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  1. Glad I made it in for the colored vinyl pressing. Some of Belly's best songs are on here (Broken, Thief, the cover of Trust In Me and the French version of Judas My Heart). It will be nice to finally have these songs on one album.
  2. Does anybody know the deal with this new Descendents EP, "Suffrage" that leaked yesterday? It has full-band versions of two of the rebUke/Milo side project songs.
  3. I wish they'd get around to pressing Flood and Heavy Rocks (2002) on vinyl already.
  4. they were sent out randomly so someone just couldn't order one. assuming copies of the reverse sleeve made it to shops, you'd be able to grab one there. just look for the sealing sticker to be on the right side of the cover and the hype sticker on the top left side of the cabinet image.
  5. I've come to the conclusion that the Rough Trade pressing and the clear vinyl pressing both actually feature the mono mix of the album. And the deluxe edition features the stereo mix. Someone on Discogs says that the Vortex pressing is in mono as well. I wonder if this was intentional?
  6. Of the 5 variants I ordered (cassette, clear, vortex, deluxe, Rough Trade) I got the deluxe with the reverse printed cover. Pretty happy about that now.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFt_6sGnLbM/ Looks like they deliberately "mis-printed" 1000 copies of each variant (except for the clear vinyl and the cassette) with the artwork reversed, with the cabinet image on the front and the balloon image on the back.
  8. I wonder if those Bull Moose extras applied to orders of the cassette as well.
  9. Picked up the Sack in the metal sleeve /40 variant yesterday when they first went up. I was surprised they went as fast as they did.
  10. Did anybody here order the SOTT 7" single box set? And if so, were you able to redeem the download code? The download page won't load properly and there isn't a field in which to enter the download code. Anybody else experience the same thing?
  11. Just received my Musica Muerta bundle today. Was it supposed to come with a digital download? I assumed yes since Dead Tracks came with a d/l card.
  12. This makes me wish I went for a signed copy. I would have loved an "angry Joe" signature.

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