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  1. I think most folks would gladly order from anywhere else if someone else would get the rights to some of the tough to come by releases they've been putting out.
  2. I'll be interested to see what comes down the pipeline later. Nothing there for me that I don't already have, but like you said, their pressings are usually pretty stellar.
  3. Look out everybody, we've got an edgy tween here. On a more helpful note, discogs is typically going to be your best resource looking for info on specific variants, and whether something is legit/a counterfeit/bootleg. You got shit on because you're a brand new user here and came off as being snarky after someone helped you. Be cool, contribute to the board and someday you'll be able to be snarky all you want without people jumping down your throat immediately.
  4. These songs are fine, but I imagine if they had fun writing them we'll see a full length in the nearest future that likely features these songs. I'm not too upset I missed out on this.
  5. I've got a couple orders from different places that were supposed to be shipped in May. None of them are making that deadline.
  6. Honestly I expected the prices on a lot of those to be much higher even if they are recent represses. That Pornography TP is kind of tempting.
  7. Haha, yeah after I made my comment I realized I was backward on the zones somehow 😅
  8. I thought it went up at 6pm eastern? So in 33 minutes or so. Edit: Oh dang, got my time zones backward. Oh well, missed out.
  9. Not sure how I haven't been listening to these guys, but saw them with Conan and Thra the other night and they're super fun. https://usneadoom.bandcamp.com/album/bathed-in-light They have put out all their stuff on vinyl too it seems like. I snagged their first album.
  10. This. I'm just super anal about paying things off right away so I don't forget.
  11. I dont want this to be like...a lecture, you're an adult and you're gonna do what you do anyway. Anyone who is considering doing this, make sure you're still living within your means. I pay for just about everything on credit to get cash back, but I also never buy anything I couldn't just afford to pay cash for. That way I can pay the item off immediately and not even have to worry about interest.
  12. Gonna try to go see Conan later this week if I can get myself to go. They were awesome last time I saw them!

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