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  1. Was coming here to whine about the same thing. Checked my email and realized I missed a shipping notice sent on Tuesday. Nothing has happened since, but at least I got something.
  2. Damn, missed it. If they're pressing this for charity, it seems they could have raised a shitload more money if they pressed more than 500 of these. EDIT: Got lucky and snagged one spamming the refresh
  3. The fanzine that came with the first pressing of this was also signed by Keith Morris and Greg Hetson. If these are hand numbered, that might still be the case.
  4. I love this record. I think I would love it a whole lot more if there wasn't a ridiculous over-reliance on the phrases "in my head," "thoughts in my head" or "trying to make sense of the thoughts in my head" etc. It pops up in nearly every song on the album. It would be comical if they, imo, didn't detract from the overall quality of an otherwise excellent record due to the over-usage. The songs are so strong, but I get pulled out every time one of those phrases come up. Looking forward to the EP and hoping this isn't a continuing pattern.
  5. I'm not sure they were ever publicized. I think winners were just notified. Would have preferred a bit more transparency but the cause was good regardless.
  6. damn, splatter sold out while I was checking out.
  7. I'm banking on a bag of ash from the burning ladder clip.
  8. New West Records is doing an International Women's Day flash sale. Stuff 50% off. Ends at midnight. https://store.newwestrecords.com/collections/international-womens-day
  9. New variant /1000 up on bandcamp: https://barteesstrange.bandcamp.com/album/live-forever
  10. Yes, I don't even open this page at work because of it.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever owned 11 T-shirts of one band in my entire life, let alone 11 at the same time.

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