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  1. They handled this whole drop perfectly. Waited for everything to be in hand, were up front about letting fans know which variants were coming and from where, and didn't price gouge.
  2. Deathwish variants are up, both are /200: The Red Chord "Fused Together in Revolving Doors" - Deathwish Inc
  3. The couple tracks I've heard sound decent - honestly though, the only reason I haven't dove deeper is I know they're a straight edge band. I'll have to give it a proper listen and see if it sways me.
  4. I was driving to work and thinking about which thread I was going to post this news into.....and @faaip de oiad is already on the streets solving problems! I'll probably go DW for this drop - curious to see what the pressing numbers are though.
  5. My copy showed up from Bullmoose today - just gave it a spin and goddamn these guys don’t miss. I was very concerned about the guest appearances, but neither is off putting. Fantastic record!
  6. Remastered anniversary edition of Gatecreeper's self-titled EP with bonus tracks from their early 7"s and splits: EP & Splits (10 Year Anniversary Edition) | GATECREEPER | King Of The Monsters Records (bandcamp.com)
  7. New album from Sect (fronted by Chris Colohan of Cursed/Burning Love) "Plagues Upon Plagues" available for PO from Southern Lord on bandcamp and their website: Plagues Upon Plagues | SECT (bandcamp.com)
  8. I just replied to my order confirmation email politely asking for an update. I'm patient. But they are WAY TOO PATIENT. It's just not professional to drag out fulfillment like this for so long. Ship my shit already.
  9. Missing Link LP out June 7th on BBB: Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order) – Triple B Records Daze Variant too: Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed *DAZE Exclusive Variant* (Pre-Order) (daze-style.com)
  10. Just felt compelled to post about how fantastic this new Full of Hell record is. AOTY contender in my world, for sure. Edit: they've got a "release day" sort of raffle edition of the LP up on Bandcamp now. Limited to 200 copies total. This edition features the standard high gloss lp jacket an lp booklet, in addition to a 12"x12" Hologram "Cracked Ice" print of the album cover and a hologram sticker to commemorate the pressing. Vinyl colors will be shipped at random and include 10 - Clear with Glitter and splatter (Friends Press) Limited to 100 10 - Glow In The Dark - Limited to 300 15 - Black, White and Neon Green Segment - Limited to 500 15 - Blue, Neon Orange and White Merge - Limited to 700 150 - Black, Neon Orange and Yellow Segment - Limited to 1000
  11. I think the 2 splatters on their site were each /500. The BV/AP/Revolver variant is /300. I went with the presumably standard plum variant off Amazon because I wasn't paying over $30 shipped for a 5 song EP that'll probably clock in around 10 - 12 minutes in runtime.

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