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  1. Hey, slow down there boss. This is a family oriented message board for respectable, yet discerning, degenerates and fetishists. Maybe just a wholesomely lurid description of your hole please.
  2. It sucked. You didn’t miss anything. Some of the laziest writing I’ve heard in awhile. While completely their call, polyvinyl pulling his titles seems a bit extreme. Everything I’ve read convicts him of being nothing more than a total fuck. No Ryan Adams, Gary Glitter level shit here. Maybe I missed something or his shit wasn’t selling anymore anyway.
  3. You could have ended this with the first two sentences and I would have 100% agreed with you. Then you went and contradicted yourself...
  4. Laura Jane Grace - Stay Alive www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl - YKUEMS6RGT9NWYHD
  5. Bob Dylan - Mono Box www.wearevinyl.com - GW24ZMZ5H
  6. Volume 2, if you're into it https://www.grimeys.com/preorders/sturgil-simpson-cuttin-grass-v2
  7. Get Dead - Dancing with the Curse www.dropcards.com/vinyl - R4PDTFT977
  8. There was an email update about a delay several weeks ago First of all... thank you again for your support and DOUBLE thank you for your patience! The Ska Against Racism vinyl is pressed, printed, and on its way to Bad Time Records HQ from the pressing plant in Europe. It's expected to arrive the last week of November / First week of December - once it does, myself, Mike Park, and some friends will start working ASAP to get these shipped out to you. It's a big job but we can't wait to get them in your hands. Records will begin shipping December 4th and into that next week. You
  9. Those always go so fast. I would like the opportunity to be able anguish for a least a minute or two about whether or not I want to drop that kind of cash for some silly plastic, at least once.
  10. https://stores.portmerch.com/jasonisbell/featured-products/pre-order-live-at-the-shoals-theatre-mike-cooley-patterson-hood-jason-isbell-4lp.html There were tests, but those appear to be long gone.
  11. I'm partial to Shotgun Willie myself, but can't go wrong with RHS or anything from that era. Enjoy

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