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  1. Big Rig was a very short lived project from Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Classics of Love), Doug Sangalang (Screw 32, Limp, One Time Angels), Kevin Cross (The Nerve Agents, Pitch Black), Jeremy Goody (Pitch Black) and Brandon Riggen. The band rose and fell in 1993. They played a single show and left behind a demo and this EP which was originally on Lookout Records in 1994. We are extremely proud to be able to reissue this EP. This is a vastly under appreciated piece of east bay punk, a hidden gem of the Lookout catalog and personally one of my favorite records. We’re producing 1000 total copies housed in a faithful reproduction of the original 8 panel booklet/sleeve. http://1234gorecords.com/1234goreleases/bigrig
  2. Speak for yourself. I think “Can’t Muster Farts Today”as a title, is a shrewd, yet thoughtful, indictment of our current toxic political climate as a whole and, on a micro level, our individual failures to achieve our most secret dreams. Kinda covers all bases for me.
  3. Have any of your orders shipped? I placed an order on the 9th and it has yet to ship.
  4. Found a sealed copy of Page and Plant - No Quarter at an Antique store for $5. I probably won't ever beat that one.
  5. If it plays, it stays. Words of wisdom
  6. Probably should have said what it actually is. The flexi was folded. There is a crease running the entire length. Definitely not playable. Its decoration at this point. Still, wasn't a ton of money and it went to a good cause. I'll live.
  7. I think you left out "crazy as a shit house rat."
  8. Can't believe this arrived today. Also can't believe the fucking post office bent the envelope in half (even with "do not bend" on the envelope).
  9. I, on the other hand, am waiting for the Metallica Breath variant (clear with black smoke, I'd presume)
  10. This is a fun novelty record, but for $25 ($37 shipped)? That’s a big no thanks.
  11. The band approved a staggered release strategy that steered their most devoted fans to purchase multiple copies of the same ep? They approved a 2 phase preorder (which is a standard pure noise practice)with second phase being the most exclusive option? Please tell me this was explicitly approved by them. After you confirm this, I'll happily question my understanding of what strike anywhere stand for and absolve pure noise of any wrong doing. Not holding my breath.
  12. I know this isn’t purpose of this thread, but I have to ask....where do you start with this band? They have so many releases that when I start looking into them, I get overwhelmed and quit.