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  1. 8-bit EP now available on another format... https://www.instagram.com/p/CRO2XTMp8R5/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Run For Cover's CS fuckin' stinks. I placed in order in late May during whatever sale they were running at the time, they purchased a shipping label for my order but never dispatched it. When I reached out to their CS they told me I have to wait at least 45 days before they will even look into the fucking issue, still got 6 more days to go lol UPDATE: so I ended up opening a PayPal dispute cause I don't even want the damn record at this point, now they're actually offering to help but only if I close the dispute first 😂
  3. https://pics.me.me/thats-a-bold-strategy-cotton-lets-see-if-it-pays-35460919.png
  4. My point still stands. They ain't milkin' that one every couple years like they do with the first two LPs (and later EP, apparently Kiss Kise Bang Bang is universally disliked) lol
  5. The shit this band manages to get away with (with 20 year old songs at that) never ceases to amaze me 😂
  6. I'm always down for a 180g record over a standard weight one. Never have issues with surface noise.
  7. Why do Long Island bands hate their fans so much? 😂 Seems like TBS is the only LI band from this era that doesn't make it impossible or ridiculously expensive for their fans to own their records. Yeesh.
  8. 🎶Sometimes the collected wisdom of strangers can put a smart man squarely in danger. I used to believe a thing just because I heard it and now I confess I was far stupider for it🎶 I don't know if anyone else here follows Pat's podcast Worst Possible Timeline, but it's cool as hell to see him turn arguments/points he's made there into actual songs.
  9. Been streaming it while I wait for the record, I like it a lot. Much cooler than the last LP.
  10. I think Pat or the official DC IG posted a story of the white/pink variant the other day. Maybe some variants took longer than others 😕
  11. Via Bull Moose "Thanks again for your order! We just wanted to let you know that the release of: Drug Church/TAWNY (Black in Beer w. Heavy White Splatter Vinyl) (810540032801) Has been delayed until Jul 30, 2021. It was previously scheduled for Jul 09, 2021. We’re very sorry about this!"
  12. This. Got most, if not all, of the records and tapes I was after. Now I typically just buy records to support bands/labels I dig.
  13. Seems kinda weird none of the other band members are in any of these videos, or any of the social media promo. I assumed it was because they were shot in the middle of the pandemic, but now I'm thinking it's intentional. They probably don't care, but it's odd given they are a vital part of this band's sound (at least when they're playing actual rock songs).
  14. I also wanna throw in Against Me! and Modern Baseball. Lawrence Arms and Menzingers feel like they should be here too, but their old material is pretty scrappy and unpolished. Almost feel like you appreciate it more AFTER hearing their more recent material.

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