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  1. A few years back, as a Valentine's Day gift, my wife bought me that subscription Saddle Creek was doing where every month they'd mail you a 180g repress of a different album from the Bright Eyes discography. This was prior to the boxset. Those are amazing pressings, super high quality records and sleeves.
  2. Not gonna lie, this is a pretty fun album. I'll take this over that tired ass power chord stuff they've been doing at nauseum. Sure the lead guitar stuff is just bends and swells but at least there's something there finally lol. Curious to hear what @jhulud thinks of this release.
  3. Oh fuck yeah, I've been jamming When We Break and WO - Style No. 6312 a lot lately.
  4. As a country we need this. Lemme get a modern day To Love And To Be Loved Pt. 2 please/thanks you.
  5. EU/AU store should have the colored PEARS records available. I grabbed one from the AU store last night. Was $35ppd, sucks that I had to pay more but I would've paid more than twice that amount buying it from some scumbag flipper on Discogs/eBay. I've been really looking forward to this album, so screw it. I paid the same price for a copy of the newer National album at retail and didn't even like the fuckin' thing lol
  6. Don't you lecture me! I already knew I was: 1. Going to miss this pre-order because I always miss every fucking Fat Wreck pre-order I really really want 2. Pay out the ass for it on Discogs like I have for every other fucking PEARS record that I own
  7. Mother fucker I missed the fucking PEARS pre-order! :,( If anyone grabbed an extra please let me know. I'm bummed.
  8. Initial impression; this is a VERY specific album. I feel like every record after Can't Maintain has had a mish-mash of styles on it and the songs vary in genre as well as context. This is a very folky album, it's actually not too dissimilar from Can't Maintain in style but the production and musicianship is very polished, you can tell Ben and Sean have really become amazing musicians. There are no fast/loud songs on this album (which I personally don't mind), but if you liked the couple fuzzy punk songs they've been tossing on the last 3 LPs you won't get that here. Contextually this album is straight up political, like all of it. AJJ might have been the only current band I trusted to tackle this stuff (they always have), but honestly these lyrics are REALLY on the nose. I always enjoyed their ability to take detailed topics and condense them to imaginative/smart-ass lines in their songs, but it seems like they aren't doing that so much with GLE. This just upon my first listen, so maybe it's there, I just feel like these are very straight forward lyrics. Definitely going to spend more time with this album because unlike all the other bands who are going after this topic Sean is a very smart person who's always had a good perspective with this stuff, he's not one to follow the popular opinion and his commentary is well thought out. It's a good/more mature record.
  9. Got my copy today, doesn't come out for another week and change https://ibb.co/b1txzHs
  10. Out of morbid curiosity I searched #dejasleeve on IG and found this. Looks like someone used one of @CVHX's slipcases to spray paint a astronaut on blank white sleeves and sold them online lol
  11. PS: if anyone wants to continue a constructive conversation about abusers in the scene there's a dedicated thread from 2015 on the ETE board.
  12. Well dammit, we tried. But like sand through the hour glass this Brand New thread was destined to spiral out into bullshit. With that being said, fuck this thread and fuck Jesse Lacey. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.
  13. Well. I was open to hearing this dude's elaboration, and boy, did he fuckin' elaborate lol.
  14. How are you gonna create a position I didn't take, criticize me on it, then act like I'm overeacting? You literally said "rationalize realllllly suspect comments on child abuse and not to, ya know, condemn them." I'll be damned if you're gonna say shit like this about me and think I'm just gonna be chill about it. Fuck outta here with that.