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  1. Neon yellow also up at Bull Moose, a buck cheaper than the rainbow + they don't charge till it ships. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35044813/slothrust-parallel-timeline-neon-yellow-vinyl https://az721511.vo.msecnd.net/images/Bullmoose/35044813.JPG?637542135567208938
  2. I've loved this band for quite sometime and will definetly buy this record, but man, I REALLY miss them being a high energy indie rock band. Not a huge fan of this dreamy airy stuff they've been moving towards.
  3. Hit up John Gentile (@johngentile) from PunkNews on Twitter, this is right up his alley.
  4. Wasn't a huge fan of the last LP but this song is great, reminds me of the Bare Your Mind material. Grabbed the Butterfly variant.
  5. It's a self released 7" with a hand numbered/screened cover, it's worth making that collection 101!
  6. I dunno man, you also gotta take into consideration that the cost of 7"s and LPs has doubled and in some cases tripled over the last 15 years. Also kinda seems like bands feel the same way because 7"s aren't as common as they used to be. I'll still grab them here and there but it's mostly just to support the artist or label putting them out. Also it seems like The Bronx are similar to Glassjaw in that they don't make their material easy to get on vinyl. More than likely a licensing thing. I still want that damn rumored LP boxset they hinted at like a decade ago!
  7. This. Hopefully he finds peace for himself and his family.
  8. Time to take a (mandatory) break. You said yourself you don't like the atmosphere of these forums, then consistently participated the flame war (and subsequently reported it several times).
  9. Sweet. Grabbed a gold/black splatter copy of Career Suicide.
  10. Ugh, I did the same. Always was like "I'll grab one later," I blew it.
  11. Aw feck, what TLA album got a repress?
  12. Someone was responding to him and name dropping VC. Hopefully it's not viewed as a summons. We don't need that bad juju in this house! Juan and I are quite enjoying the laid back atmoshpere of the boards these days, especially in our twilight years.
  13. The comment section on the latest Parting Gift IG post is wild lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CMCv_rxArr3/?igshid=1bw8rbtow46p1

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