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  1. Talking a lot of shit for a dude with a Sleep Well Beast avi
  2. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Owning any variant > waiting on a repress
  3. Shitty Rambo

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    20% off your order on all in-stock items! We are celebrating Octoberfest! Use the code "Fest" at checkout! #vinyl #gigposters #indiemusic https://t.co/8dt5wZPrd0 https://t.co/0QVXtmfO8S www.indievinylden.com
  4. Shitty Rambo

    I don't like tacos anymore

    Fact: EVERY Del Taco outside of my hometown/where it originated is WACK.
  5. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Drug Church "Cheer" 11/2/2018

    That fuckin' sucks!!! The /500 is clearly the cooler variant now.
  6. For real, and to be fair they've never really done wacky/super rare vinyl pressings. Let's also bare in mind they took a break for a while too.
  7. Shitty Rambo

    I don't like music anymore

    It sounds like this new GL album was made for you, contextually and moderately sonically - https://graduatinglife.bandcamp.com
  8. Shitty Rambo

    Death From Above "Heads Up" EP reissue

    Grabbed an unsigned copy. Voluntarily paying an extra $13 for a couple signatures is beyond my comprehension.
  9. Not trying to be a contrarian but I like both these songs just fine. This last one reminds me of the new Interpol album. Got no problem hearing them try something completely different, if there's one thing this band is good at it's jumping between different styles and still managing to pull it off.
  10. "You can’t wrongly label innocent people. Your words have very real effects and consequences. You are part of the problem and the reason why social media can be such a toxic place." No truer words have ever been said. Don't fault them for stepping away from a scene that isn't even willing to let them speak for themselves.
  11. Really?? I had no idea. He like a guitar player or the main vocal dude from MJ? That band (and all this weed emo stuff) isn't for me at all, but I absolutely love GL! Their last LP was amazing, and this follow up is just as rad.
  12. /300 black, low quantities. Link to store Bandcamp page! https://graduatinglife.bandcamp.com
  13. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Slothrust 'Pact' LP

    The /250 pearl variant is basically just a solid grey record with a pinkish hue to it. The songs on it are awesome though. This band has grown so much as musicians and composers over the years and it really shows on this release.
  14. Shitty Rambo

    PO- Bloc Party- Silent Alarm reissue