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  1. I think this season’s score has been superb - definitely picking this up, just holding off on ordering to see if any other variants pop up. A season 4 soundtrack album is also being released. Looks like certain retailers will get variant covers of the 4 images that make up the standard poster art for the season. https://www.popmarket.com/stranger-things-soundtrack-netflix-season-4-var-stranger-things-4-soundtrack-from-the-netflix-series/196587001018 Barnes and Noble has the Russia cover: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/stranger-things-soundtrack-netflix-season-4/38273013# Target has the Cali cover: https://www.target.com/p/various-artists-stranger-things-season-4-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-87077358
  2. This was my 2nd time ever trying to use Apple Pay on a drop and both times it gave me an error that my billing address needed to be updated. Wasn’t able to figure that out so I wound up switching to PayPal. Checked my account after and all my info is up to date so I’m stumped.
  3. Good tip, thanks Derek. And yeah, I agree with your assessment about how/why how quickly this could go.
  4. Thanks - I tried looking before I asked but couldn’t seem to figure out how to view the time stamps on mobile. I started a new job and I know I probably won’t be on right at the drop, plus the firewall slows everything down here, so I’m just trying to mentally prepare for whether I have a shot or I’m guaranteed disappointment.
  5. How quickly did the /700 last for Full Collapse? I can’t recall.
  6. Just saw he’s releasing the album at 10am through Bandcamp - everywhere will be next Friday.
  7. Ordered from the solid state website. Don’t even remember what I ordered at this point.
  8. I loved this album back when it was released - very much embodied the sound of that era for me. Don’t think I’ve listened to it in 15 years or so. Will have to give it a listen again before purchasing any wax.
  9. Had a feeling that was gonna happen - seemed too cheap. Also, saw this is available through Target and part of their B2G1 sale. You just run the risk of Target cancelling the order, because they suck anymore with POs.

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