anyone knew any good record shops in the San Diego area? The girl and I are going to Comic-Con in July and we were going to try and do some sightseeing/shopping. We're staying right next to the Convention Center and the Gaslamp area, but we'll probably have a car so anywhere within half an hour would probably be ideal.
  3. Just hopped back on the board, good to see someone caught my birthday, I spent the day sleeping on the couch blowing my nose every five minutes trying like hell to sweat my cold out. Hope the rest of 22 is better than the first day. I bought one of the church mouth records and get up kids on a wire with some of my birthday money.
  4. icicles by punchline I on the santas cause comp) i got as far as: "Frostbite You are an icicle (you are an icicle, warmth of the season can't melt) You are an icicle (you are an icicle, coldest that I've ever felt)"
  5. I had always just "heard of" piebald when I first saw them live when they were touring with northstar, needless to say their live show won me over, they really had a professional attitude and played amazingly, I'm sad to see these guys go.
  6. I'm at home leeching off someone's wireless with intermittent signal outages and cannot keep up with previous weeks of message board madness,and on top of that Virgil is releasing Church Mouth and now I must spend all my birthday money. darn.
  7. seeing it tonight with my bffs I'm stoked.
  8. One of my roommates just announced he's moving out, I'm thinkin of converting the spare room into a nerd room of sorts if my other roommate and I decide to stay in our current place.
  9. I was gonna post something about this...I was too lazy to. would whoever finds it really be smart enough to figure out what the hell those instructions meant, and how the hell did they fit that much information on that damn thing.
  10. I just saw Rush last wednesday, one of the most fantastic performances I have ever seen.