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  1. With a baby on the way, I understand not wanting to travel too far from Philly on this tour. But it's a shame he's not hitting the West Coast.
  2. I hope they still have copies of the tour variant when they get to LA on 3/25
  3. Hope they've the first pressing on the US tour. Either way, I'll pick up the new album when they play in LA next month.
  4. @IanRees Do you know what the (non-indie) retail variant is? Specifically, Amazon.com. Is it black or is it the Blood Red with Heavy Black Splatter?
  5. Both clear Transient and MAQ reissues are available at Rough Trade US. Free shipping over $50.
  6. since the EP tracks aren't included on these deluxe versions of Transient and MAQ, I wonder if they're planning on a vinyl pressing of Oscillons from the Anti-Sun box set.
  7. Grabbed a ticket for the second night at The Fillmore. Still keeping my fingers crossed for a secret/side show in LA between Portland and Desert Daze.
  8. Grabbed these first two. I have OG pressings of everything except MAQ. Will be happy to get rid of the 1972 crap reissue. I'll be double dipping on everything for the bonus material. It's Stereolab so I know the quality will be outstanding.
  9. A 7-track mini album for $22? Also, this would be the perfect opportunity for them to repress the first two and bundle them together.
  10. I might consider picking this up after hearing more songs. Everything Ever Written wasn't very good. Post Electric Blues was pretty meh. I really just need to them/Parlophone to do a vinyl pressing of Warnings/Promises and/or Music On Vinyl to do a vinyl pressing of Captain so I can complete my collection.
  11. Bullmoose - $33.97 shipped https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29034238/american-football-american-football-lp3-2xlp-180-gram-vinyl-w-download-card
  12. Pretty sure it's all Jorma Vik on drums on all the tracks, except the b-side to the Stranger Danger single, "No Joy."