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  1. A different Sophie Trudeau is the wife of Justin Trudeau. It caught me off guard too, lol.
  2. https://glassjaw.merchdirect.com/products/67919-coloring-book-vinyl-red-green-yellow Red/Green/Yellow still available.
  3. thanks for the heads up. Ordered the half and half.
  4. I bought a copy of Nothing’s Guilty of Everything record release variant with the fingerprints on the sleeve (number #2/50) from someone on here around 4-5 years ago for $30. Whoever sold that to me, are you still here?? I love you.
  5. Not that I am encouraging it but you could probably do this and end up making money... Unless only the actual band variant has the screened cover?
  6. this is one of my favourite deafheaven songs but does this not just sound like the album version??? i'm only halfway through but it sounds nearly identical.
  7. I think You’re Gonna Hate What You’ve Done was my favourite song from last year. This album is soooo good. I’m surprised there isn’t Nothing levels of hype surrounding these guys around here.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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