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  1. Yeah in the past when I’ve reached out they don’t even give the courtesy of a response.
  2. Copped the /250 from BBB. Lots of variants on this one: Test Press (out of 17) Baby Blue inside Ultra Clear with Baby Blue & Black Heavy Splatter (out of 250) *BBB Exclusive* Ultra Clear w/Blue & Black Splatter (out of 250) *Revolver Exclusive* Canary Yellow (out of 250) *Revelation Exclusive* White/Black Spinner w/Blue Splatter (out of 250) *DAZE Exclusive* Blue / White A Side B Side w/Black Splatter (out of 250) *Evil Greed Exclusive* White w/ Blue & Black Twister (out of 350) *BBB Exclusive* Ultra Clear / Blue Pinwheel w/Black Splatter (out of 400) *Band Exclusive* Baby Blue w/Black Splatter (out of 500) *General*
  3. Now they've got a clear variant up with a release date of June 16th: Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance Clear Vinyl on DeepDiscount
  4. Damn, I'm going to be mid-flight on my way to Cincy when this drops. Guess I'll be nabbing the 2nd press later this year.
  5. Anybody have any feedback on how this sounds? Debating the double dip for the bonus track and some swimming reviews would help me take the plunge.
  6. I've always done digital, but yeah....stuff like this will inevitably get this workaround disabled.
  7. Set an alarm and copped a GID and the /500 splatter from CCA. Been anticipating this one for way too long. May triple dip and grab a DW variant too.
  8. Closed Casket teasing Incendiary at midnight. Have they been dropping their POs at midnight lately or just the song release with the PO the following day sometime?
  9. The price tag is hefty, but this has been long sought after by many of us and I think we're mostly willing to turn a blind eye to the surcharge just to finally add this to our collection. Bullmoose at least doesn't charge sales tax and I added a $.01 gift card to qualify for free shipping.
  10. I think we finally have an official repress - Bullmoose has it listed as part of the RSD Essentials line: A.F.I. Sing The Sorrow (black & Red Pinwheel Vinyl) 2lp | Bull Moose
  11. Relapse just tossed this in a box without any additional padding, pretty pathetic for what they charge for shipping. The box is obviously meant to be a collectible piece so it's a shame when it already arrives looking beat up.
  12. Funny, I was thinking the same thing....still haven't gotten any shipping confirmation from them.

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