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  1. Shitty Rambo

    PO Now: Algernon Cadwaller Reissues + Comp

    Me too, I asked on Twitter if they were gonna do more (they're doing a 3rd press of the comp) but haven't gotten a response.
  2. Shitty Rambo

    PO Now: Algernon Cadwaller Reissues + Comp

    Lauren Records threw a few leftover copies of the 1st run in their web store: Comp - turquoise and the split color SKOC - Pink Parrot - Orange and green/orange split http://www.lauren-records.com/products/search?q=Algernon+Cadwallader Grabbed a split color copy of the comp since I doubt it'll see another tape run any time soon.
  3. This is cool stuff man, will probably grab the cassette option when I get paid.
  4. Shitty Rambo

    True Detective (HBO)

    So did Lucy write the cut-out "randsom" note? And if so, how did Amelia know what it said, given she quoted it in her book?
  5. Shitty Rambo

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    ^imo these teaser tracks have had a more digital/modern twist to them where ROTH was more of a straight forward drums/guitar/bass album. Seems like they're trying to chase an older Portugal. The Man style high, both audibly and aesthetically.
  6. Shitty Rambo

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    The guitar work is very lofi hiphop-y
  7. Song is killer. I need to pad out the rest of my Weatherbox collection soon, always held out hope for a Weatherboxset but don't think that's ever gonna happen.
  8. Shitty Rambo


    Never https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/109226-vnyl/
  9. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Free Throw - What's Past is Prologue

    Oh snap! Had no idea this was going down. Love the new song. @kylet is trippin'! Last LP was dope as fuck and this new one will probably kick ass too. Clear w/ black up on Amazon for only $17 and some change - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NBPDDLG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_JmKwCbFMQG31N Not sure which variant I wanna grab. The tour copy is probably gonna be the coolest one. Edit: went with red/yellow
  10. Shitty Rambo

    Ordering Blank Tapes

    Take a look on ebay, you can usually find good deals on someone else's overstock/leftovers. Finding exact lengths can be problematic, but having 5-10 min of dead space on a DIY release isn't uncommon or really frowned upon.
  11. Shitty Rambo

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    Hope this has their song Sunset City on it. Love that jam.
  12. Shitty Rambo

    PO: Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles

    Man, I hope they aren't done working with S1D, and they do an exclusive variant.
  13. It's up on US Amazon. Not sure what variant it is though. Morbid Stuff https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MMP45K1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-yjtCb768WBQK
  14. That green variant is cool as hell.