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  1. I know that most members on here are US based and we are preparing to launch the US version of www.cheapvinyl.co.uk Basically, performing seaches for artists and albums on the site helps to start build a price history for vinyl sold on Amazon. If anyone is interested in this project you can make a comment on this thread and I will update folks accordingly. Sincerely and with season's greetings.
  2. Cheap Vinyl UK is giving people the chance to win a a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers for signing up their mailing list. Site is great for tracking the price of vinyl on Amazon. Competition is here: https://mailchi.mp/1540282db388/winmonitor
  3. Good morning Vinyl Collective! I am new here. Just want to say hi and curious as to where everyone is from? I am an avid vinyl collector and festival goer from Glastonbury in the UK. Also wondering what is the best thing about being on this site? Looking forward to many a good discussion. Cheers!