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  1. I could send you some artwork I did back in the days but never submitted anywhere because I was hoping for a VMP fan variant. If you're interested shoot me a PM.
  2. No worries, glad that I got one. It's always hard to tell wether to wait or to snag immediately... I'd be pretty bummed if I had missed out on this one, so all good.
  3. It's already at my doorstep - but I'm not home... So with all these returning costs it might be too late to think about it know. I'll enjoy this one nonetheless.
  4. Because I feel like I overpaid on that Psilowave order. For that money I could've gotten both blue and green from Amazon - almost...
  5. But as the link surely says CODEX-VI-3-LP-Blue - I would give it a shot and if it's black contact the customer service. Make a screenshot and you should be good, at least that's my opinion...
  6. Amazon should be blue according to @EHughes527 : https://www.amazon.com/CODEX-VI-3-LP-Blue/dp/B07323YG3F But I prefer the green ones with the artwork - if it wouldn't have such a pricetag.
  7. Yeah, I can imagine that. But it's still the only place to get the green one, right? If not I'm thinking about returning mine and ordering a blue one instead - because I'm not a friend of this behaviour and the blue one is much cheaper... EDIT: @EHughes527Thanks for thinking of me and tagging me for the blue one.
  8. Thanks for trying to clarify - I was thinking about writing them too. Especially with all this pricing nonsense from Psilowave. I managed to snag the last copy that has been available a few days ago - before another batch went up - and asked why this last copy has been up for a higher price. The answer: That was my last copy and I debated whether or not to keep myself a copy, in the end I put it up for sale, hence the slightly higher price, which to be fair was still a good price compared to what they will be changing hands for in the future. Didn't know what to think of that back then and surely don't know what to think about it know since more copies are purchasable... Maybe you can ask Simon about that, I don't use Instagram...
  9. If this is really the same exact pressing, why has the Psilowave release been so extremly expensive?
  10. Definitely in - if it's another colour. Forgot to set a reminder and was checking yesterday a few times, but it's always been still not available. Checked again today and found out it was already sold out... Luckily I ordered the green version in time back then. Still bummed I missed the clear shpongled set.
  11. Direct links HERE are all the nominations: https://imgur.com/a/7TJII#NjgSLQQ Vote HERE: https://goo.gl/3Z8cPP