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  1. I've never heard of this stuff before. Is it basically Thunderbird for Chicagoans?
  2. Aw feck! I work sorry ass swing shift now and I was all banged up last night so I was essentially dead at that moment. Ordred the opaque sunburst for now, I feel like Epitaph will put up more variant options throughout the next couple day/weeks.
  3. Can we form an alliance to make sure we each other get a limited copy of this fuckin' thing? Either one of us grab an extra if possible sorta maneuver?
  4. If that were the case I'd just shoot them a refund over Venmo or PayPal. This whole thing never had anything to do with the individual on the receiving end, it had to do with me not voluntarily giving the federal government's postal service $8 on a fluke lol
  5. I already mentioned it was a giveaway item, then other one was replacement for an item good ol' USPS destroyed in transit lol. I only use PayPal shipping for 'outside of business' stuff, my shop platform offers a built in system that is much simpler (and cheaper, and you guys know how much I like to save money where I can lol). So no, these were expenses out of my own pocket anyway
  6. Look, we've all said some things out of anger, and I know I should let sleeping dogs lie, but this needs to be said... It was actually 1 package that went overseas to, Sutton Coldfield, WM, the other went to Kissimmee, FL (which is a very arousing name for a town, dare I say). Boy is my face red! So it was $8 USD I didn't pay the federal postal service. Good thing I kept these receipts, they're really going to help me in court. 😇
  7. Everyone's bored, my i n a p p r o p r i a t e behavior has been the most exciting thing to happen to these boards months. BTW I'm counting on you to help my family out when I'm thrown into Guantamo for stealing $16 for the US goverment, ya know, the same guys who do it all of our pay checks every two weeks via the threat of violence and caused this impending recession. Pray for me @Satan!
  8. Not to mention a lot of people aren't spending a lot of money on non-essential things because saving money where you can is important right now, which I did, and it's another mark on my Crimes Against Humanity list. Oops.
  9. Supply and demand, halted production causing shortages. People are having a hard time finding things they actually need because they're simply not being produced. Transportation companies lose business because they don't have any products to move.
  10. Bro, you guys dog me for anything and everything so it's kinda on me for not seeing this coming lol Imagine me getting a knock on my door by the feds over $16 lol. You never know with them though, they like to get violent when I comes to to their funds. Lifehacks baby! And you're welcome. Ridiculously costly! And for the record I wasn't trying to piss anyone off. I'm actually pretty surprised people are calling me names/are this upset over it but it is what it is. I genuinely think the lockdown is hurting more people than it's helping, but I'm sure that's an evil position for me to have as well so I'll just exit the discussion entirely. Essential worker in the streets, anarchist in sheets, or something.
  11. And for clarification, businesses that can't function because of a lack of product or failure to deliver + stay lucrative has everything to do with transportation. I don't know if you know this or not, but the products sold at your local grocery store aren't made in the back of the store lol
  12. The funny thing is, I'm an "essential worker" in the transportation industry. I've probably single handily done more to keep products moving across the country than you have (also the packages I shipped were giveaway & replacement items) 😄 But hey, if this interaction gives you a false sense of superiority then by all means, bask away. You can have whatever opinion about my integrity you want. Not sure how I'm an asshole, but ok, since we're quoting songs the great Samiam once said... "If you say so...." Hugs and kisses brother, hugs and kisses.
  13. So the US goverment forces businesses to close, which takes a toll on transportation, I take advantage of a small loop hole saving less than $20 shipping items from my own business which has also been impacted, and I'm the asshole? OK, sound logic my dude ahahaha. When I get to hell for my sins I'll be sure to reflect on this exact message board moral grandstanding knowing that I could've been a living saint who single handily stopped hundreds of goverment employees going into poverty and chose not to. 🙄