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  1. My Premium Drifter and Criminal World records were "shipped" on 8/26 and still haven't updated to be shown as dropped off to USPS yet. They don't answer emails. I just hit them up on instagram about it so hopefully that gets a response.
  2. I picked this one up. Went back for a test press and it was gone. Also, they've got a 1 cent shirt if you're into it.
  3. The linktree in their instragram profile has a direct link set up for Evil Greed, Holy Mountain, Bandcamp, and their bigcartel. Probably a good assumption.
  4. I had an OG pressing signed by the band that I won in street team contest for them.....sold it on ebay because I was broke and just out of school. SO STUPID.
  5. Both gone - would've picked this up but don't need a bundle. Seems to be the recurring theme with me and their drops.
  6. Yep, got a tracking email so all is right in the world. Though it will be going to my old address lol.
  7. Ah ok, thanks for posting. I tried searching their social media real quick for some info but didn't see anything.
  8. Did you ever get your order? I still haven't gotten mine. Was clearing out the "pre-order" folder I keep in my email and just realized it...
  9. Anyone ever use this that can comment on it? Spinbase from Andover Audio. Stumbled on it through an instagram ad and it ::appears:: to be a solid solution for a room I want to install a second setup in. Was hoping someone here could comment on it. Saw some reviews through google but I don’t keep up with what outlets are reputable/reliable. https://www.andoveraudio.com/products/spinbase
  10. Have to 2nd this notion. Love that film and the imagery is perfect for AWLWLB.
  11. My guess is they'll wait until they have a repress in hand to announce and sell it - same approach they went with for the 1st press. It'll definitely happen though.
  12. Darkest Hour is doing a livestream to benefit their local club next month - they’re offering a couple bundles that include a live album of Undoing Ruin. https://darkesthour.veeps.com/stream/events/d441e24936f9