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  1. I got a clear orange variant from Amazon and it says CLEAR ORANGE on the hype sticker. Not sure what the Indie Variant sticker says.
  2. My Amazon copy is out for delivery today (surprised it didn't get delayed by weeks with all this chaos). Maybe I'll get lucky and end up with the indie variant.
  3. Hell yeah dude! I'm out from them by a 2 hour drive but I buy from them mail order as often as I can! Super fast shipping, great prices, and always tend to have the modern day Indie Variants in stock with no surcharges,
  4. www.amoeba.com Free shipping on all orders, they typically do a 15% off coupons towards the 15th of each month although welcome10 should get you a 10% discount outside of that window.
  5. For those of you playing Animal Crossing my wife is trying to get heavily invested in the black market fruit trade - SW-7675-6694-04966694-0496
  6. Shit, nothing in my life has really changed except the kids are home. My job is considered "essential" by the government so we're still coming to work as usual, they even gave me a little cop-pass paper to show law enforcement incase the state initiates martial law. My wife's business is still able to do take out and delivery orders so she's still working. I saw this shit coming about a week ago and was able to grab some groceries to get the family by, only thing I had an inconvience getting was toilet paper but it random pops up on Amazon and I was able to get a case from them. Cons: Bright Eyes hasn't said anything but I'm sure their tour will get postponed, my brother is supposed to have a wedding next month and even though the venue hasn't canceled on him I'm trying to talk him into moving it so he doesn't spend a shitload of money on a wedding 10 people are going to attend lol. Pros: you can get hard to find shit on Discogs for lower prices right now, people are panic selling records and tapes they'd usually price gouge. Kinda funny seeing all these recent Fat Wreck releases people usually flip go from $90 to $40 lol As far as our administration goes I don't see why people are becoming solely reliant on the state during this event. It's a pandemic, if it isn't contained from the get-go it becomes impossible to isolate the bigger it gets. My only real gripe with them was their delayed reaction to isolating our nation due to scrutiny, but aside from that they're not doing a better or worse job than any other past administration would had. I see plenty of businesses stepping up and taking care of their employees (letting them work from home, giving them time off, etc), and that's awesome, also a lot of utility services and banks in my area are letting customers skip payments. I think over the next few days we'll start to see products readily available on store shelves again (because hoarders are going to run out of money and storage space). Now the state needs to hurry up and give us back some of our taxed income via this stimulus shit, papa wants a new revolver lol
  7. It seems like Rockstar knows their bread and butter is with the online side of things. I think that's why we never saw any DLC for GTA V, they make hand over fist money from micro transactions via multi-player they're like, "fuck it, focus any post release development here". I would be genuinely surprised if we ever saw RDR2 DLC, let alone an Undead Nightmare spin-off, would be awesome though (so would a direct sequel to RDR2 centered around Sadie in Mexico lol).
  8. I fell off it shortly after launch because I hated riding my horse in real time EVERYWHERE, not to mention all the quality-of-life tasks, but after going back to it almost a year later I appreciated it much more. It did definetly drag on a bit here and there, but overall once I was done I immediately wanted to go back and play the first game over again. I hope one day that sees a remaster and they add lore surrounding Arthur, Sadie, and Charles.
  9. Best game of this generation, hands down, and Royal fine tunes everything. Somehow Atlus figured out how to make an already perfect game better.
  10. 2020 PS4 Backlog Update- Complete: Ratchet and Clank Detroit Red Dead Redemption 2 Incomplete: Spider-Man Nier God of War Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  11. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but the pay off for collecting all of them is gonna piss you off lol
  12. I've used their pick-up service a couple times. I may just go that route. I just straight up don't trust Gamestop, but I like the idea of going to pick it up from a store opposed to having it shipped to me because that has it's own issues as well.
  13. Have any of you guys ever pre-ordered hardware from Gamestop? They're opening one pretty close to my house and I plan on getting a PS5 at launch but I feel like they're not dependable. Like I'll go put $400 cash down on the console and when I go to get it they'll say they sold it or didn't get enough or some bullshit. Will probably just stick with Best Buy or Amazon, but it would be nice to just walk in a store and pick it up.
  14. Full album stream! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_uD5vh8_aM64oQWl5uvEmzaVU9G7SkOJ