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  1. I’m sure I’ll pick this up because of the 7”....they get me every time!
  2. Looks like all but black is gone now. Edit: Neon Violet is still available on bandcamp. Also, not sure if this fits the thread, but POs went up for the new Zombie Apocalypse EP 'Life Without Pain is a Fucking Fantasy' today: https://innerstrengthrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zombie-apocalypse-life-without-pain-is-a-fucking-fantasy
  3. Thanks! Liking what I’m hearing although it’s not really what I expected.
  4. Was wondering the same. There were also sound clips put up on Revolver’s site that I just went to listen to but now they appear to have been removed.
  5. What time does 20BS usually drop their POs? I'm gonna be slammed at work tomorrow and hoping I don't miss out on the most extreme variants.
  6. Right? I want them, but that's a little excessive on the price IMO.
  7. Yeah I didn’t follow up at the time so I guess I’m SOL too. Oh well.
  8. I think I like the Rev variant the best of the bunch, but do I really need to order another copy? Maybe, just maybe...
  9. Due, don’t get me started. I’m 35 and found myself at a Baskin Robbins last week to by an exclusive Steve funko pop. Wtf is wrong with me....
  10. Bullmoose went out of stock while I was checking out, damn.