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  1. 1. End of the Century 2. This Is A Low 3. Jubilee 4. Tracy Jacks 5. Parklife Top 5 Parklife B-Sides 1. Beard 2. People In Europe 3. Supa Shoppa 4. Theme From An Imaginary Film 5. Red Necks
  2. Sent an email on June 25. Still no response. Kiiiiinda getting ridiculous at this point. Going by their socials, it sounds like they might be reissuing the first Mariachi El Bronx on vinyl so coincide with the 10th anniversary.
  3. https://www.recessrecords.com/product-page/toys-that-kill-iron-chic-split-lp-dl
  4. Newbury Comic variant is still available. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/torche-admission_exclusive_lp?variant=28548115824745
  5. They can probably do a 2xLP of b-sides and demos. A 3xLP for the Alexandria Palace show (or another live show). Couple that with the main album for a 7xLP super deluxe edition. Alex was on the radio a few months back talking about how they were trying to work with the BBC to put out a full BBC Sessions release. This might be a teaser to that release as well.
  6. On Amazon as well. It's listed as a 10" single. so it's probably an EP. I wonder if this is a precursor to a bigger release around the 25th anniversary for Parklife?
  7. It's possible that US shops aren't getting the clear pressing and just the black vinyl pressing. Rough Trade NY is only listing the black vinyl.
  8. Clear vinyl with obi strips for Cobra Phases and Dots & Loops are back in stock. Still OOS for ETK
  9. Got the second batch. Whoop whoop! (Although that shipping from the UK stings a bit.)
  10. Still up at Temporary Residence How Strange, Innocence https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/explosions-in-the-sky/products/trr085?variant=29218852765814 The Rescue https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/explosions-in-the-sky/products/trr326?variant=29218855092342 $4.50 US Media Mail shipping.
  11. Ordered 10 albums for about $100. Expecting some to get canceled but hopefully the majority come through.
  12. This makes sense since EITS are doing their 20th anniversary tour. I wonder (hope) if there will be tour exclusives for both pressings?
  13. Another /200 variant is available from Newbury Comics https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/torche-admission_exclusive_lp?variant=28548115824745
  14. I'd spring for that splatter variant but, with the exception of "This Is Me," this EP is pretty boring.
  15. Apparently the blue and pink are in stock and ready to ship from SRC.