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  1. Chris is a dad now, I imagine he won't be singing about drinking blood and how the world would be better off without him that much these days. This new song is cool. Can't wait to hear the whole album.
  2. GODDAMN PLACEHOLDER THREADS! This new song is rad as hell though. Hope the whole LP is like this.
  3. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Cursive - Vitriola (10-5-18)

    Oh damn, this must be what 15 Passenger has been teasing. Will wait and see what they have for pre-order when the time comes.
  4. The dryness in the initial release adds a lot of heart and "hardcore" feel to it. This new mushy mix is just way too funky feeling.
  5. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Drug Church "Cheer" 11/2/2018

    Comparing SDF and DC is like comparing nachos with pizza. Just because they both have cheese on them doesn't mean they're in the same category. Each band is extremely good at what they do, it just comes down to what style of music fits your tastes more. I'll take loud fast music over artsy fartsy music any day
  6. I posted about my experience in best/worst cs sticky. Ordered a record from them a month ago and nothing happened with it, just sat there unshipped. I opened a PayPal claim on Tuesday so I get to wait another 2 weeks until I get my money returned. PayPal really needs to streamline this type of shit. If a buisness is fucking over customers they should pull their support form them altogether because more often than not I won't shop on a site I'm unfamiliar with if they don't accept PayPal.
  7. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Drug Church "Cheer" 11/2/2018

    Understandable. Grabbed the white shirt bundle.
  8. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Drug Church "Cheer" 11/2/2018

    It's a shirt bundle I'm sure media mail is a no go, not sure if flat rate shipping would be much cheaper than priority shipping. Not trying to be a pain in the ass, but if I'm gonna buy a record 3 months before it comes out I don't need it to be shipped to me in 2 days once it's released lol.
  9. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Drug Church "Cheer" 11/2/2018

    That $12.48 priority shipping price for the shirt bundle sucks
  10. I dunno man, not much weirder than a group like the Beatles ever got at times. Lyrically they're dark, but really smart. They just straight up write good songs and have a dedicated fanbase.
  11. Bullmoose (black) -http://www.bullmoose.com/p/27655840/ajj-ugly-spiral-lp-explicit-version Amazon (black) - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FVFD6GX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_NR4wBb67408E4
  12. https://lnk.to/UglySpiralBl Pressing Info: - 1000 Mustard - 1000 Ultra Clear - 2000 Black (Retail Only) Euro Pre-Order Available here: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/sideonedummy-records/
  13. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Fucked Up - "Dose Your Dreams" 2XLP

    New song is killer, Glass Boys was a fantastic album and I'm sure this will be too.