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    I am interested in vinyl and collectives.
  1. Thank you for the suggestion! The Sennheiser HD 429 looks like a pretty good deal. I'll research those a bit.
  2. I listen to all kinds of music (rock, metal, alt, jazz, world, r&b, classical, hip-hop, etc., etc.) on vinyl through headphones. Here is my current and modest set up. Sony STR-D790 Receiver/Amp Technics SL-Q2 Turntable w/ AT92E cartirdge Yamaha NS-6490 Speakers Pioneer SE-205 Vintage Headphones I also listen to Spotify on these mobile devices iPhone 4S iPad 2 Lenovo Thinkpad T60 Last year I bought a pair of Monoprice 8323s, and I liked the sound a lot. Although they got a little uncomfortable after an hour or so. I ended up giving those to my oldest daughter - she is starting to get into her own music. I also bought a pair of Monoprice 9397s - IEMs. I liked them as well, but they didn't fit my ears, so I gave them to my youngest daughter. All I have now is an old pair of Pioneer SE-205s (inherited from my father-in-law), but the left channel is in and out. They also tend to crush my head after about 20 minutes. So I need new headphones pretty bad. IEMs don't work for me as I have weird ear holes. I'm looking for entry- to mid-level, portable over-ear headphones that well represent a wide variety of genres. I'm pretty wide open to suggestion. Well maybe not wide open. I can't spend all that much. I'm worried about the comfort of on-ear. Also sound leakage. Not a big deal for home use, but I travel a lot and I'd want to keep my silly music to myself. I'm not opposed to the idea of open back, I just probably wouldn't be able to travel with them. I'd want to keep my budget under $100. Any help would be great appreciated. Please and thank you.
  3. Barely used Ion Audio Profile Lp Usb Dj Turntable for sale. It works and sounds great. The digital files from the software are very good. Box and all cords, discs and papers included. $40. I can estimate shipping cost when I have a zip code to ship to. PM if you're interested. Thanx!
  4. Alright. I got my new headphones. So far, so good. The Monoprice 8323 are outstanding. I actually can't believe how good they do sound. I haven't had a chance to really burn them in and give them the full test, but they are pretty great out of the box. They were $20.88 from Monoprice. I also got a set of 9397s ($11.52) and they are pretty good too. I'm having trouble with the fit, but I'll work it out. I'll keep you all posted as I go, because I know you wait with bated breath. Thanx to timbrh2001 for the recommendation.
  5. Got my new headphones (Monoprice 8323 and 9397) so I'm going to listen to music flat (no equalizer apps) to see what I'm dealing with. Then, once they're burned in, we'll see what I need, if anything.
  6. Since I'm a cheap bastard, I've been testing only the free apps. So far, Accudio is my fav. I don't have my new cans yet and Accudio really makes the stock Apple ear buds sound respectable. Next up would be the Denon app. Nice control of equalizer and you can easily create playlists.
  7. After a good cleaning, I spun that Mastodon record I found in the street. It actually sounds pretty awesome for street trash, haha. There are a few indents from cinder/asphalt on the vinyl. Those spots have a little distortion, but nothing horrible. There is a bit of surface noise throughout, but, again, nothing too bad. The very last track has two spots that skip. Otherwise it sounds pretty damn good. I'm pumped. The downside is that some poor bastard is missing his Crack The Skye record.
  8. So, while biking to work yesterday morning there, in the middle of the street, was Mastodon - Crack the Skye. No shit. I had it on CD, but hadn't yet bought it on wax. The jacket and inner sleeve were a bit wavy from a cool night and dew, but the record looked reasonable. Unbelievable. Needless to say I rode the rest of the way to work with a record in one hand. A buddy of mine has a crazy record cleaning set up so I gave it to him to detail. I got it back this morning and it looks great. There are still what appears to be water spots on the vinyl, but it was in the street all night. I haven't put it on my turntable yet, but I will tonight and let you know how it sounds. In the meantime, do you have any crazy or amazing vinyl finds or deals? Let me know.
  9. PM'd. Thank you for being awesome.
  10. Check this out. Great stuff here! Awesome seller/trader/buyer.