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  1. It has not :,( I emailed them about a week ago and got this response. Hi, thanks a lot for your order! Unfortunately we're still in the middle of clearing a transit route to the United States. Deutsche Post doesn't carry small packages anymore due to the lack of flights and issues in the custom processing. Shipping through DHL, FedEx or UPS would potentially be possible, but start at about 40 € in shipping fees. For the moment I sadly have only two viable options: A full refund or waiting until the situations clears up further. I'm very sorry. I replied and told them I understand, and that I'd wait until the 10th to see if things change and if not I'll take the refund. Huge bummer, but totally understandable. At least we know they have them in stock for a good price, so if this dumb virus ever backs off we can grab them later on 😕
  2. Alien Ant Farm did a live show from the Whiskey A-Go-Go a couple weeks ago, I just HMDI'd a Chromebook into my TV (and screen recorded the stream on my phone for latter 😬). You should be able to SmartView stream it to any smart TV from an Android device. I do it with premium podcasts often but the quality is kinda crappy.
  3. Hello Exile is easily my least favorite Menzingers album, however, I can't break up the discography, plus these songs on bandcamp sound way more interesting than the LP versions so screw it. *click*
  4. Favorites so far: The Lawrence Arms - Skeleton Coast Four Year Strong - Brain Pain Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces, Everyone PEARS - S/T New Found Glory - Forever and Ever x Infinity Good romps: Criteria - Years The Garden - Kiss My Super Bowl Ring Beach Slang - The Deadbeat Band of Heartbreak City AJJ - Good Luck Everybody Hot Mulligan - You'll Be Fine Bob Nanna - Celebration States Stuff I need to dig into more: Covet - technicolor Bad Cop/Bad Cop - The Ride Pictures of Vernon - Bug Broadway Calls - Sad in the City Sparta - Trust The River Stuff I'm looking forward to: Bright Eyes - Down in the Weeds... Into It. Over It. - Figure METZ - Atlas Vending Drug Church - LP 4 (hopefully)
  5. Got my Bullmoose order today, didn't get a chance to listen to it but it looked awesome, including the sleeve.
  6. My top 3 are: This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic Highly Refinded Pirates They Make Beer Commercials Like This EP
  7. I've been listening ti MTB a lot while drinking beer in my super rad above ground pool lol, my wife wasn't really privvy to their last couple releases and it's cool seeing her fall back in love with this band.
  8. The fellas have a new live album available. /500 on black. https://deadbars.bigcartel.com/product/dead-bars-live-at-white-eagle-hall-lp-sr00
  9. I love this record, been listening to it regularly since it came out. My only gripe is that there are moments where they flirt with the idea of reverting back to some easycore style breakdowns but never pull the trigger.
  10. So, I found the grey/marbled variant available from a German site called Vinyl-Digital that people online claim is legit. It was only $23.56ppd to the US and had PayPal checkout. I figured screw it, I'll place an order and see what happens. I'll let you guys know if it actually ships or not. https://www.vinyl-digital.com/en/Rock-Indie/Criteria-En-Garde-09546407.html
  11. California Coronavirus Update: State Sets Grim Record With Most Daily COVID-19 Deaths Ever; Death Toll Tops 8,000 https://deadline.com/2020/07/california-coronavirus-highest-daily-death-toll-ever-1202993528/
  12. I'm genuinely surprised people aren't feeling this record. It feels like a direct sequel to Oh! Calcutta! to me 😕
  13. Grabbed a BM variant, these dudes can do no wrong!