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  1. Kinda thought that too. But, B By the looks of those boxes, it would have to be an lp and something else,you'd think
  2. I fucking love this Patreon. Very curious as to what could be in this box. Have yet to be disappointed in the least.
  3. This is so dumb but... Revolver side 1, Hard Days Night Side 1, White Album Side 2 are all better than side 2 abbey road. Let’s fight 😉
  4. Agreed. When I saw this post, I felt instant buyers remorse for buying their first 6 records recently. After checking this out, I’m good.
  5. Well fuck, won't get to see mine until I get back from the Avail show on sunday
  6. Translation: This is a dumb idea and you should focus your energies on other things.
  7. I think it was limited to 20 people (10 at lower tier and 10 at upper tier). Not sure what happens if someone cancels though...
  8. I'm in at the lower tier and its been pretty fucking stellar.
  9. Grabbed that AJFA from Wal-Mart. It came with a download card for what appears to be everything in the deluxe box set. An even better deal than I anticipated
  10. This kind of stuff bums me out. Why put up an /50 option 2 weeks after initial pre-orders? Who does this market to if its not the people who have already pre-ordered this thing?