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  1. https://www.puts.band/shop/stpvinyl This is pretty pricey but it's allegedly their final duo album. What a ride it's been over the years. Love these guys. THIS IS A PRESALE. VINYL IN PRODUCTION AND WILL SHIP AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE IT. expected Mid-March but could change depending on issues at plant Double LP, Deluxe Gatefold with artwork by @drewtoonz Rare galaxy swirl colorway in Yellow/Black and Blue/Black LP includes 1 autographed original photo of Mike and Chris LP includes dropcard with digital download and unreleased tracks For 20 years, People Under The Stairs have remained a fiercely independent anomaly in the genre of Hip-Hop. With their final album, Thes One and Double K bookend a celebrated career with an ambitious full length – an LP that captures the unique spirit of the previous 11 releases while weaving together an emotional farewell to the fans. Entirely self produced, self recorded and sans features, PUTS hold true to their unique formula while pushing boundaries with a cadre of instrumentalists to supplement the P’s trademark dusty beats and breaks. The resulting album blurs lines between samples and playing yet feels familiar - a deeply personal take in a genre that often skirts emotional truth. Sincerely, The P, is a fitting farewell and final celebration of LA’s most respected underground duo.
  2. I really enjoy Beat the Champ.
  3. thievedrelic

    Elbow Back-Catalog Reissues

    https://store.universalmusic.com/elbow/*/Music/The-Seldom-Seen-Kid-Live-At-Abbey-Road-Half-Speed-Master/616B0GOR000 elbow celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the recording of The Seldom Seen Kid Live At Abbey Road with the BBC Concert Orchestra with the release of a special vinyl edition on April 19th as part of the Mastered at Abbey Road series. With the previous vinyl version of the album available only as part of the sold out box set in 2012, this new release has been remastered from the digital source recordings and cut to vinyl at half speed for the highest quality audio. The album is also available from today to stream for the very first time. Pre-order the vinyl and stream here: https://Elbow.lnk.to/AbbeyRoadFP
  4. Phwoar I hadn't even heard about a new HBO special. I know what I'm doing tonight.
  5. I saw this on Reddit...this must be their new material, right? I saw them perform it in Portland like 3 years ago - was wondering why they hadn't released the new songs in any other format yet. I guess this will be the start of something? Is there a video comedy special for the London show? Or perhaps they are considering coming back to HBO...
  6. Young Modern at least was already posted maybe 1.5 months ago...not sure about the Diorama repress. YM is shipping now; I just got notification.
  7. thievedrelic

    Beta Band - Zeros to Heros (purple vinyl)

    Thanks! Got it. Great deal
  8. Up now; $75. Ouch. Edit: Aaaand immediately sold out.
  9. I have an extra gold of Memories Live Longer Than Dreams.
  10. I ended up buying one off Discogs yesterday!
  11. Damn, ForcedExposure just emailed me saying they did a stock check and don't have it. Anyone know of another place I can land this currently?
  12. Any place in the US still have the gold/silver? Edit: Just found it at ForcedExposure Mail Order for $35 shipped!
  13. thievedrelic

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I tried that, did not work.
  14. thievedrelic

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    When I try to use WELCOME it says the voucher has been redeemed there maximum number of times.