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  1. Just heard back from TRL and they're sending out a replacement LP1. I gotta hand it to TRL for their consistent great customer service. They're always timely in their responses to customer emails.
  2. Anybody else who ordered the US (Temporary Residence) colored vinyl pressing get an LP1, side B pressed off-center? My needle sways left to right throughout the whole side causing the music to sound a little warped. Will likely see if TRL can send a replacement but wanted to see if this affected more records in this run.
  3. Nice. I could definitely pass on the LAG reissue then. I can stick with my VMP press and OG press.
  4. Anybody able to get the download from KRM US from their order status page? All the links I have redirects me to their help page.
  5. of course, they could be adding other extras/differences just like they did with the Guerilla reissue.
  6. I meant that I'm glad that the 7" isn't going to reissued with this pressing.
  7. Glad to see that the bonus 7" from the OG pressing will be preserved with that pressing.
  8. Dee Gees/Foos https://shop.fingerprintsmusic.com/UPC/194398841014 This shop was supposed to have a pop up shop for the Foos show in L.A. yesterday. But the show got cancelled because someone in the Foos crew got Covid. But I imagine Fingerprints got a ton of copies in anticipation of selling them all at the pop up shop. So go get 'em.
  9. This will be the last deluxe box I buy since I lost interest after this album. Hoping to get the box for under 2 bills from one of the international Amazons.
  10. Just got my replacement package in. Full double LP with signed gatefold sleeve. Gonna give my unsigned copy to one of my buddies.
  11. It's the same pressing. Benny from TGA confirmed it via Twitter. I have the "tour press" but I don't care about more copies being out in the wild. But I am glad I sold my extra copy for 2 bills back when it was thought to be only 300 copies.
  12. Just got an email saying they're sending me a signed copy. Not sure if they're just sending a signed sleeve or if they're sending a signed full LP.
  13. Looks like it's the same pressing as the tour press. Hype sticker is exactly the same as is the download hype sticker. I'm guessing the original pressing was more than 300 copies and the band was just given 300 copies for the tour. It's possible that they were going to sell the rest online? But didn't they go on hiatus immediately after the Get Hurt tour?
  14. The hype sticker only called out "Exclusive Red and Clear Split Coloured Vinyl" but not the actual pressing number. The pressing info was written on a piece of paper at the merch table during the tour. I suppose it's possible that it was a larger pressing and only 300 were available on that tour. It doesn't seem logical that a major label (Island) would do such a small pressing solely for a tour.
  15. Shame that HMV is shit and doesn't ship to the US.

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