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  1. https://umbravitae.bandcamp.com/album/shadow-of-life Bandcamp is up, but still no vinyl. Guess we're just waiting this one out. Would rather just PO and wait.
  2. Posting in here even though it got it's own thread. New death metal band fronted by Jacob Bannon of Converge fame. Check out the other thread for more info. https://umbravitae.bandcamp.com/album/shadow-of-life
  3. Didn't see this coming, but holy hell does that song rip. I'll throw some money at wax as soon as they put it up!
  4. Anyone know of any US-based online shops that might still have a copy of their EP in stock on vinyl?
  5. Went to grab and it was gone, oh well. First single is solid. Definitely looking forward to hearing more.
  6. Really digging Seminar IX. More than either Ape of God record upon 1st listen. And that's not to knock the Apes. Even more excited for XIII now.
  7. Nice! Snagged a mix w/ splatter of SeminarIX and added the black of Seminar XIII since I was already ordering. Also, IX is streaming on bandcamp in its entirety now. Gotta check it out tonight after work.
  8. I really dig the toony terrors line. It’s like seeing all my favorite horror icons reimagined in the style of a Scooby doo villain.
  9. I grabbed a bunch of wishlist items from bands like Gulch, Portrayal of Guilt, Cold Cave, Skullcrack, Fluoride, Jesus Piece, Queensway, Candy, Xibalba, Terror, The Warriors, Full of Hell, Cold World, Converge, and American Nightmare. Lots of EP, singles, and split material.
  10. This thread was super helpful. I'm getting ready to move and will be utilizing those small uhaul boxes.
  11. They’re gonna livestream their record release show tonight in an empty venue. Think I’ll check it out.
  12. I currently only have 1 player, but I think I’ll have to add another to the repertoire once I’m settled in to give myself options.