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  1. Manic No Wave sax frenzy! James White tore up the city blueprints and charted his own map through the sonic sprawl of New York, perfecting a jittery, manic attack on sax and vocals and adopting the persona of a lounge singer in the waiting room of Hell. A maelstrom of chaotic transformations of funk, jazz (et al.) with equal parts James Brown and James White originals that rank among the most incendiary in his repertoire, this album is available outside of Japan and on pressed on colored vinyl! Teaser video here. Rough Trade Exclusive
  2. As someone lucky enough to have both the original and the new Better Can't Make Your Life Better LPs in hand, I can tell you the new one looks SO much better. The OG was very pixelated and the back looked stupid. The refresh looks awesome and it's reverse board too. Sounds fantastic.
  3. The pitch from the Modern Harmonic site (preorder here): We are ecstatic to be releasing this album but sad at the same time as this Modern Harmonic Pressing sounds glorious but is strictly limited to 500 copies. No reorders. No other colors. No shit? No shit. This is a preorder. Records will ship as soon as we recieve them. Please note that orders containing any items that are on preorder will ship in full when all items are in stock. • Gloriously mastered by Joe Lizzi and cut & pressed by Third Man in Detroit. • Exquisitely restored artwork matching the original Ralph Records mono pressing. • Pressed on opaque lime green vinyl. • This is a stunner that we will be crushed to see go and when it's gone, it's gone. Don't blame us if you sleep on it and it gets crazed Discogs pricing as we wish we could make more but can't. Due to the extremely limited nature of this title we've decided to make it available direct to you only. This will not be available via other sellers. Now that we've gotten all that out of the way, let's see what Pitchfork has to say about the record: "Unlike other singular artists-- say, Tom Waits, or the Flaming Lips-- who began in more conventional modes and gradually developed their own voices, the Residents pulled their never-heard-before sound from the womb fully-formed. Throughout the album's 12 tracks you can hear all the basic elements they still play with today: murky atmospheres, odd time signatures, bouncing beats, skewed classical figures, and simple melodies that sound both child-like and eerie. Especially distinctive are the vocals of someone first referred to by fans as the 'lead' Resident (he would become known as Mr. Skull after he traded his eyeball mask for a skeleton head, and lately has been referred to as 'Randy'). His pitch and phrasing neatly encapsulate the many moods of the band's music. He can be funny, creepy, nerdy, cartoon-like, surreal, and terrifying (especially when he growls in a gravelly low register), often all at the same time. His signature is strongest on 'Smelly Tongues,' wherein his wry croon sounds like the slow-motion cry of a somnambulant ringmaster. So the Residents immediately made music that sounded new, but what about turning other people's music into something equally unprecedented? Meet the Residents takes care of that with 'Boots,' a 53-second aural nightmare of demented vocals and muffled sounds that is purportedly a 'cover' of Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin'.' Such absurd bastardization extends to the album's artwork, a parody of Meet the Beatles! featuring the defaced visages of the Fab Four on the front, and credits to 'John Crawfish, George Crawfish, Paul McCrawfish, and Ringo Starfish' on the back." – Marc Masters (Pitchfork) Hopefully you've already preordered it if you've read this far. We certainly intended that and apologize if they've all sold out while you were reading. We maybe should have made this shorter, but we didn't even write it so it's only half our fault.
  4. Yeah, been on my wish list for years. I bit the bullet and paid high dollar for Better Can't Make Your Life Better... but sadly, that wasn't even an option here. So happy about it.
  5. So very excited this album is finally coming out on vinyl! 300 units on blue vinyl from Rough Trade. Standard black vinyl version is up at Sundazed.com.
  6. Another early porn soundtrack from Modern Harmonic! Promo video here. Preorder now and save! This title will be available on or before the street date o 4/12/19 BONGO SKINS & SKIN FLICK! • A TOP NOTCH JAZZ RECORD THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BECOME AN ADULT FILM SCORE!?! • LOTS OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS, ON THIRD MAN PRESSED YELLOW VINYL! • INCLUDES A ZINE-STYLE INSERT WITH A GREAT SET OF NOTES FROM A BODACIOUS PAIR OF WRITERS, AND A DVD OF THE FILM PLUS A SPECIAL EDIT TO SYNC WITH YOUR LP! A jazzy romp through the titillating ‘60s. On Mr. Peters’ Pets, composer Nicholas Carras ventures deep into the bongo-crazed percussion world of exotica! This is a jubilant jazz record with serious swagger. The “film” on the other hand, is a low-budget adult comedy (a genre quaintly called a Nudie Cutie) from 1962. It’s possibly the silliest, dumbest, most ridiculous Nudie Cutie movie ever made! Follow Mr. Peters as he turns into various household pets for the sole purpose of getting a close and personal view of their well endowed owners! Included here is a zine-style insert with a voluptuous set of notes and a DVD of the full feature film, with a special Modern Harmonic edit made to sync with your LP!
  7. Preorder Here SCIENCE FRICTION GROOVES! • FUNKY SPACE GROOVES SPRINKLED WITH WELL PLACED LINES OF “DIALOGUE” • LOTS OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS, ON SPACE AGE SILVER VINYL! • INCLUDES A ZINE STYLE INSERT WITH A GREAT SET OF NOTES AND A DVD OF THE ENTIRE ASS-TRO EXCURSION! In 1968 A.D., years before (and possibly inspiring?) the Star Wars franchise David Friedman pounded out this “science friction” that takes place in the year 2069. The “film” borrows greatly (and literally) from Star Trek, cleverly re-purposing the USS Enterprise into the SS Supreme Erection simply by making it fly backwards and upside down! Speaking of re-purposing, the music was up-cycled from Friedman’s She Freak by adding space sounds and space moans & groans! This is the first ever soundtrack for this first ever color sci-fi flick for mature audiences. The package features sounds of space, spy tension, Hammond freakouts, a zine with extensive liners from Lisa “Something Weird” Petrucci, supersonic silver vinyl … and a DVD of the entire awful film!
  8. Sundazed just posted a half off sale on a lot of their Dylan records and others. About $15 a pop! https://sundazed.com/sony-sale.aspx
  9. Modern Harmonic is reissuing this on green vinyl.
  10. A time capsule of atomic-age country, radioactive rockabilly, and other-worldly melodies! Sheldon Allman (the singing voice of Mr. Ed!) brings you this long-out-of-print bunker full of uranium-charged songs about space and destruction. Features “Crawl Out Through The Fallout” as heard in Fallout 4! Modern Harmonic proudly resurrects this wonderfully mystifying LP on plutonium green vinyl! http://www.modernharmonic.com/sheldon-allman-folk-songs-for-the-21st-century-lp.aspx
  11. The preorder is here. It was legendary record producer Alan Lorber that came up with the concept of "The Bosstown Sound" -- "The Sound Heard 'Round The World" to market and promote the best and brightest of the Bean Town sixties psychedelic scene. (Boston's key groups at the time included Orpheus, Beacon Street Union, Ultimate Spinach, Chamaeleon Church and others). The Ultimate Spinach, arguably the finest of them all, produced magnificent examples of surreal psychedelic record-making, now prized by crate-diggers and outsider music fans alike. The Spinach's self-titled debut album is now considered a psychedelic classic, but it's the group's second record, Behold and See, that is perhaps their finest achievement. Ostensibly a concept album, it’s centered around lead singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist Ian Bruce-Douglas' cynical worldview. He skewers "normal" society with all the fervor of Zappa and all the surreality (and insanity) of Bob Markley on songs like "Visions of Your Reality" and the four-part "Suite: Genesis of Beauty." Add in the lush, floating vocals of Barbara Jean Hudson, fuzz guitar and some great late-60s psych jangle and you've got the formula for an unhinged classic that stands up to the best of the non-coastal psych sounds of the late-60s. For decades, the only available version of Behold and See was a heavily-edited "director's cut” which omitted an entire song and presented edited versions of others. On this edition, Sundazed proudly presents the album in its rare, original, superior dedicated mono mix, unexpurgated and unedited. This "ultimate edition" is presented on (of course! and at last!) custom spinach-colored vinyl and nestled into a jacket with beautifully restored artwork. Behold and See is the perfect place to dig into the "Bosstown Sound” - a tremendous and beautiful album now on Sundazed!!! On colored vinyl! Track Listing: Side 1: 1. Gilded Lamp Of The Cosmos 2. Visions Of Your Reality 3. Jazz Thing 4. Mind Flowers Side 2: 1. Where You're At 2. Suite: Genesis Of Beauty (in four parts) 3. Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse 4. Fragmentary March Of Green
  12. I run it in the background so I can listen to it while I do other things then switch to view it when he covers a title I'm curious about.
  13. Lots of detail on the much coveted Deja Endtendu right out of the gate. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8UMAZZXBoV4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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