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  1. Looking into the twitterverse about all this I stumbled across this hilarious bs parody band lol https://mouthstuff.bandcamp.com/album/maybe-theres-a-reason-we-feel-the-feelings-we-feel
  2. So what ever happened to Paul Pendley? Didn't he leave RCR to pursue independent projects? I've looked to see if I can find any solo stuff from him but have come up short
  3. How do these records sound in general? I don't own any, but some friends of mine had a record from their old band pressed by WV and I'm fairly certain it wasn't remastered in any capacity prior.
  4. Nah, I suspect it's because they nail that SUPREME™/social media hype beast technique extremely well. Super duper scarce records people will instantly FOMO buy, wheter they actually like the band or not.
  5. Still wish they woulda put Summer Kiss and So Impossible on a single 12" record, split light blue/orange or a splatter 😕
  6. Via SL email " Unfortunately, we just received word from the vinyl manufacturing plant that the Muck vinyl has been delayed a few months due to a brutal combination of COVID-19 & supply chain issues. At this point, our best estimate is that Muck vinyl will now ship on or around January 22. If the vinyl happens to arrive sooner than that, we will certainly send it out before this date, but right now it's not a guarantee based on what we know from the manufacturer. We are deeply sorry for this disappointing news. But rest assured, once we receive the
  7. Gonna unlock this thread. Treat each other like human beings. We don't care if you guys wanna talk about politics here, just don't blow up the report system about it. Put on your big kid shoes and leave the discussion if it bothers you. We don't need to be notified about a difference of opinion, someone disagreeing with your flavor of statism isn't harassment.
  8. This album must be a banger given there's like 14 variants and 7000 records being pressed lol
  9. I initially wanted to go with the bundle too but after tax and shipping it was close to $25 more than just grabbing the cool ass splatter and limited black copy. I couldn't choose between the 2 so just grabbed both lol
  10. Try rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush, go with the grain, don't apply a ton of pressure.

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