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  1. My order status says it's partially refunded. Not sweating it since it will probably take a few days to show up in my bank account. The only thing that's annoying is that I ordered a second copy to offset the ridiculous shipping cost. Now I'm paying $31 for a five-track 10" EP.
  2. i wonder if it's because i ordered 2 copies before they limited the max quantities to 1 per person.
  3. i haven't ordered anything from TMR in a while so i don't remember. i got charged just now to place the order but that was just for the authorization. don't know if they're going process payment immediately or wait until it ships.
  4. FYI, Third Man offers free shipping and no tax in the US. whereas the official Prince store charges sales tax and $10 shipping.
  5. Probably because (according to their website) it isn't shipping until Sept 11.
  6. looks like Amazon jumped the gun and took the listing down
  7. Looks like the Urban Outfitters variant isn't shipping out until next Wednesday.
  8. Someone in Chicago in the Stereolab Facebook group appears to have received their copy.
  9. Definitely in for this and happy for the free shipping, especially since it's about a 15 minute album.
  10. Kinda bummed that it's not new music but still cool nonetheless. Pikey confirmed that they got my winning scratchcard so hopefully I'll be getting the EP in a couple weeks/months.
  11. Second pressing is up. Half tan/half transparent green /500 https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/collections/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties/products/awrtlafphh-lp https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties/products/aaron-west-the-roaring-twenties-live-from-asbury-park-lp-bundle-1
  12. Double A-side 7" single is also available on their Bandcamp although both songs are going to be on the album. https://fontainesdc.bandcamp.com/album/a-heros-death-b-w-i-dont-belong
  13. Yeah, I'd be really surprised if this ships before the end of the year. I'm cool with that though given the world's circumstances.