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  1. Was just digging on the USPS site and found this, which seems to confirm this at the bottom: anything over 16 oz is - "1 pound Priority Mail Retail Zone 4 postage plus 0.83". https://pe.usps.com/resources/PriceChange/June 2019 - Notice123.pdf Edit: I'm not certain that confirms it, since it wasn't listed as "international". First-Class Package International Service still lists up to 64oz. as an option. Just be warned that it might happen.
  2. I was just at the Post Office shipping out a record to the UK, and the clerk told me that on June 23rd, the Post Office is reclassifying weight limits for First Class shipments. It used to be that anything over 4 lbs had to be shipped Priority, which was a big bump in shipping cost (although is registered/insured, which is nice). Come June 23rd, anything over 1 lb will now be forced into Priority class instead of First Class (this is most records, even 1xLP, with mailer weight included). I'm not sure if they will alter the Priority rates or not to ease the pain. The record I shipped was 1.3 lbs (cost $24 First Class) and the clerk told me that if it went Priority, same weight, it would have cost over $50 with the current Priority rates. This is gonna sting for international record shipments.
  3. What if someone finally pressed and sold The Dissociatives album? They would make a killing.
  4. I don't know about you but my email confirmation from Amazon UK shows the albums as colored in the photos.
  5. Oof I hope they don't fuck us on this. It was certainly the cheapest place to order from.
  6. Mixed sound quality reviews on Discogs. It's interesing that Bullmoose has the list price at $30; this was 52 euros when it was first released.
  7. That's exciting but honestly I'd be surprised if they are cheaper than ordering from Amazon.UK.
  8. https://smile.amazon.com/Fall-Green-Lp-Rsd-GORILLAZ/dp/B07PY7XV4Y/?fbclid=IwAR2MNIRie9vfB4UlP4YyVUrLj4muEbVBq4i2Of8hQk4VcHZuIm1rPTO6tH0&sa-no-redirect=1
  9. Fuck yes. Glad someone could confirm. Did you mean Lost Souls or Some Cities?
  10. Jetstream is such an amazing song to hear live. It was built for the stage.
  11. Hoping that someone can confirm this, but I heard that the most recent issue of Q magazine has an interview with Doves, who say they are going to release a new album in 2020, and also reissue all older albums starting in May 2019. Lost Souls is a white whale for me so this is massive news if true.
  12. From FB: hello friends! I just put my album "Music for Drifters" up on bandcamp. There are some wild 12" holographic records for sale, 1.5" mini records randomly inserted into orders. https://bloomypetal.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-drifters The black looks fucking sick.