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  1. Picked up the Sack in the metal sleeve /40 variant yesterday when they first went up. I was surprised they went as fast as they did.
  2. Did anybody here order the SOTT 7" single box set? And if so, were you able to redeem the download code? The download page won't load properly and there isn't a field in which to enter the download code. Anybody else experience the same thing?
  3. Just received my Musica Muerta bundle today. Was it supposed to come with a digital download? I assumed yes since Dead Tracks came with a d/l card.
  4. This makes me wish I went for a signed copy. I would have loved an "angry Joe" signature.
  5. well that's a little discouraging. i'll give it another week or so before i message them.
  6. anybody else get a shipping confirmation? or even better - tracking with actually movement of the package? mine's still in pre-ship mode even though it was shipped like 20 miles away from me.
  7. I just received my replacement copy of The Reflectors record just in the nick of time. I generally can't stand most bands on Burger but The Reflectors (who thankfully have nothing to do with anything related to these stories) just put out a great debut album a month ago. I hope they're able to find a new label to reissue the album because it would be a shame if it got lost in in the shuffle. As for all the folks stepping forward, I hope they're able to heal from what they experienced.
  8. Looks like this got pushed to October 9 due to manufacturing delays. http://porterhouserecords.com/index.html
  9. Bought 2 copies of The Smiths Complete Super Deluxe Edition Boxes for $175 each First pressing of Jimmy Eat World’s Static Prevails (with the bonus 7”) for $5 Sold The Mars Volta’s The Bedlam In Goliath - bought for $10, sold for $250 The Gaslight Anthem Get Hurt Tour Variant - bought for $20, sold for $250
  10. Definitely in for this. I'm glad I didn't spring for the deluxe reissue for the Cruising soundtrack just for the Germs songs.
  11. Will the three extra tracks be available for download separately? Or even better, will there be a separate 7" single pressed with the three new songs?
  12. Just got my two swirls after being refunded for one of them. Funny thing is that I even went through the hassle of complaining to Sandbag that they only refunded the cost of the second record and not the sales tax and they responded saying that they would refund the sales tax as well. LOL
  13. They just posted on their Facebook and IG stories that they'll be shipping Musica Muerta next week.
  14. pretty sure the $39.98 is the subtotal before sales tax and shipping, which adds up to $53.03.