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  1. I received my LP yesterday with THE worst jacket split seam that I’ve ever seen. I emailed them for a replacement jacket. Haven’t heard back yet.
  2. I know for a fact that John only owns the rights to his Superdrag music from ‘In The Valley’ through ‘Industry Giants’. Anything before ‘In The Valley’ probably won’t see another pressing.
  3. Looks like the 4X LP set is sold out. The “add to cart“ button is gone.
  4. It seems the majority of that pressing is in EU. The US prices are climbing, but it seems Like there are a lot for sale from European Discog sellers.
  5. I’m ok with that if it makes the delivery more secure. Thanks for the info.
  6. Has anyone received or seen anything about the signed “art card” from the cassette bundle?
  7. Its looking like the 2020 pressing of the Self Titled LP used the plates from the 2011 reissue and swopped the red labels for white labels.
  8. I’m wondering if these are just warehouse finds? It appears that these are just being sold on Discogs. CD-Warehouse is selling 15 of the 17 copies available.
  9. My quote of the song title was a little misleading, I couldn’t help myself. the link does open, but if you hit the “edit” button you can see the listing was removed. It’s also not visible from the main masterlist of formats.
  10. Seems like there is a single cassette option. I was under the impression you could only get the cassettes through a bundle? https://deftones.warnerartists.net/uk/ohms-vintage-silver-cassette.html https://deftones.warnerartists.net/uk/ohms-slime-green-cassette.html
  11. I got my tracking number from these guys 3 days ago. This was my first time doing business with them.