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  1. I searched to see if anyone had posted this and couldn't see it but apologies if it's old news. It's probably only of interest for those of us in the UK but I was in HMV Oxford street earlier and they had quite a selection of vinyl for £9.99 and some for £12.99. Not sure if it was that store only or all the HMV's that carry vinyl are doing it but I bought all sorts of things, everything from Eminem and Hollywood Undead to the Beatles and Annie Lennox with a bit of Soul, Funk and Prog thrown in
  2. New E.P. and a limited press /1000 is available on his website. http://store.benhowardmusic.co.uk/Store/DII-897-9-the+burgh+island+ep+(vinyl).html New single/video here:
  3. I have an original 1966 UK mono pressing of the Artwoods Art Gallery on Decca in Near Mint shape that I wish to trade. There is no visible ringwear on front cover, and very minor ringwear on the back cover. There is little to no wear on the seams and spine. There is some minor bending on top and bottom right corners. Very minor scuffing on the back cover and opening seam. Otherwise, the cover is close to being NM. includes original inner sleeve. Vinyl sounds great, and is a visual NM (little dusty in picture, but I've cleaned it). This is an overall great copy for its era, considering how much the 60s UK laminated sleeves peeled over the years. I am primarily looking for 70s and early 80s punk rock (77 punk, KBD era stuff)/post punk/new wave albums and singles, 60s garage rock records (albums preferred, but interested in singles as well), 70s prog, New Zealand indie records from 1979-1993 (Flying Nun, Propeller, Ripper), Nick Drake originals, and late 80s indie records (Sarah/Creation/4AD/etc.). If there was any single record I'd go for, it would be an original 1971 UK copy of Nick Drake's Bryter Layter. Here is my Discogs wantlist to give you an idea of the items that I'm looking for. There may be some items missing from the list that I may not recall, so try and message me pictures of other records of note from your collection to see if they might interest me. https://www.discogs.com/wantlist?user=ryuundo Here is a short audio sample from the record to give you an idea of its sound quality with some pictures of the record included. https://youtu.be/L5ijjDDOkD4 I'd put it at the $900-1100 range in terms of price, so we can work out an equivalency for the record.
  4. Believe it or not ,in 2017 there will be a new release on No Sleep! Pre-orders are available now for 'Red, Green or Inbetween' from WSTR! Grab an LP, CD or some merch now at http://nslp.co/2cqHoHe or Preorder it digitally at http://nslp.co/2cqHU8d "This album is mainly a breakup album however it's not a 'fuck you' album it's more a 'mad at myself' album. The title, ‘Red, Green Or Inbetween’ is based on being stuck in limbo or in the 'in-between'. Amber is also the name of a significant friend of mine who most of the songs are about, so it's a pretty sad boy record. It’s all about kicking myself for not stepping up when I had the chance and coasting through life making bad decisions. Compared to the EP, it’s still very honest but just bigger, better and longer. The artwork is a voodoo doll which is meant to represent me, as I sometimes feel like someone is out to get me with all the bad luck I have. Putting out an album is a big scary step, but it's been a long time coming and we’re ready to see what the world has to say and hopefully see some more of it too.” Incase you missed it, you can see the bands new video for Lonely Smiles now at http://nslp.co/2cqGquR http://merchnow.com/products/v2/239292/red-green-or-inbetween-whitepurple (white/purple /500) tri-color /700 http://merchnow.com/products/v2/239293/red-green-or-inbetween-tri-color
  5. This is the second pressing of the Blushing S/T LP on pink galaxy swirl vinyl. Orders will ship from the UK hub January 3rd: https://shiftingsounds.bandcamp.com/album/blushing RIYL: Lush, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Breeders
  6. Cheap Vinyl UK is giving people the chance to win a a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers for signing up their mailing list. Site is great for tracking the price of vinyl on Amazon. Competition is here: https://mailchi.mp/1540282db388/winmonitor
  7. My absolute favorite band State Champs just announced that they're dropping a new album in June! So far, there are six guaranteed variants of the new record and one of them is an HMV exclusive. HMV only ships to the UK. I don't know anyone in the UK unfortunately, but I variant collect for State Champs and have every single variant of every album they have ever released, so it's a must have for me. The HMV exclusive record hasn't been released/announced yet, but is there anyone in the UK or anyone who knows someone in the UK that they could connect me with that would be willing to buy + ship it to me when it becomes available? I'll cover all costs! Whatever it costs you to buy the record, ship it to me, and I'll put $20 on top of that. If anyone is willing to help me out PLEASE PM me here or on twitter! my twitter is elevatxd as well. Thanks so much in advanced!
  8. Hey, just a heads up Architects (UK) have the preorder bundles online for their new album. http://kingsroadmerch.com/architects/ (Translucent Red) http://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/architects/ (Black / White) Peace out!
  9. Kamikaze Girls' debut full length album 'Seafoam' will be out on Friday June 9th, via Wiretap Records (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/RoW). The Leeds, UK duo are debuting a music video for the first track off the album called "Berlin" you can watch below. You can also now Pre-Order the 12" LP pressed on Seafoam with Pink Splatter vinyl (Wiretap Exclusive) and a bundle that includes a limited enamel pin. Pre-Order 12" LP/ Bundle - www.wiretaprecords.com Watch "Berlin" Music Video - http://bit.ly/2n9G3v1
  10. This is a really weird request, but my favorite band State Champs released a UK EXCLUSIVE variant of their most recent record, and my collection is incomplete without it! http://store.hmv.com/music/vinyl/around-the-world-and-back-(hmv-exclusive)?_ga=2.66144108.372768504.1497062087-1576317829.1497062087 I can't find it anywhere else! Is there anyone in the UK that'd be willing to buy + ship it to me? I will 100% cover all the costs! If anyone could do this for me I'd be forever grateful! Please just PM me and let me know, thanks!
  11. The xx are back with their third LP titled "I See You" out January 17th via Young Turks. You can currently purchase either the standard edition or deluxe box set with a silver mirriboard cover, three bonus tracks, and three prints. Preorder here: http://theyoungturks.co.uk/store/view/i-see-you They also released the lead single in conjunction with the announcement titled "Hold On." Listen below.
  12. I'm taking offers on the following Pelican - Australasia (2xLP RSD 2012 edition) Mica Levi - Under the Skin OST Foxing - Dealer (1/2 white, 1/2 clear with white splatter - not sure of pressing numbers) Foxing - The Albatross (blue/orange with yellow splatter /500) Dikembe - Mediumship (clear /650) Football etc. - The Draft (coke bottle green /300) Football etc. - Audible (beer /350) Animal Collective - Fall be Kind I'm in the UK but will post to the US too. Thanks.
  13. New album from British melodic hardcore band Napoleon set for release on 27-5-16 Pre orders: http://basick.supplies/collections/napoleon Songs so far:
  14. Alright guys. Pleased to see that we've finally got a cassette section on VC ! I figured I would start a thread for my label, I'll put all of my releases in here rather than starting seperate threads etc... So I started my DIY label Solid 7 Records in January this year. First release was my own band (Speedpig) and have then released a couple local Welsh bands and some from as far as Seattle & LA. Something really cool happened in April, when I approached Dick Valentine (singer of Electric 6) to suggest that he release his latest solo album as a cassette to coincide with his UK tour. He went for it, and it was such a cool experience to put out an album by a guy whose music I have loved for like 12 years, and who I have a huge amount of respect for. Have gained a bit of attention from local media, have done some radio/newspaper interviews. It's been a pretty fun ride so far! Pretty much everything is done DIY style, the only release I had pro-dubbed was the Dick Valentine tape. I print and hand-number the J Cards, dub the tapes etc in house. Tapes can be purchased from my bandcamp at solid7records.bandcamp.com
  15. Hi, As the subject suggests I am after any Sublime records posted to the UK. Thank you Harry
  16. Looking for a couple Milk Teeth items to add to the collection. - 1st pressing of Sad Sack (12" vinyl w/ pink cover /300) - 1st pressing of Smiling Politely (7" black vinyl /100) - 1st pressing of Vitamins on cassette (not looking for any particular colour) - 1st pressing of Smiling Politely on cassette (again, don't care about the colour) PM me if you're willing to sell me any of these!
  17. Hey Any thoughts/ experiences with vinyl subscription services? We're starting a new one in the UK. For the chance to win a free month (UK only) please complete this short survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7JW2KKM @recordclubltd Thanks!
  18. Didn't see a topic for this, and I'm sort of surprised! FVNERALS - The Light Released on Throne Records LISTEN HERE First Pressing: 200 - Black - Purchase 75 - Clear w/ black splatter / Hand Numbered - Purchase Less than 20 Euros shipped to America, this is an awesome deal on an incredible release that just came out in Feb. of this year. Mind blown that the /75 isn't sold out yet.
  19. Blood Youth (ex-Climates) are releasing their debut EP on june 22 via Rude Records (EU/ UK) and Artery Recordings (US - digital only) It's available now for preorder at http://ruderecords.limitedrun.com/products/549688-pre-order-blood-youth-inside-my-head Free download of the song "Cold Sweat" with every preorder. (100 transparent red 12" copies)
  20. Hello Vinyl Collective This week we launched our very own vinyl subscription club in the UK called Wax & Stamp. If you want to try us out head to http://waxandstamp.com and use the code 'vinylcollective' when you join for 10% off. We had a long read through the thread here about VNYL, and know that a few of you aren't fans of the model, but wanted to explain a bit more about it ourselves, and why we hope this might be something you'd be interested in trying. Each month, you get one LP and one EP/12" single for £26/month. One of those will be chosen by a guest selector: a DJ, a band, industry figure, whoever it is who's got something interesting to say about music and loves new music. The other one is chosen by us, alternating choices between myself and co-founder each month. These won't be dollar bin records, they'll all be new records with the aim that by the end of the year, you should have 24 of the best releases of the year (from across the board). Part of the idea for me was because I love hearing new music out by DJs I love, and finding out what the record is - going home, lionising everything about it and repeating. But, that experience is strictly tied to the club - there's still people's taste I inherently trust that I would love to know what their favourite record each month is. And second, because I personally miss the serendipity I used to have with record buying. I know the labels I love, artists, engineers etc, and so finding new music is almost too formulaic at this point - finding something random doesn't happen like it used to. So I wanted to help recreate that. I know the hardest audiences to convince to this will be the expert diggers (and probably our least likely audience), but at this early stage (we launched 4 days ago), we need feedback from every which way we can. As I said about, if you want to give us a go - you can get 10% using the code vinylcollective, though we are UK only at the moment. But other than that, we'd love to hear feedback from you guys on what you think of something like this. And if you have any questions, I shall answer them. Cheers, Josh
  21. "Headroom are a four piece band from Manchester, comprised of members of hardcore band Survival and emo band Nai Harvest. Drawing influence from 90's pop punk and early 2000's emo they released their self titled demo through Dog Knights Productions late last year. Headroom have since played with various bands including Title Fight, Turnover, Backtrack and Cold World.The band are about to embark on a UK tour with Citizen and Diamond Youth and are ready to release their sophomore record 'Carry Me Away'." Really cool band out of Manchester, UK. Go to http://headroomuk.bandcamp.com and check em out and pre-order their newest EP at: http://dogknightsproductions.bigcartel.com/product/dk063-headroom-carry-me-away-7-ep-yellow-pink-splatter-100-blue-white-marble-200-pink-300 PRESSING INFO Yellow w/ Pink and Blue Splatter /100 Sold Out Blue w/ White Marble /200 Solid Pink /300
  22. Looking to buy the first pressing of this on blue. I believe this was pressed in the UK, so finding a copy may be a bit difficult. But I'm willing to buy or trade for this. Any help at all finding this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. First post so hopefully I'm doing this right. I'm looking for Say Anything vinyl, specifically the Alive With the Glory of love 7". I currently own IARB, IDOTG, Anarchy My Dear, Hebrews, the SA/Eisley Split, and the Hate Everyone 7". As far as I know, the self-titled album, Daytrotter sessions and the AWTGOL 7" are the only ones I need to complete the collection. I read somewhere about a "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" 7", but I don't know if that's a real thing or not. Thanks for any and all help!
  24. We're a new label and with all the bumps and usual obstacles we recently learned a valuable lesson, steeped in our naivete of course. We worked a deal with another label in the UK that they would take a fair share of our release in trade for theirs to offer them on both sides of the pond at the lowest cost possible in light of the shipping gouges. When the boxes arrived, customs in the UK slathered on some outrageous Customs/VAT charges that equalled the shipping. We did—apparently foolishly—declare a reduced value to get some compensation if they were lost, but no money changed hands, nothing was sold, etc… they basically took the value, PLUS what we paid in shipping to our post office to arrive at a total…to tax again. Basically taxing the reciever for money we paid. I know we obviously went about something wrong, but we're looking for advice and tips on SOP and best practice to get aorund this. It can't be uncommon for labels to swap goods. I've been told we should have just labled the value at $1 and been done with it, but I'm not sure how 3 boxes, of anything, with a stated value of a couple bucks wouldn't arose suspicion. Live and learn of course, but looking for advice or guidance regardless since we've had other inquiries in acquiring our next releases. Thanks for the time … skewer away! Cheers, Kevin
  25. All I need to complete my TSL collection is the UK release of "Best of Me" on 7". Please take a look at my want list as well, linked in my sig. Looking for a few Devil and God are Raging, Underoath, RSD titles and more.

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