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  1. The VR one is OK, but it doesn't really go anywhere. They reveal the plot in the first 15 minutes and then there's no real build up or anything. None of them have any twists or feeling of dread that the series is known for. I was referencing the old 90's AYAOTD?, I didn't know it was back but definetly wanna look into it now.
  2. These 3 new episodes of Black Mirror were BORING. That Miley Cyrus one was basically an Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode with f-bombs.
  3. Totally get what you're saying, I had to force myself to sit down and watch this last season because I kept getting side tracked with other crap and then would be lost.
  4. The Society, Chambers, and Undercover are awesome newer Netflix series! I haven't watched Dead To Me yet but my wife said it's really good. Catch-22 on Hulu is fucking brilliant! Definite must watch if you have the service. Although S03 of Sneaky Pete was all over the damn place, it was a good watch. The final season of Catastrophe ends in a very eerie way but was good. Homecoming is a great psychological thriller, excited to see where they take it next.
  5. It's a promo copy, you're not supposed to resell promotional music at retail. You're not gonna get party v8 for it lol https://tenor.com/view/fbi-raid-swat-gif-11500735
  6. At least it took him time, I got over their first album within the first month of it's release and didn't even bother with the second one. Think at that time I was pissed off they put GJ on the back burner, was annoyed by people who put HA songs on their MySpace profiles, and let's be honest, this is pop music with a little bit of Prince influence
  7. I'd be willing to bet this is just the black variant which they pressed immediately after the brown/x variant and what you're seeing is leftover residue from the previous variant. If your etchings/serials match up with whatever is listed on Discogs I'd say that's the only logical conclusion.
  8. @unknown pleasures has a point. There are people in this community who return records because of seam splits, it legitmately would not surprise me.
  9. ...the record is somehow unplayable because the labels are on opposite sides?
  10. Plenty of slow pace jamming in the other two song I had mentioned. Like I said, I was working at the same time, not sitting completely still in a dark room paying the utmost attention to the music. Not sure why you guys are dissecting my comment to the bitter end, but right on lol.
  11. @veggiecorecords Her Father In The Pool, the 8th track on a 16 track album (aka the middle of the album), which is followed by one straight forward song then 2 that are almost 7 minutes long. Nice try though, pal.
  12. They sound like their fucking records live. It's insane. You can tell they practice a lot. Stoked on whatever they're up to, if we get a new Pentimento record and Signals Midwest record this year my heads gonna explode.
  13. I understand what you're aiming for with the stand up comedy thing, but that's a pretty inaccurate comparison, especially with this band. Even when The National was, "layered guitars and Matt yelling," they were significantly more creative and progressive than other bands in their genre/scene. Hell, the earlier more rock focused stuff isn't even my favorite material by them, and let's be fair, this new experimental sound they've been leaning into for the last 2 albums certainly isn't the weirdest/most off-the-wall music that exists right now. There are pop artists doing similar, if not weirder, things in 2019. Basically what I'm getting at is that loving this album doesn't put anyone at a higher echelon of taste or understanding of artistic integrity. This band has a vast catalog of music that varies significantly, different segments of that will stand out to different people and there ain't a damn thing wrong with that. I will continue to try and find something special about this record. Hopefully I do. Gave it another listen at work but started half way through, @Kanye West must have a different version of this album than I do because I was immediately greeted with minutes of filler/electronic/atmospheric ambience. That's fine if that's you're thing, just not something I'd go out of my way to listen to.