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  1. Actually, yeah! After posting here, we filled up about a quarter of what was needed to complete the order.
  2. Oh, and since it was mentioned, we've got 10 slots remaining on the recent Haircuts for Men 7" group buy: https://redd.it/aw8wbl 😉
  3. Again, the fact that this board has more activity just now (vs. the last several months) squabbling over a single user's objection to on-topic discussions shows how dead this thread is. Geez, even the mods over at r/vaporwave are easier to tolerate than an armadillo with a stick up it's ass.
  4. Wait, you mean railing against a public forum for discussing on-topic posts until I get my way ISN'T the only option?
  5. What's great, is I've blocked his ass long ago, and he hasn't caught on that if he/she can't handle a one a month post (aka constant), they can block me too. Problem solved. Some folks just like a bitch until they get their way tho. Bitches gonna bitch.
  6. Sure. Might as well get some content posted here. This thread has been kinda the last place to find out about new vw/ff/etc. releases, if they're posted at all. VCC and VaporVinyl seem like the places to be if you actually wanna catch stuff before it sells out.
  7. I've been doing group buys pretty solidly for the past two years now, but I've been less inclined to post about them here since previously there was a lot of bitching about those kinds of posts. Says a lot when Reddit is the less toxic option for VaporVinyl stuff... VC has just been kinda a turn off for me as of late.
  8. I've got a group buy going where if all you're getting is AIP I can do $33 shipped ($28 + $5 S/H) if within the US. Even cheaper if you get any other in stock items. https://redd.it/bcrxv5
  9. Got a new buy going on for US Buyers. HFM 7"! 20 units in my allotment remaining! https://www.reddit.com/r/VaporVinyl/comments/aw8wbl/haircuts_for_men_7_vinyl_group_buy_us_buyers
  10. FYI for 1/6 @ 11am PST https://slyvinyl.com/genres/rock/richard-houghten-sonata-de-grillo-limited-edition-of-30-liquid-filled-vinyl-lps