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  1. There's some variance in the splatter for the Snuff record. I've seen copies on IG that have minimal splatter and more black.
  2. Anybody in the States get their clear/OBI versions of Emperor, Dots and/or Cobra Phases in yet?
  3. It's about damn time! Definitely in for this. This is the last record I needed to complete my original WH (mk I) collection.
  4. Have an OG press with the pop up gatefold but might spring for this anyway because it's pretty damn cheap for a double LP.
  5. Epic bump. looks like they repressed MEB I for the 10th anniversary shows. It’s clear with black smoke.
  6. I got my box set early last month. Didn't come with a download card but I emailed their customer support (twice) and eventually got the download.
  7. If you own any of the short-lived VinylDisc formats, most, if not all, came with a foam adapter that is used for the vinyl side. I found that these also worked for playing the 3" records on a regular turntable.
  8. I had to email them a second time but I eventually got the link to download the box set.
  9. Anybody have any luck getting a response from their customer service team?
  10. Have these UO exclusives been selling out online before the release date or have they been making it to their stores? I want Breakaway but would prefer to pick it up instore to avoid shipping charges.
  11. Is there supposed to be a download card in the box or were they supposed to send a link for the digital download?
  12. It's being pressed by Music On Vinyl. They're in the Netherlands so the pricing makes sense since it's an import.
  13. would someone mind sharing the d/l with me? i emailed them but still haven't gotten a response.
  14. Ordered two copies of the splatter when it was $12 just for kicks. If they honor it, good. If not, I won't be bothered too much.