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  1. I never heard of this app until last night when a record store I follow on instagram posted about doing an auction there. Didn't get a chance to check it out, but seeing this thread on the coattails of that has me interested.
  2. A new Eyes album - Congratulations - up for pre-order on Indisciplinarian! Cake splatter / 100 and black options: EYES - Congratulations (Cake Splatter Vinyl) – Indisciplinarian DK EYES - Congratulations (Black Vinyl) – Indisciplinarian DK New single:
  3. 20% off most items with BF2022 at Deathwish. Also have some timed edition blackened prints (including Jane Doe) and some blackened t-shirt exclusives too. Black Friday - Deathwish Inc
  4. Pretty pricey...comes to $61.84 shipped. I have a 2014 pressing with the same tracklist, so I may just stick with that.
  5. Thanks for posting - anything special about this with bonus tracks or the like? Looks like a new outer sleeve from the pics.
  6. I'm out, don't need this for $40. I've lived this long with digital, I'll be fine.
  7. Just stopped by a Walmart near work - pretty wiped out, had maybe 40 records left total. Only thing I picked up was the Hocus Pocus score. They didn't have anything metal/rock left. It was mostly garth brooks and country stuff with some holiday records thrown in.
  8. Looks like a lot of these jumped back up in price at WalMart - but great deal at $15 for that Strangers Things 4 soundtrack that just hit a couple weeks ago. Placed an order for store pickup.
  9. Not getting my hopes up for a pressing - my guess is it’s just a show playing the album based on their Instagram teases.
  10. Domestic Extremity was great, but this sounds even better. Also rad to see them land on Closed Casket.