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  1. Wow, was I ever late for this one... just heard Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home a couple of days ago. Lovin' it. Missed out on the vinyl unfortunately. Anyway if someone has one for trade or for sale let me know - not looking for anything rare or whatever, just want one to listen to. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/ohnotherobot
  2. I'm totally going to buy this solely for the fact that a band called Weedeater put out an album called "Jason the Dragon".
  3. I've seen the Brainoil / Iron Lung ep at a local store that I'm hitting up soon - I'll go check it for you.
  4. Yikes! Yeah good thing - I've sent a few emails and never gotten a response. I was just asking simple questions too, like "do you ship to Canada?" blah, blah... I didn't even get the opportunity to place the order I had planned.
  5. Yup! This band absolutely slays and always puts plenty of effort into their vinyl releases. Can't recommend this band enough.
  6. Yeah, this is my fave Melvins LP by far. Which is actually semi-heretic. Yikes!
  7. The more I listen to this album the more I dig... one of their best.
  8. Awesome guys - thanks much for your support. The first round of mailing is out the door!
  9. I honestly love this band, but there is no reason for this single to exist, especially given the repress of the s/t LP.
  10. There is also a sticker of the drunk bear. You will get one!