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  1. The grail hoaders have found out about it, I imagine this PO will be a shitshow lol
  2. I know OG Blink has been gone for a while but didn't think it was long enough for people to forget they're really really bad live 😅
  3. The clip from the new song is just kinda meh (I was hoping they were gonna come out with a reunion album that was more akin to Boxcar Racer but with more production ala Untitled, especially given Mark's struggle with the big C), but I don't wanna write it off till I hear the whole song. In all fairness mainstream rock doesn't really exist anymore so Blink can kinda do whatever they want, with that being said, Edging sounds '22 as hell, this is neither an insult or a compliment lol
  4. Pre-made bowls in stock https://www.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/products/566702-brand-new-deja-entendu
  5. 13 years ago I paid $45 for a flipped copy of the first press of American Slang shortly after the pre-order (missed it) and felt like I overpaid. Funny how things change lol
  6. I barely got a shipping email about this, completely forgot about it lol
  7. B-sides now count as "brand new songs" AND it cost $7 to ship a 7" in the year of our lord 2022? Damn.
  8. The song The Days (my favorite on the album), kinda reinforces this idea. "Wasting, waiting for this invitation As I drip into the horror But I'm saving up everything I said for my remorseful days Laying with my children with silence on my breath **** While I'm drinking all the rain Wasting, waiting for this revelation As I crack through the floor But I'm writing down everything you say for my dementia days Laying with my children with whiskey on my breath"
  9. Having spent more time with this record I get the feeling this is a concept album about being diagnosed with alzheimer's? Any time the word "drift" is mentioned it seems like it's in this context. Pair, the last song on the album takes place in a hospital, contrasting how both birth and death occur in the same building. I also here mention of someone named Lou. I'm not sure if this is a character in a story or someone close to the band that struggled with an illness?
  10. Stream is up (at least on YouTube Music), this record is dope. I needed something like this in my life right now.
  11. Hell yeah! Pre-ordered a purple indie variant from from Bullmoose (kinda skeptical because they never fulfilled my PO of the newest Wilhelm Scream album but eventually got them in stock a couple months after release 🙃, only issue I've had with them so I don't think it's a regular problem). https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35499805/off-free-lsd-deep-purple-vinyl