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  1. Got the Rev green in the mail today. It's a cloudy olive green similar to the 2020 self-titled cloudy colored variants.
  2. Hopefully they'll be able to do the same with 4AD. Would be great to finally have Peel Sessions albums from Lush, Pale Saints, The Breeders, etc.
  3. Vinyl bundle with the glow in the dark vinyl and tri-color are back up on NFGStuff. They probably had some cancellations or people who ordered more than what was allowed.
  4. nice. they just added that to the description. went with the RevHQ green. gonna cancel the split from KRM.
  5. anybody else who ordered directly from Dead Oceans/Secretly get a shipping notification for the album?
  6. L.A. show was $70 each incl fees for both nights. i bought pre-sale ticket for the first night on Wednesday and then jumped on the second night about 10 mins after it went on sale yesterday.
  7. My copies arrived from Target, surprisingly, unscathed. Got both albums for $24ppd each.
  8. I'll wait for the inevitable double LP re-release with 3-4 bonus tracks that will likely come out next summer.
  9. They just made a similar post to the Young Team post earlier this week, with cover of Come On Die Young. I'm guessing now that these are straightforward reissues. I can't imagine them putting out two expensive deluxe/expanded vinyl reissues at the same time. I could be wrong.
  10. Hoping it's just a straightforward reissue. Then I can pass since I have both an OG and the deluxe box. If it's expanded, I really hope includes a live show from that era. The extended live versions of Mogwai Fear Satan and Like Herod they were playing back then were amazing compared to the shorter versions they play currently.
  11. Looks like they're also reissuing the self-titled mini album (aka the "Can I Ride" EP plus bonus tracks). https://www.mergerecords.com/product/polvo_reissue
  12. Actually, looking at the track lengths, unless they rearrange the tracklisting, it's going to have to remain a double LP. Otherwise, side 2 is going to be 26 mins long and sound like shit.
  13. Looks like it's gonna be a single LP reissue. I have an OG double LP press so I'll likely pass. But I really hope Touch and Go do a remastered reissue of Exploded Drawing reinstating the gatefold sleeve.

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