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    Pioneer PL-550
    Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC
    Pioneer CT-F8282 (tape deck)
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    Pair of MCS 8330
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    Onkyo TX-8500

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    Ghost Realm
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    Goya - 777 screen printed jacket/30
    Captain Murphy - Duality
    Ethel Meserve - The Milton Abandonment

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  1. Either would be fine for me distance-wise. If I weren't planning a different trip around that time I'd be all over this even though I really hate festivals.
  2. Yeah. I almost passed on a 2xLP yesterday because it came out to $40 shipped. Probably would have if I didn't have every album they've put out so far. $30 for an EP is too much.
  3. New High On Fire album coming April 19th. Pre-orders up at the HOF bandcamp, Brooklyn Vegan, and Napalm.
  4. More for me than usual. I'm in for Dead Milkmen, Team Sleep, and Gandalf. Depends on pricing obviously, but way more interested than usual.
  5. I've had mine since at least Dec. 22, 2023. That's when I added it to discogs. If I were you, I'd send an email.
  6. I have a feeling Practice will see a repress relatively soon. Nuclear Blast has been pretty good lately with repressing stuff.
  7. First two Testament albums are getting repressed by Nuclear Blast. The Legacy: https://shop.nuclearblast.com/products/testament-the-legacy?variant=47637860942118 New World Order: https://shop.nuclearblast.com/products/testament-the-new-order-1?_pos=12&_sid=39ead0165&_ss=r I know I've been waiting for NWO for a hot minute, thought maybe some others might be interested in these.
  8. Instagram I think? There may be a link to her post somewhere on this thread, but I can't remember.
  9. "Not for swifties," and yet @jhulud @lexicondevil and myself are half of the members interested in this and posting here. 🤣 I love it.
  10. I think this was back when the Second Stage Turbine Blade repress was announced? This isn't from this outage, it's from March last year.
  11. Seems like I've gotten fewer this year, but when I think about it I still added a ton of stuff, mostly sale stuff of "holes" in my collection. I have a list of stuff I'd like to have at some point but isn't urgent and I just wait for decent deals on that. When new stuff comes out now I'm much less likely to immediately jump on it.

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