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  1. Has anybody had luck getting Bullmoose to ship their records with the vinyl packed outside of the sleeves?
  2. Have they mentioned how many copies of the tour variant they're selling each night?
  3. It sure took a while for them to finally reissue Hubcap and Last Dog. I have OG Creation Records presses of both but might spring for these if I find them at decent prices. Both albums are total break-up albums for me.
  4. TRL normally doesn't have a US indie pressings. The recent MONO album/EP and EITS reissues had the same colored vinyl pressings available from both their webstore and indie shops.
  5. Curious as to what will be on these new Switched On comps. I didn't they had enough outtake material to do two new volumes. There were only about 5 tour singles since Aluminum Tunes was released. And I don't recall any split or one-off singles that weren't already compiled previously.
  6. Really liking that cover. But they should have just done a reissue of the All Wrapped Up singles collection with all the A-sides and B-sides.
  7. Bullmoose pre-orders. Slightly cheaper and free shipping if you order both together. Cor-Crane Secret https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34325124/polvo-cor-crane-secret-peak-vinyl-opaque-blue-and-white-vinyl- Today's Active Lifestyles https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34325123/polvo-todays-active-lifestyles-peak-vinyl-opaque-red-and-mustard-yellow-
  8. Was able to get the expanded self-titled EP from Rough Trade. I'll wait to get the Peak versions of Cor-Crane and Today's in store. I hope Merge issue This Eclipse on vinyl. And hopefully Touch & Go get around to reissuing Exploded Drawing and maybe remastering Shapes. The latter two are the only ones I need.
  9. man, i hope it didn't really sell out yet.
  10. January - SDPS Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Logo Patch, handwritten letter from one of the guys in the band February - Riot Fest 2018 Poster/Sister Cities Enamel Pins March - Hank The Pigeon Bobblehead April - "No Saviors" Baseball Cap May - I Wanted So Badly to Be Brave Banner Flag June - It Must Get Lonely T-Shirt July - Coffee & Drawstring Carrier Bag August - Water Bottle and Tote Bag September - Lunch Box and Notebook October - Logo Sweatpants November - Pigeon Knitcap December - Sister Cities Cassette Demos
  11. A record would have been preferred over a cassette but this was probably the coolest SDPS item of all 12, with the Hank bobblehead being the second best. All the other items have been pretty underwhelming. I'm certainly not mad that they're not doing the subscription again next year.
  12. Despite being overpriced, the Earache reissues sound way better than any of the recent Rhino reissues.
  13. Rough Trade US PO https://www.roughtrade.com/us/brian-fallon/local-honey Indie variant is "caramel" vinyl. I wonder if this is different from the UK indie yellow vinyl variant. Or if either of these are different from the BF webstore variant.