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  1. Looks like they’re only taking pre-orders up to May 8th, and then that’s it.
  2. He was selling autographed CDs last night for only $13.98. The sale only lasted about 8 hours.
  3. I’m still waiting for my orders to show up, but looking at Discogs, it’s looking like the ‘deluxe’ from Ozzy’s webstore is the only variant with a gatefold jacket? Did anyone get a gatefold copy that was NOT ordered from the webstore? edit: I see now that the non-deluxe on his website says “single sleeve”.
  4. “What's the point if its unplayable?” It plays. About as well as a shitty glow in the dark record, but it plays.
  5. I guess this is good news? I sent them two emails, one week apart. This is their response to the first email. “Thanks for reaching out. The signed variant of the lithograph was first come first served. Unfortunately, we do not know which orders qualify for the free lithograph. We apologize for the inconvenience and value your loyal fan support. Best, Laillah
Ozzy Store Support Team” I guess if they advertised the free signed lithograph when you made your purchase then you should be OK. But what about the thousands of people that ordered on the first day or first week for that matter? They weren’t even offered the bonus litho. It’s definitely a horrible way to do business.
  6. I took a screenshot and sent them an email. I have a feeling they’re about to renege on me.
  7. So this is pretty cool, the “Deluxe” version from Ozzy’s webstore now says it comes with **Limited Edition 12”x12” album art litho SIGNED BY OZZY included with this edition!**
  8. Yeah, you would think Ozzy’s webstore would be a great place to provide that info. The mock-up even only shows 1 LP. I hope it’s true though.
  9. What makes the deluxe a deluxe? A bonus poster? Or I wonder if only the deluxe have gatefold jackets?
  10. If your gonna squeeze an extra $5 out of every customer, at least do it to their face. Charge $30 for the LP up front. No need to get bamboozled at checkout.
  11. $8 for media mail? Fuck that shit. Profiting on shipping is a slimy move.