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  1. Im looking for a good deal on this set of of vinyl from the show. it has 4 10" colored LPs. Im a big fan of the show and I'm trying to snag a copy before it becomes impossible to find. I don't care if its sealed or the condition as long as its presentable. I understand that its not a cheap and not looking to lowball, but the last one sold on Discogs was 154$ at the the time posting this. Id like to snag it for something around that or a little more haha. but if you have it please shoot me an offer on it! its a personal grail of mine . Thanks!
  2. I know this is pretty big of a reach but does anyone have a copy of the Red Taylor swift ACM Vinyl with the sleeve that says "Nashvilles finest export". really just looking for the vinyl and the sleeve don't care about the box or anything else it came with. I don't care much about condition either haha. even if you just have the sleeve for some odd reason id consider buying it. thanks! not a huge record collector just get ones I really want and this one is defiantly at the top, huge Taylor swift fan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  3. Looking for the vampire bite exclusive variant of this vinyl, big fan of the show and have been searching for this for a while. If anyone has any information on how to get one it would be greatly appreciated!