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  1. Give me whiskey and coke (translucent brown) colored records /150 or give me death!
  2. Nah man, some people like the "novelty" of vinyl, but a lot people (on these boards specifically) collect records because we prefer the format, and like to support the bands/artist we listen to. Hell, most of us got into vinyl when it was aggressively unpopular, and the vast majority of threads on this board were about $10 records from punk/indie labels that kept the format alive because it was a cheap physical option (then, not now).
  3. New jam has a lot of vocals and structure and it's not at all what I turn to LB for 😕
  4. I'm about 30 hours into Fire Emblem Three Houses and still in chapter 1. I plan on playing the other 2 houses story lines after my initial through so I assume I'll be completely done with this game sometime in 2028. On another note, I've been playing the shit out of this Dr. Mario mobile game while on-the-go. I initially hated it, but have since figured out the tricks. The online vs mode is surprisingly well done and fun.
  5. I feel you. I paid a dumb amount of money for a sealed copy of Can't Slow Down, but it was still less than the price of a open copy of In Reverie. It's the only STD full length I don't have on vinyl.
  6. Chris Farren is becoming the next generation's Reggie and the Full Effect and I dig it.
  7. Never. DreamWorks has the rights to that album and will continue to be dicks about a repress.
  8. The /199 tan pressing? I got one of them. Got no gripes with it either.
  9. Anyone else here obsessed with Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Easily my favorite game since Persona 5.
  10. If anyone gets/doesn't want this 7" HMU! UFOF is my AOTY. Also people are saying the runout is OCT1119 Wonder if this indicates something coming October 11???