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  1. Wow, was I ever late for this one... just heard Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home a couple of days ago. Lovin' it. Missed out on the vinyl unfortunately. Anyway if someone has one for trade or for sale let me know - not looking for anything rare or whatever, just want one to listen to. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/ohnotherobot
  2. I'm totally going to buy this solely for the fact that a band called Weedeater put out an album called "Jason the Dragon".
  3. ohnotherobot

    will buy this IRON LUNG ep's off of you

    I've seen the Brainoil / Iron Lung ep at a local store that I'm hitting up soon - I'll go check it for you.
  4. ohnotherobot

    WARNING: Don't deal w/ Poly-Cut.com

    Yikes! Yeah good thing - I've sent a few emails and never gotten a response. I was just asking simple questions too, like "do you ship to Canada?" blah, blah... I didn't even get the opportunity to place the order I had planned.
  5. Anyone want to buy my OG Man's Ruin version? No... wait...
  6. ohnotherobot

    PO: KEN Mode "Venerable" LP

    Yup! This band absolutely slays and always puts plenty of effort into their vinyl releases. Can't recommend this band enough.
  7. ohnotherobot

    MELVINS - Bride Screamed Murder

    Yeah, this is my fave Melvins LP by far. Which is actually semi-heretic. Yikes!
  8. ohnotherobot

    ... trail of dead - tao of the dead

    The more I listen to this album the more I dig... one of their best.
  9. ohnotherobot

    Anyone into zines?

    Awesome guys - thanks much for your support. The first round of mailing is out the door!
  10. then don't order it, stupid. Stupid? Why I oughtta...!
  11. I honestly love this band, but there is no reason for this single to exist, especially given the repress of the s/t LP.
  12. ohnotherobot


    Ending today!
  13. ohnotherobot

    Anyone into zines?

    There is also a sticker of the drunk bear. You will get one!