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  1. I'm in the middle of moving and I actually had a nightmare last night that I missed this PO.
  2. Missed the /100 DW so went with the mix. Didn't realize there were other /100s until after I saw this thread pop back up.
  3. These guys only get better with age - can't wait to hear what they have in store for # 9.
  4. Still haven't listened as I'm waiting for the vinyl to show up. Anyone getting shipping confirmation from DW yet?
  5. Nice - I work with HorrorHound so it’s always nice to see the music on the label get some love. Side story - Jason Momoa became a big Harley Poe fan. There were about 15 of us watching them play at a tiny dive in Louisville some years ago the same weekend as a convention goin on in town. He and Michael rooker got obliterated doing shots with us and momoa was letting us see how many people he could hold up at once. Granted, this was before either of them was comic book movie famous. He then came to see them the next night in a hotel ballroom and it turned into the nerd version of a frat party. The night is still blurry, but I remember him going up on stage with them and wearing a skin tight Harley Poe t-shirt. We even filled up the hotels water coolers with jagermeister. Good times.
  6. I didn't see it - maybe they're holding it for a merchlimited bundle?
  7. Nice, picked this up. That bandcamp Necrot variant is up now too: https://necrot.bandcamp.com/album/mortal
  8. BBB has put some great stuff out the last couple years but I gotta agree they really milk it. I get excited every time I hear an LP announced and then remember it is only going to be an EPs worth of music. That Fuming Mouth record had a decent run time, but I feel like everything else I’ve picked up has only been 8 or 9 tracks.
  9. That clear is also available on Bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34522216/oranssi-pazuzu-mestarin-kynsi-clear-vinyl-import I just picked up the orange w/ black splatter from Best Buy last week.
  10. Just like you guys I'm looking for a reason to pick this up but I just can't find one...
  11. Another variant of that Sunami 12" - rev exclusive on yellow: https://revhq.com/products/sunami-7-demonstration?_pos=1&_sid=ab88f223c&_ss=r
  12. Being an east coaster I’m always curious how bands are perceived/received regionally. I’ve really been catching on to a lot of this west coast hardcore/crossover stuff lately that doesn’t get as much buzz as it deserves out this way. Sunami, Drain, Dead Heat, Skullcrack, Gulch. Lots of catchy stuff.
  13. Why not, this shit reminds me of being young and ignorant. Thanks for posting.
  14. Yeah, can't get down with $10 shipping plus sales tax.