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  1. Yeah, I can't find the 7" by searching on Target's site...
  2. Anyone know if It's a Sin and Avalanche are included?
  3. It was kind of a bummer because the place was only half full when they came on (they were definitely counter-programming to the typical bands at that fest), but everyone who was there pushed up front and actually gave a damn, so that brought the energy back up. Lots and lots of stage diving and at some point someone even passed out on stage if memory serves me correct. Chris was so worried about everyone lol.
  4. I ordered the Scandinavian from Hot Stuff. Not sure if I really care enough about the LV release to drop that kind of coin. My days of comprehensive Ghost collecting have passed, it's just too difficult to maintain the habit given the quantity and cost.
  5. I'll wait and get this for 20 bucks from Amazon or something. The upcharging for variants on Relapse has gotten stupid.
  6. Thanks for posting, grabbed an /200 of the single LP press.
  7. Definitely gotta download this and use it to pre-game on my way to This is Hardcore tonight!
  8. @ianrees you should do a merchlimited bundle with a neck brace since I’m gonna need one after this album drops next week.
  9. I have no interest in this but thought it was pretty cool to see my tattoo artist did the new artwork for The Wolf. But then I looked up the old artwork and just asked myself, why??
  10. I caved and PO-ed. They’ve never put out a record I didn’t like so I’m gonna rely on the trend and hope this one doesn’t disappoint.
  11. I need to hear something from this first. I read an interview with Cory not that long ago that had me skeptical of what this would sound like.
  12. Probably because it is 8 songs and 14 minutes. TripleB has been killing it lately, but I have to say they don't really have their artists put out full lengths - they're almost all closer to EP length.
  13. https://eyesofthelord.bandcamp.com/album/misery-feels-like-home Full length from Eyes of the Lord on Closed Casket.