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  1. Uncertain if we'll do more after this run. Not saying it'll never happen, but we'd have to feel pretty confident that there was demand for another 500 units.
  2. You may luck out, we've still got ~150ish copies. So it's possible it'll still be in stock for a little while longer.
  3. Infected Mushroom Facebook page responded to me asking if we'd see some classic albums reissued on vinyl and they responded that we'd see some in 2020.
  4. I wonder if VMP members that got 'Friend and Foe' a while back would be more inclined to snag this earlier album as well. Friend and Foe also had a really cool jacket design. Tri-fold gatefold, with a pinwheel built into the very front, and when spun it would cycle through the tracklisting.
  5. This pressing sounds great. Newly remastered and giving it a side by side with the OG presses, I have to say I'm biased towards the new cut! Plus an entire album's worth of B-Side tracks! What's not to love?
  6. We'll have a handful of Test Press Bundles as well which will include: - Test Press 2xLP - Standard Edition 2xLP - Fun Blame Monster glass ornament
  7. https://slyvinyl.com/genres/indierock/menomena-i-am-the-fun-blame-monster-slyvinyl-exclusive-deluxe-vinyl-reissue SlyVinyl Records is pleased to release the Deluxe Reissue of Menomena‘s debut album ‘I Am The Fun Blame Monster‘. Orders will begin Friday, December 6th @ 9AM PST on the SlyVinyl webshop (store.slyvinyl.com). This Deluxe Reissue pays homage to the original CD and vinyl editions with elements of each thoughtfully incorporated into the design. Remastered For Vinyl (Original Album & B-Side Tracks) Limited Edition of 500 Copies Black & White Swirl Vinyl 2xLP (180g) Disc A/B – The Original Album (9 Tracks) Disc C/D – The Album B-Sides (9 Tracks) Gatefold Pop-Up ‘Fun Blame Monster’ OBI Strip Digital Download Code (All 18 Tracks) In tribute to the original origami packaging of the first edition vinyl, the inner panels of the gatefold jacket has a custom pop-up ‘Fun Blame Monster‘. You wont want to miss this piece of vinyl history!
  8. A new batch of Music for Drifters dropping tomorrow. https://bloomypetal.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-drifters