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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for Brand New merchandise - posters, shirts (XL+), rare pressings, stickers, buttons, a half-full spittoon left on the side of the road somewhat near their tour bus, etc. Lemme know what you got.
  2. The seller finally got back to me this morning. They were trying to go with Royal Mail's version of Priority which was £60, but the cheap standard option he found was £5 and he didn't charge for shipping at all since he took so long to get back with a price. So I got a sealed copy of Jesus for ~$26 shipped! No complaints
  3. The seller just finally came back with an offer of about $100, which is nearly $80 shipping. I may push back a bit, as that seems a little off. Maybe it just genuinely is that expensive to ship something from the Channel Islands, though.
  4. Yeah, I actually just won an auction for the Jesus 7" from Ebay UK for about $20. I'm waiting for the seller to send an updated invoice for shipping to the states, so hopefully that goes through and doesn't cost too much. The only 7"s I'm missing now are Jude Law and the green Quiet Things. Hopefully I'll find somebody who's willing to sell the Jude Law for a reasonable price someday.
  5. Hey all, It seems that there aren't any eBay or Discogs listings for the Jesus 7" picture disc, but I'm really interested in grabbing a copy. The Discogs median is $100, so I'm looking in that price range (or cheaper if possible), but am willing to haggle a bit. Shipping would be to the US. I'd also be interested in other Brand New 7" singles or rare variants, as I'm working on starting a collection. Comment/PM if you have any interesting offers. Thanks!
  6. I was going to grab it this week too. Finally financially recuperating from my move last month. I hope they held a few back for QA purposes (in case of returns, etc.) that go up in the future. I'd kill for copies of Cities and NTFP.

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