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  1. i really hope my mail forwarding works or else i'm never getting my copy
  2. I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I’ve ordered a 7”, but holy shit when the fuck did they go up to $12?????
  3. Did you guys end up getting your orders to go through? I’m in Canada so I didn’t chime in for the group buy, but I keep getting an error when I try to use my VISA. “303 : Your card is not enrolled in 3D Secure Authentication. Proceeding with your transaction”
  4. Haha, touché. I haven’t gotten any NSFW ads, but I remember someone mentioning it a while back. Even on mobile this site is nearly unusable. Every time I go back to the main page from a thread it does this weird double load where the page is unresponsive for a few seconds before it refreshes. anyway, sorry for going off topic.
  5. anyone know if vc is rid of the random porn ads that people were getting a few months ago? i constantly miss out on shit because i refuse to open this site anymore on my work computer lmao anyway, just read through the last 3 pages. really good stuff.
  6. One of the karate records came out just like this and it’s the most beautiful record I’ve ever seen.
  7. Not sure if you’re talking about L&L or Reconstruction Site, but L&L is a 2xLP with an etching on the D side.
  8. i'm assuming they just printed off the shipping labels all at once.
  9. well well well i just saw on twitter that they apparently trashed a venue and jumped the venue's security and some other band pulled a gun???? wtf
  10. as expected, this rips. how tf is it March already though???
  11. not sure wtf he is doing with his voice here lol. maybe it will grow on me...
  12. Speaking of the Brain Dead variant, mine still hasn’t shipped. I got the Dark Medicine variant a couple weeks ago.