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  1. photobooth single will begin shipping this week. thanks
  2. vinyl is in. covers coming soon.
  3. i don't see a note or email anywhere. shoot an email to [email protected] and i'll cancel for you
  4. the single does not, per the band's request. i think they want the b-side to be vinyl only. at least for now. time will tell on that one. the a-side will probably be available via digital retail on the album's release. but the LP will have one, yes.
  5. about 5-10 left of the clear. thanks to those who ordered.
  6. http://photoboothrec....bigcartel.com/ order now!
  7. definitely check out the old stuff. this band started with a bang, i celebrate the entire discography.
  8. http://pocketknifeca.bandcamp.com/ i’d like to announce that photobooth records will be releasing a demo cassette for the band "pocketknife" from fullerton, california. the band reminds me of some rough 90s indie rock heavily influenced by early superchunk, late!, and seaweed. the demo was mastered by jack endino at soundhouse recordings (nirvana, soundgarden, mudhoney), and is streaming in its entirety over at the band’s bandcamp. expect orders to go up sometime in the next two weeks. the band will have copies on tour starting later this month. dates are below. 07.26/ San Diego/CA 07.27/ La Puente/CA 07.28/ Oakland/CA 07.29/ Day Off 07.30/ Portland/OR 07.31/ Portland/OR 08.01/ Seattle/WA 08.02/ Day Off 08.03/ Vancouver/BC 08.04/ Victoria Island/BC 08.05/ Tacoma/WA 08.06/ Reno/NV 08.07/ Santa Rosa/CA 08.08/ San Francisco/CA 08.09/ Fresno/CA 08.10/ Bakersfield/CA 08.11/ Pomona/CA ALSO: I APOLOGIZE for the wait on orders. it took me a while to get the vinyl in for the fell to low 7". but it is here now, and i plan to package most (if not all) of the orders today and they will be shipping tomorrow. thank you so much for your patience. those boys just finished up a tour and are now writing for their full length, which will undoubtably rock. s.m. tapes are also shipping now. they are recording their full length now. the demos i’ve heard are the catchiest and best material i’ve heard from them, so keep your ear to the ground. as always, order records here: http://photoboothrecords.bigcartel.com/ http://www.photoboothrecords.com/
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0m_IaJL8Wk S.M. is a shoegazing punk band from Ontario, Canada. The band cites their influences as Crisis and Orange Juice. This EP is three songs of catchy indie rock with simple melodies and hooks. 100 pro-printed cassettes with plastic shells. Canada folks: hit up the band for copies. These should start shipping next week. 7" version coming soon on HFIL Records. Order: http://photoboothrecords.bigcartel.com/ Stream the rest of the EP here: http://smband.bandcamp.com/