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  1. Wow. What a mess. I’m shocked nobody at Ipecac listened to the test press before they approved the pressing.
  2. I wonder what type of error these have? Wrong center label? Wrong music pressed into the vinyl? I’m guessing the pressing in question would be the Sea Blue vinyl?
  3. I got my stand alone copy of ‘Tremulant’ in the mail today. I guess the Clouds Hill didn’t want to lose any of their profits from over charging, because they didn’t even bother to use a LP stuffer. I hope everyone likes split seams.
  4. Cool, thank you. Please disregard the question I asked you on Discogs, and thank you for submitting the Bronx album to Discogs for everyone.
  5. My buddy and I both got our copies today, and neither one of ours were autographed. The submission on Discogs also isn’t autographed.
  6. I’m gonna be pissed off if they’re not signed (I’m sure you’re pissed right now).
  7. The label says the releases are exclusive to themselves.
  8. 5 copies of the Hostile Ambient Takeover /500 yellow in pink variant over here. https://www.blixtmerchandise.store/ipecac-products/pre-order-melvins-hostile-ambient-takeover-140gr-yellow-in-pink-vinyl-in-gatefold-packaging-with-12pp-booklet they also have about 40 of glow in the dark Gluey Porch Treatments.
  9. Can anyone shed some light on the B-Side of “White Shadow”........ “Shite Whadow”? I see that the length of the two songs are the same. Is the B-Side backwards to play off the mirror scheme? thanks.
  10. I don’t think he even mentioned this release on his Facebook page. There’s gonna be a ton of unpleasant surprises within his fan base once they catch wind.

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