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  1. Only 8 copies left. https://record-collection-store.myshopify.com/
  2. I requested a new jacket too. I asked management back when they first shipped out and they said they’ll have to wait until everything settles.
  3. Bullmoose has already stopped taking preorders. Was this reissue officially announced somewhere or has this all been from word of mouth? The Record Collection website still only mentions the latest “The Empyrean” reissue (only 73 copies of that left).
  4. Holy crow is this a wonderful album?! A must for Patton fans. I think this is gonna go down as some of Patton’s best work. I cant comment on the vinyl yet, just the music itself.
  5. How about you guys take your CD talk over to Steve Hoffman and give everyone a break.
  6. Does anyone know if the streaming services (particularly Amazon Echo) are just streaming 7 songs from the CD or the full 10 songs from the download? Thank you.
  7. I agree. Why would they go through all the trouble to bring these albums back to the presses if they’re only gonna sell $500 box sets? There’s plenty of money to gain by selling these individually.
  8. Not sure if this was shared already, my apologies if it has been, there’s a lot of junk on this thread. https://www.metalsucks.net/2019/08/14/weve-heard-tools-entire-new-album-fear-inoculum-this-is-what-it-sounds-like/
  9. THRAK (1995) appears in an expanded edition with the main album taking up sides one – three. Side four features four tracks taken from the VROOOM mini-album which preceded the THRAK sessions plus the complete ‘Inner Garden’ taken from the THRAK BOX set. https://shop.schizoidshop.com/king-crimson---thrak-expanded---vinyl-p1809.aspx $10 media mail.