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  1. Looks like Banquet Records are getting this. Most likely Amazon UK will as well. I’ll hold off and get it from Amazon for cheaper shipping.
  2. Got my clears from Bleep/Ochre today. Sadly, Mars Audiac Quintet arrived with a massive seam split on the top spine. I've emailed them to see if I can get a replacement. On the bright side, one of my two scratchcards was a winner. whoop whoop!
  3. Someone on a TWY Facebook group said they got grey from Amazon. I’m gonna say that grey is the regular non-indie retail store variant.
  4. Will definitely be pre-ordering. Can't wait to see IDLES later this month and in October as well. Glad to see that Preoccupations will be supporting them on their Fall tour.
  5. Glad they sent an update. I'm cool with waiting. It's not like I haven't heard these songs a million times over. Knowing Tim Gane is as much of a record nerd as me, I know these will be worth waiting the extra couple weeks.
  6. I should be getting my copy from Bull Moose tomorrow. Curious to see if it's white vinyl or if it's the clear with neon green splatter.
  7. Sleeping People's self-titled first album.
  8. For the last few Fat Wreck records I pre-ordered, I had to email them for a download link since the records didn't come with a download card and they didn't automatically send me one. I just emailed them for the Cokie download and got a automatic response saying their mailorder team/person is out until April 30.
  9. Just saw that The Vinyl Store (aka Townsend Records) have it listed as including a hardback book. https://thevinylstore.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=45301 Settles it for me. Going for that. Pre-ordered off Amazon in hopes for a price drop before the release date.
  10. Has that been confirmed anywhere? Not doubting it, just want to make sure that is the case before I order.
  11. Hope that purple pressing has deluxe packaging because that's pretty ridiculous to charge an additional $23 just for the CD.