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  1. Any thoughts/rumors on when a pre-order will being going up for that FOH?
  2. Picked up both webstore variants. Bullmoose has copies up: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35190607/isis-oceanic-clear-with-black-gold-splatter-vinyl https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35190608/isis-panopticon-black-vinyl
  3. Pretty sure I saw Mitch make a comment on IG that early bird ticket buyers would get a download of the new album (presumably upon release). But that would indicate it should be out before that show takes place. Isn't Keith separated/getting divorced? Could've been hold ups surrounding plans if stuff was going down with that...
  4. Edit - didn’t realize this was streaming because it wasn’t on Bandcamp. Copped a splatter. Less than 40 copies left as of Sunday morning.
  5. Good looks, but for the extra 20 bones it'll cost I'll just stick with the pink. Already like that single better than anything on Palms. Really couldn't get into that record.
  6. Says out of stock when you try to add it to cart.
  7. Why does being a glassjaw fan have to feel like being part of some bizarre social experiment?
  8. Awesome, had a feeling this was in the works after the album had disappeared from Bandcamp for a while. Grabbed the /200.
  9. Nice, I grabbed the 2 I didn’t have plus Terminal Bliss.
  10. Deep Discount has some super cheap Relapse titles: 3 different Gruesome LPs and the debut from Terminal Bliss each for 6 and change!
  11. Dais Records has 25% off just about everything excluding pre-orders and new releases with code JULY4.
  12. I don't see any way they can enforce you having a ticket to the show at the time of ordering. The only thing they can do is not offer any shipping option, which puts it on the buyer to go to a show to claim their records.
  13. Going through all this trouble and they really couldn't put the Coloring Book encore on here? Goddamn.

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