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  1. My favorite album of all time. Shipping sucks, so I did the logical thing and added a long sleeve and t-shirt to my order. Goddamn I love this record.
  2. Ooof. I paid like $35 shipped for this, it just showed up a couple weeks ago and I still haven't spun it. Need to learn some patience!
  3. What a shit stunt to pull to reward your diehard fans....
  4. I didn't even know they were still active. Will have to listen to this tonight.
  5. Forget all about this - need to give it a listen before I pick up a copy.
  6. Thanks for posting - I was about to finally order this through Merchbarf but opted for Rough Trade instead.
  7. Candy just signed to Relapse - might be a little too hardcore tinged for this thread, but this is one of my favorite up and coming bands. I'm as surprised as I am excited to hear they signed to Relapse. 7" is up for pre-order: https://store.relapse.com/item/77386
  8. I enjoy the new songs for the gimmick, but I’m reconsidering my Exalted purchase now. May have to just cancel it.
  9. I really can't imagine the 7" is going to be hard to get.
  10. Yet I’ve never stooped to that level just yet. I’m far too lazy....I just accumulate lol.
  11. Just finally spinning this...what’s with sixhundredthirtyone being pressed but not listed as the final track @IanRees?
  12. New Sect album Blood of the Beasts up on Bandcamp: https://sectsl.bandcamp.com/album/blood-of-the-beasts
  13. Yeah, I can't find the 7" by searching on Target's site...