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  1. Love that cover art, but I’m gonna pick this up elsewhere at a cheaper price.
  2. Just listened to the single. Halfway through the chorus I thought to myself, if they did an edgy reboot of twilight in 2020 this chorus could play over the trailer. The song will expand their audience and I’m sure there will be shirts galore in hot topic, but I can’t help but think the code orange kids would’ve rolled their eyes at this band if they ever saw that video. I’ll give the full album a listen when it drops, but after never connecting with the last record I’m out for now.
  3. I definitely think the F13 soundtrack thing is a horror fan completionist thing more often than not. I bet a ton of copies are sold to collectors that don't even bother to listen. After bowing out in 2019 I signed back up for the 2020 sub. It was a little cheaper and I'm not even sure that I want it that bad, but worse-case I'll just unload the ones I don't want on discogs or something. The sub still appears to be up for sale - don't they usually cut it off on New Year's Eve?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm skeptical on it since it looks like it is front loading vs. the whole top of the box coming off. Right now I sandwich all my screenprints between acid free foam board binder clipped together. Then I stick glassine paper in between each print. It's not ideal, but it does offer the ability to stand them for storage to stick behind my record shelves, etc.
  5. Thanks! Exactly why I wanted to know - bandcamp it is, looks like it'll just be black as the other 2 variants of the 2nd press sold out over the weekend.
  6. How do you like the box? I've considered picking this up on multiple occasions but I don't know anybody who has actually purchased one.
  7. Can anyone tell me if Blood Incantation's Hidden History came with a DL card?
  8. I agree with all this, but have some additional advice. Try to make your listing end on Friday or Saturday. People are more likely to spend frivolously with a fresh paycheck in their pocket. Secondly, and particularly for auctions, don’t have it end at some whacky time like 3 am. You want to incite a bidding war, so keep it at an accessible time for as many folks as possible.
  9. My favorite album of all time. Shipping sucks, so I did the logical thing and added a long sleeve and t-shirt to my order. Goddamn I love this record.
  10. Ooof. I paid like $35 shipped for this, it just showed up a couple weeks ago and I still haven't spun it. Need to learn some patience!
  11. What a shit stunt to pull to reward your diehard fans....
  12. I didn't even know they were still active. Will have to listen to this tonight.
  13. Forget all about this - need to give it a listen before I pick up a copy.
  14. Thanks for posting - I was about to finally order this through Merchbarf but opted for Rough Trade instead.