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  1. Indie exclusive Orchid w/ sticker set: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35362722/ghost-impera-orchid-vinyl-indie-exclusive-lp
  2. Reaktor posted that these are all 180g w/ booklet and limited to 1000 aside from Red which is /5000. Also a semi-transparent brown that is apparently available here, but I can't figure it out since it's not in English: https://www.levykauppax.fi/artist/ghost_swe/impera/#770922
  3. I'm liking the new track, but man, that video is awful. For a band with some great imagery, releasing a video that looks like something Mudvayne would've put out 20 years ago just has me scratching my head. Can't decide which version to pick up. I always grab the Bengans variants, but the numbered sticker on the plastic wrap is just a waste so I'll probably stick with one of the US versions and save a few bucks.
  4. I had read on reddit that they split, but don't know anything factual beyond whatever post I saw.
  5. That definitely comes across as the most "sound of mind" statement or interview he has given in a while, but I'm sure the lawyers scrubbed it before he was allowed to post since, as he states, he is playing by the rules. I don't know what to think at this point. The pandemic did change people, and Keith has clearly evolved his beliefs and actions into what seems, on the surface, to be a whole new identity. The political differences between he and his brother obviously caused a rift, but I can't imagine that being the breaking point of this band. I don't agree with his assessment that he was fired from the band. That's not the way I read the legal documents, but I think his statement is carefully worded to imply that is how he interpreted it. Fair enough. Not sure his recent track record has me believing his side of the communication breakdown, but who knows. When all is said and done, maybe this is actually the best path forward for ETID. They never made a bad record - but Keith is different now - and I'm not sure the person he's become is the person I could relate to like I have for the past 20 years or so of listening to them. If we want to play HxC fantasy draft, maybe the politically-minded Keith could help revive United Nations. Then the rest of ETID could join forces with Aaron Bedard or Greg Puciato....
  6. Agreed. I can see his brother being a dick, I don't think that's much of a reach - but that's brother shit. Everyone other than Keith seems level headed in this situation. And regarding the cease & desist - could that have been brought on not only to protect themselves, but to also put Keith's mind at ease? He was clearly unhappy at the thought of the band playing shows without him (karaoke style), so this scenario would prevent that from happening - seems mutually beneficial and mature given the circumstances.
  7. Hitting me that I’ll never get to see these Radical tracks played live. I’ll never get to jump off a stage to Post-Boredom or lose my mind to People Verses… …and yes, inevitably gonna get messier. I can only imagine what that European evening with Keith tour is gonna be like…
  8. And on that note, ‘22 blows just as hard as the last few years. I’m glad they’re not going to continue with a new singer, and hopefully down the road they’ll reunite, but for now, this is the peak of suckage.
  9. Here's the track list from that site, so looks like a 2nd EP with Electric Moose as the 1st track: 1. Imposter Syndrome 2. Drift 3. Our Last Shot 4. Even Better 5. Gone For Good 6. Sleep Well 7. Electric Moose 8. Curritiba 9. Late Nap 10. Discount On Psychic Readings 11. Die On The West Coast 12. Buzzhenge
  10. Pretty sure their IG post yesterday said they'd only have the color one on their site. There's a decibel variant on White apparently too.
  11. Huh, I still don't see it on there. Just cd, tape, and t-shirts when I search.
  12. Picked up that color in color on BC too. Haven't seen it show up on the Dark Descent store yet.
  13. Picked one up, thanks for posting! Looks like only 238 out of 500 left.

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