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  1. So folks have been emailing me for the past 6 months asking when a repress of color vinyl would happen. Well its available now, and all new art from Liz Prince! These are in hand and have been shipping out since yesterday, no pre order. link below: http://www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/529546-masked-intruder-dan-vapid-and-the-cheats-the-wedding-7-new-art
  2. You should totally give it another shot! I love This is a Hospital a little more as well, but this record is excellent and has a special place for me! haha
  3. It's here! You can now go order The Ghost- This Pen is a Weapon 12". Burnt Orange or White vinyl all orders will ship Monday morning. Enjoy! http://www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/515746-the-ghost-this-pen-is-a-weapon-12-lp
  4. This is done, i'll have the vinyl from the plant either tomorrow 10/11 or Monday 10/14. These will go up for sale either tomorrow or Monday and will ship immediately, no lenghty preorder http://www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/515746-the-ghost-this-pen-is-a-weapon-12-lp Enjoy!
  5. ordered the new damage grey, then realized there was the blue/grey, so ordered that too! emailed them to combine orders to save shipping!
  6. today is the release date, all orders have shipped yesterday or will today! http://solidarityrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/our-lips-are-sealed-a-tribute-to-the-go-gos enjoy!
  7. Interpunk had a few declined cards, so there a few left over there: http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=211153&
  8. Hey folks, The Ghost - This Pen is A Weapon 12" is all sent off and will be out in September. Make sure to follow the Solidarity Facebook page (www.facebook.com/solidarityrecordings), here, and here for updates and preorders: http://www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/515746-the-ghost-this-pen-is-a-weapon-12-lp Enjoy!
  9. no shrink wrap, just poly bag with vinyl shipped outside of jacket and pink is almost gone
  10. This is actually in the works now! Inserts and download coupns are done. Jackets are in production, and lacquers are being cut. expect this out in septemeber ish depending on how fast they can do it! preorders probably in late august. ill update it as it gets closer. its my next release. hope that helps! coke clear is almost gone
  11. Interpunk doesnt do limits etc, order as many as you want i believe from them.
  12. also, the 7" is in hand, so they will start shipping tomorrow and wednesday. the go go's 12" wont ship until the end of the month, so if you order them together, it wont ship until then
  13. you didnt miss it, they go live tomorrow 7/2 at 10am pacific along with the go go's tribute 12"
  14. for those who missed this before: www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/512954-masked-intruder-dan-vapid-and-the-cheats-the-wedding-7 and: www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=211153& Also, the Tribute to THE GO GO's 12"/cd go up tomorrow as well: Solidarity - www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/512955-our-lips-are-sealed-a-tribute-to-the-go-gos-12-lp-cd Interpunk - www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=212492&
  15. Just a reminder, this goes up tomorrow 7/2 at 10am pacific! Solidarity - www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/512955-our-lips-are-sealed-a-tribute-to-the-go-gos-12-lp-cd Interpunk - www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=212492& and for those who missed this, this too: www.solidarityrecordings.com/products/512954-masked-intruder-dan-vapid-and-the-cheats-the-wedding-7 also, the 7" is in hand, so they will start shipping tomorrow and wednesday. the go go's 12" wont ship until the end of the month, so if you order them together, it wont ship until then
  16. wasn't hard at all I usually wouldn't care. but come on, atleast wait until your mail arrives and maybe just listen to it and keep one?! haha whatevs, not much you can do unless you know who it is

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