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  1. Working US store link - https://dogknightsproductions.com/collections/dog-knights-us/products/usa-can-only-dk177-southtowne-lanes-take-care-12-lp-pre-order?variant=46814163009769
  2. First new release since 2016. They used to play more twinkle-daddy type of stuff back in the day but have moved into a heavier direction with this new material. I'm really excited about it and I think a lot of folks here will dig it too. White w/ Purple & Black Jagged Pinwheel /100 Black w/ White Marble & Purple Half-Pulsar /150 https://dogknightsproductions.com/collections/dog-knights-us/products/usa-can-only-dk177-southtowne-lanes-take-care-12-lp-pre-order
  3. The record Fiddler didn't want to initially press because it wouldn't sell out (and didn't for quite some time) is yet again available to celebrate it's 20 year anniversary. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/fiddler?fbclid=IwAR2Ahcxs9SsQ79lbiq3WpMVZhcoVzVWwikO9jH1IN53iF0FHN6xKjUSSSY8 Gold metallic swirl & coke bottle clear w/black both /250
  4. Per their IG... https://www.instagram.com/p/C3-P87AK3rB/?igsh=ZDE1MWVjZGVmZQ== "Physical versions of our newest EP go up for sale next week Wednesday 10am EST 7am PST. 4 new "Here, Hear" tracks + 4 b-sides from a new alternative writing project, called "MEANTIME" on both vinyl and cassette. There's alink in our bio to pre-save. Don't sleep, click. Two songs new to the general public ahead of that: "16" and "Reformation," both written and released first via Patreon over the last two years, then again (albeit briefly) for the holiday fundraiser, available now to stream. "16" is the most recently completed track from the ongoing Here, Hear series, a supplementary songwriting project that started in 2008 and migrated online during the early months of COVID shutdown. Beginning with a creative prompt from Adam called "This Song Will Self-Destruct" participating members were asked to "break" something over the course of the parts they contributed. The result is a song that both does and does not fall apart entirely itself, or at least we feel it does both things. Give it a listen yourself and decide. "Reformation" is the most recent installment of a new alternate writing endeavor, titled "MEANTIME" in which songs are built words first, beginning with an audio recording from Jordan before being sent to one instrumentalist in the band to flesh the track out musically (in this song's case, one Corey Stroffolino). More of both to come at some point. For now, these are heading your way, digitally and physically, for the interested." https://youtu.be/QPAYxMOR3M0?si=Cbek1iJdsiELsCRk
  5. Signals Midwest and ANORAK have a split 7" (have no idea where you'd get a copy) out to promote their tour in Japan, and hot damn these songs rip! Signals Midwest really goes the extra mile here. I've always enjoyed their more straight forward/high energy sound in this scene, but this single definitely shows off the more creative side of their song writing. If anything this feels closer to a Dikembe song but without all the sappy glum despair they can't seem to get away from (with the exception of Hail Something, which is my favorite release of their's but it doesn't get much love).
  6. Ah, I see Kinsella didn't get enough over saturation of airy effects and digital drums on the last American Football LP.
  7. Whatever happened to the guy who said he'd buy me any new record of my choosing if the Trump/Russia thing turned out to be fake? I'd like to cash in now, plz 😉
  8. Like eveyone else in this thread my buying habits are at an all time low. I probably only bought maybe 6 records total last year, but still spent as much as I would've if I were buying 20 in 2015. I will only preorder albums from bands I trust to put out quality releases. I'll only buy represses of things I don't own in any capacity (for example the repress of Further Seems Forever - How To Start A Fire), but I always go for the cheaper indie release variant or if a holiday is near I'll wait for the label to do a sale and get whatever is available. Variants don't matter to me at all anymore. My biggest gripe with the wildly inflated prices is that even small DIY bands have followed suit. In the early 2010s and late 2000s buying records was my primary way of checking out new bands and artists. Figured since I wasn't going to shows as often it was a fair way for me to support smaller artist, and these boards specifically pointed me in the direction of some killer acts that have become lifelong favorites, but I just can't afford to do that anymore. I pay $25/month for YouTube Premium (family plan), and it's worth it for the music streaming and video features, but I definitely have a much harder time finding new bands to check out. I need to start putting whatever I would've spent on records into stock piling ammo. Clearly Mexico is finally taking back the South West and I have to be prepared to become a nomad when the shit hits the fan 🤣
  9. Looking for Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight, if anyone comes across it online please shoot me a link!
  10. This year has fucking rocked! I honestly think the last time I had this much new killer music to listen to was a decade ago. Favorites in no particular order: AJJ - Disposable Everything Menzingers - Some of it Was True Crime in Stereo - House in Trance Gaslight Anthem - History Books Blink 182 - One More Time McLusky put out a bad ass EP called Unpopular Parts of a Pig, the new IDLES single is super promising and I can't wait to hear their new album. Only 2 albums that didn't meet my expectations were the new Taking Back Sunday and new Spanish Love Songs records. I need to spend more time with the former, the latter has a strong first half and ending but the middle is a snoozefest. Hoping 2024 brings us a new Iron Chic record 🤞
  11. I genuinely appreciate your profile pic/username update significantly more than this record.
  12. I could've sworn there was a thread on here a handful of years ago about "HD Vinyl" or some crap that was supposed to be a cheaper and faster new method to press records, but I can't find it now. But like OP said, the pressing prices haven't skyrocketed. I always thought the fact that there are only a few plants in existence was causing all the major delays and mark-ups. It sucks some indie bands are charging $40 for a self released record via bandcamp because that's the going rate at Target. Like yeah, secure the bag, but don't overshoot the moon.
  13. Michigan, 1975 sounds like a Pt. 2 to their cover of Fake Problems - Songs For Teenagers lol

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