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  1. This was my favorite skankin pickle record. I’m in. Thanks for the post.
  2. I think so too. I'm seeing fewer in my releases as well. As someone who likes to purchase and own music (rather than to steal or rent it), the download code is one of the main things that drew me back to purchasing vinyl in the first place. If I am continually confronted with the option to either purchase something twice (vinyl and digital versions of albums), I will probably slowly stop purchasing vinyl. I don't mean that to sound like a whiny "customer is always right" kind of way, but a natural path I will eventually end up going down.
  3. I want to grab this, but I can't stand that Red Scare uses store envy. Shipping is $7 and then there's the $1.99 "handling fee." I've had red scare items in my cart several times and bailed once I got to this part. Ok, rant over.
  4. I never got one either, but a tracking number showed up on my informed delivery that turned out to be the box.
  5. I received mine on saturday and the tracking notification I had on my USPS informed delivery was from NC. It was most likely the box, but I cant say for sure
  6. Damn, didn't expect that Op Ivy to go that fast.
  7. I hope you all get your box sets and they are all worth the wait. That being said, this has by far been my favorite thread to lurk on. I’ve been waiting for Rob Thomas to post a video telling you there was never a box set and for all of you to go fuck yourselves for the grief he got for Smooth.
  8. I got an email from The Comic Bug. They have copies (2 left) signed by members of Joyce Manor. Its salty: $140ish shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294623106456?hash=item4498e7d598:g:sBoAAOSwYIxhswLh Proceeds are going to support The Trevor Project
  9. 30% off in Rancid's store (automatically applied). Not much by way of music, but you can snag Life Won't Wait 4LP for 35ish shipped. https://rancid.store/?utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+https://rancid.store/&utm_content=30%+Off+Online+Shop+Now!&utm_campaign=Rancid+Black+Friday+Promo+2021&_bta_tid=03402341395476395061180513852859039940853606881439900230521272881582654226006895352498980111186773724029
  10. I'm no expert on what too hot is, but if my records felt warm to the touch and I could move them somewhere else, I would do that.
  11. I thought the same thing and I'm pretty sure they did. At least a few bucks on their LPs, based on things I've bought in the past.
  12. 50% off Rise Records store (excluding pre-orders) until 11/24 with code: ENTERCODEHERE I assume it will work more than once
  13. Not to be outdone, I actually sent the bad brains an "Intended Receipt Notification" just to let them know that I'm on the level.
  14. https://gregorbarnett.merchnow.com/?ffm=FFM_afc2be7f28c325dcb70ba9b69032733c

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