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  1. THRAK (1995) appears in an expanded edition with the main album taking up sides one – three. Side four features four tracks taken from the VROOOM mini-album which preceded the THRAK sessions plus the complete ‘Inner Garden’ taken from the THRAK BOX set. https://shop.schizoidshop.com/king-crimson---thrak-expanded---vinyl-p1809.aspx $10 media mail.
  2. Im all caught up too. The Live In Bucketheadland was only 19 months late, lol. I see Funnel Weaver doesn’t ship until December, I really wish labels would stop doing this. 4 month lead time is way too long.
  3. Funnel Weaver vinyl. https://ionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/funnel-weaver
  4. Nah. The description is pretty clear. “Vinyl test pressing of In the Morse Code of Brake Lights - signed by the band”
  5. I ordered the signed test press bundle. My emailed receipt says that there will also be a sign copy of the clear marble variant. I wonder if that’s true? The main webpage doesn’t mention that. Items: 1 x [Pre-Order] In the Morse Code of Brake Lights - Signed Test Pressing (Bundled) 1 x [Pre-Order] In the Morse Code of Brake Lights - Signed Clear Marble Vinyl (Bundled) 1 x [Pre-Order] Turntable Mat (Bundled) 1 x [Pre-Order] Woven Patch (Bundled) 1 x [Pre-Order] In the Morse Code of Brake Lights - Digital Download (Bundled)
  6. Thank you for this! I knew they had it posted online but I figured it was gone for good. I appreciate this. This turned out to be my favorite track on the album and I was irritated I didn’t have any info on it.
  7. Seems like only half the customers got download codes and nobody got a LP2 insert. That sucks about the shirt, definitely email them.
  8. On LP2, there’s a song called “White Pony” but the MP3 is titled “Wild Pony”. Is the jacket wrong or the digital file? A LP2 insert would of cleared this up. Anyone know the answer?
  9. Here’s their email address. [email protected] I recommend sending them an email and letting them know what youre missing. You paid over $100 for this bundle, give them a chance to make it right or at the very least let them know things are not right.
  10. Aahhh. I definitely didn’t get one. I saw a picture on Discogs of what I thought was a hype sticker, but now I’m understanding that’s the card you’re talking about. Thank you.
  11. I think the barcode is just a professional courtesy? Soundscan?
  12. Are/were we to get MP3s at some point or no? Also, did anyone get an insert for LP2? I only got an insert for the first LP. Im happy with the pressing and the quality of the shirt, bag and slipmat. Worth the $100 in my opinion.