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  1. "Like most bands in their position, Menzingers commit to living in the moment by proclaiming “we do politics now.”" The guys in Cursive are nearly twice their age and dedicating entire albums to that crap now lol. Nothing us minorities enjoy more than hearing white dudes from mostly white states who've only lived in mostly white metropolitan areas write songs about how hard it is to be a brown person lol.
  2. Contrary to popular belief musicians tend to suck at doing basic things most able-bodied humans can do (I.E. - ship packages in a timely manner, get haircuts, abide by the morality they preach, go to the dentist, etc.). If you've already reached out to the band and got no response file a PayPal claim (assuming you used that to pay, always use that to pay) and let them sort it out for you. It certainly does suck when you want to support a indie artist or label directly and they're too incompetent to hold up their end of the bargain. Yeah, you can get busy doing either, but not busy enough to where you can't print a label and tape it to a mailer lol.
  3. That's a list alright... http://www.brooklynvegan.com/cassette-store-day-2019-full-list-of-exclusive-titles/ CASSETTE STORE DAY – 2019 EXCLUSIVE TITLES Dallas Acid – The Spiral Arm Various Artists – Transistor 2 Aw, Would You Look At The Time – Sounds from Aw, Would You Look At The Time Vol. 1 Flesh Eater – extinguisher / tinnitus Various Artists – BT Mixtape Vol. 2 Local Cult – Collection of Tape Loops Telefones – Hang Up Scott Free – Whats This World Coming To? THE BRAT – Straight Outta East L.A. (2019 Cassette Edition) That Dog – OLD Hirie – Dreamer Ingrid Michaelson – Stranger Songs Philiac – Oil Wars Chronophasia – Chronophasia L.I.F.E. Pupil – Lessons Adam Void – Freight Noise Film Skool Rejekts – Midnight Movie (Theatrical Cut) Various Artists – Dala Records Mixtape Black Adidas – Black Adidas Ciénaga – Isla Eterna Recluso – El Beat Tape Odd Nosdam – Plan 9… Meat Your Hypnotis (20yr anniversary reissue) Various Artists – “Group Therapy” vol. 5 Various – Ambient For A Greener Planet Various – Human Beat, Seriously, Man or Astro-Man?, R. Stevie Moore, and more – The Earth Libraries Story Vol. 1 the jack moves – Free Money Grant Earl LaValley – A Brighter Day Jay Reatard – Blood Visions ΔKTR – Push Hookuo & WDRW – Magnetic Dyelo Think – Water Vibes SOИIC – Bulletproof pax – cherry Various Artists – Godless America Mixtape Vol. 6 Hayley and the Crushers – COOL/LAME The Radio Buzzkills – Get Lost Promweather – Wandering The Media Dimension Subversive Intentions – Feathered Cephlapod Journal: The First Decade of Subversive Intentions Mefisto – Tales From the Ark Campos de Luz – Campos de Luz Iguana Death Cult – Nude Casino Loving Paupers – Lines + Dubs The Skalars – Skoolin’ With The Skalars Various Artists – We Do The Ska! Various Artists – Music Box Christmas Skanker The Skatalites – Platinum Ska + Bonus Dubs Mephiskapheles – Might-Ay White-Ay Mustard Plug – Big Daddy Multitude Andy Bassford – The Harder They Strum Andy Bassford – The Harder They Strum (8 track tape) The Pietasters – Strapped Live! Bandulus – Love A Woman The Slackers – The Radio The Slackers – Only The Best For Our Friends Vol 1 Giant Swan – Giant Swan Various Artists – Gone Home Soundtrack Broken Alias – Travelchip The Pauses – Unbuilding Lisa Coleman – COLLAGE LIZARDWAVE – THE NEW NEW WAVE Santa Cruz – Katharsis Various Artists – Punk Rocket – post/pop/garage/punk from southern Ontario Atlantis Aquarius – Leo’s Rising Paul Jacobs – EASY The Blank Tapes – Mix Tape Savants – New Junk City Atlantis Aquarius – Leo’s Rising The Blank Tapes – Look Into The Light Dream Phases – So Long, Yesterday Paul Jacobs – Easy Timothy Eerie – RITUAL Dream Phases – So Long, Yesterday Timothy Eerie – RITUAL Various Artists – And In My Mind I Still Need A Place To Go Quad Super Six – Quad Super Six Chris Hound – Spaghetti Italians GARY AND LINDA – Optical Illusions SCOTTMAN – It SCOTTMAN – In Your Dreams DR. DOG – Midi Swamp FLOATING ACTION – Old World Camels Value Added (v++) – Optimize All Available David Bavas – Megan Palmer and John Calvin Abney – Willow & Wood – The Bird and The Bear – Split Single Marco Benevento – Let It Slide Evolfo – Last Of The Acid Cowboys DEAN PARADISE – VOLUME 2 Sean Price – 4 Album Cassette Box Set JADE PALACE, LORD BEATJITZU – JADE PALACE VAULT Vol 1, BEE POLLEN FIST Backstage Pass – 77 Adam Lipman – The Slouch Post Life – Nothing/All Is Said The Regrets – New Directions: Results Beat Boasts Amerigo Gazaway – UGK vs B.B. King: The Trill Is Gone Amerigo Gazaway – Endless Summer / No Free Beats OST Amerigo Gazaway – Biggie vs James Brown: The B.I.G. Payback Steel Panther – Heavy Metal Rules Jacquelin – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland The Mixtape The Bobby Lees – Guttermilk [Maxi-single] Warm Drag – Warm Drag Various Artists – Just Like Heaven: A Tribute to the Cure Various Artists – Tapes Not Dead – Vol.2 Thelma and the Sleaze – Heart Like a Fist The Advertisers – The Advertisers David R. Cornejo – URANIA ILL BILL – Black Metal Upnorfphonk – The Instrumental Compilation All Your Sisters – Trust Ruins Read More: Cassette Store Day 2019: full list of exclusive titles | http://www.brooklynvegan.com/cassette-store-day-2019-full-list-of-exclusive-titles/?trackback=tsmclip
  4. Sonically it's kinda all over the place, the singles make up the front half of the record then it kinda opens up and slightly treads in Rented World territory. I've only listen to it one time all the way through, so this just my initial impression.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3IJggEp0Ya/?igshid=bfmb1sn2d9bp
  6. Got my peacock copy today. It's basically just a swirly teal/blue green color. At this point I should know Menzingers records will never look like their mock-ups, yet I fall for it every time lol
  7. HH, and Mama is some of the best material they've ever made! I wish they'd go back to that mindset, but, "orange man bad." *yawn*
  8. If this features those 3 tracks they just put out on YouTube I'm gonna pass. My brown ass has had my fill of hearing white dudes cry about their white guilt. At this point it's a hack bit lol.
  9. Price gouging seems like it's their method to stay afloat, as if they hope someone not in the 'know' of record collecting comes across a listing like that, thinks it's an exclusive, and pulls the trigger. It sucks because in the early 2000's Interpunk was my go-to method of getting smaller band's merch/CDs. Over the years they've become an empty shell of what they once were. It's sad.
  10. I have a feeling many opened colored copies wll be pop up on discogs for sub $20 in the next month or so.
  11. Interpunk selling the indie variant with a $8 markup lol Don't worry, they'll throw in a random 7" from a crust punk band that broke up 20 years ago to sweeten the deal! https://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=248982
  12. Got my vinyl copy of the new Prespective album today. Lots of hiss pops and skips, hoping that will settle down after a few plays. Great album though.
  13. I've always used Google to search the boards, just type in "vinyl collective (whatever topic I'm looking for)" and usually find it instantly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯