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  1. WTB: bastille records Hi im not sure how all this works so if this is not allowed or the right spo5 please let me know. I am looking for Bastille Bad Blood 7" Bastille flaws 7" Bastille Flaws young and lost club 7" Bastille Bad blood/Haunt/Remixed box set ( I am happy to purchase just the box) if you have any of these please let me know
  2. thats ok sorry i put it in the wrong area!
  3. I can send photos of my house?
  4. sorry someone just said they moved it for me. i am new here
  5. Sorry i am still new to this site and thought i put it there, Thank you for moving it!
  6. Hey i lost my whole collection in a house fire about 6 months ago now (I can send/post photos to prove i am not lying) while i have managed to replace quite alot there are still grails that i am wajting to replace. Bastille is my favourite band, i have tattoos, almost 150 shows and almost all there merch. Please help me find what i am looking for! I will pay for both the item and shipping. Bad blood haunt remixed box set things we lost in the fire 7" Flaws 7" Flaws young and lost club 7" Bad blood 7" Also lookiing for merch and tickets I have tried discogs and ebay so are there any other places to look. Please let me know. I am Bastillefreak on discogs for my other wanted items. There is alot more bands and things i am wanting but just focousing on my top 3 for now.
  7. No im in aus but willing to pay for tracked shipping
  8. Hi all i have recently experienced a house fire and lost everything includinf 4000+ pieces of band merch, tickets and records. i am looming for the following. For *Almost* All of these i am willing to purchase for last sold price on discogs (depending on condition). If you have any of these or know where to purchase please let me know. i am trying so hard to get everything back!!! Bastille tickets (have seen over 200 shows and lost all the tickets) Bastille bad blood / haunt /remixed box set (happy to purchase just the box for last sold price on discogs) Bastille Bad Blood 7" Bastille Things we lost in the fire 7" Bastille flaws 7" Bastille Flaws young and lost club 7" Charlie Barnes Stanley Mansion magnita vinyl Ed Sheeran divide box set (prefer to have necklace included) Ed Sheeran Various single records Ed Sheeran Various albums/Cds Twenty One Pilots Vessel Red vinyl Twenty one pilots The LC LP Twenty one pilots Blurryface red black split vinyl Twenty One pilots WhiteBlack splatter vinyl
  9. Hello i am wanting to buy twenty one pilots disquire day 7". I am looking for good quality. I am trying to rebuy what i lost after a house fire. please let me know if you have/know where i can get this
  10. Hi, i amtrying to help a friend who lost everything in a house fire, she lost 4000+ piece of band merch and vinyl and i am trying to help here

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