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  1. So plot thickens, the shop shipped all their leftovers to their larger store. It doesn't open til noon, but I'll be heading there.
  2. Isn't this against RSD rules? I didn't think shops could do this?
  3. A less traveled record store in my town had Lost in Translation and Thrice, but this was at around 2PM yesterday, so they could be gone by now. I can stop back in when they open at 11 if anyone is interested.
  4. Looking for Steve Earle or Menzingers 7" if anyone comes across one or both
  5. Nice, snagged the Pixies, Sabotage, Adolescents and Fleetwood Mac. Score
  6. Anyone who ordered from Fat? I thought there might be a card with the LP but there isn't.
  7. Lower tier over here and hoping for a test too
  8. I support 311's first three records. After that, none of it, aside from a random song here and there, clicked with me.
  9. No matter how tempted I am by an interpunk exclusive or anything else they might be selling, I just can't do it. I've never, since they've been around, had a good experience with them.