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  1. 1 copy of Blood on Black Wax available here: https://www.darkdel.com/store/p1424/Blood_on_Black_Wax_with_7"_Prom_Night_Vinyl.html
  2. The Crow is reminding me of Requiem for a Dream from a few years ago. I’d be shocked if the prices didn’t come down and these didn’t start showing up with relative ease in the coming days.
  3. Good luck! I just got a copy for $32.99 with free shipping so I lucked out big time, but keep refreshing. Maybe the seller will have some more and post them up.
  4. I found a discogs listing for Blood on Black Wax, so anyone looking for it should keep checking here: https://www.discogs.com/Aaron-Lupton-And-Jeff-Szpirglas-Blood-On-Black-Wax-Horror-Soundtracks-On-Vinyl/release/13468847
  5. No interest in a pic disc but I'm glad to have some new Nails making my ears ring.
  6. For some reason I did not, but thanks to your post I’ve remedied that.
  7. Very fitting. When I first stumbled upon Knocked Loose that is the song I immediately thought of to compare their sound. Will these songs all be on the full length later this year or are any of them exclusive to this 7"?
  8. What is the Slings and Arrows cover of? Is it The Warriors song?
  9. Can't wait to order this. Think I'll shoot for the /200 as well.