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  1. Good heads up! Here’s an article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2018/music/news/tom-petty-boxed-set-of-unreleased-music-coming-in-september-1202869884/amp/
  2. Velocity of Sound

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    I believe you.
  3. Velocity of Sound


    Here’s an official update from Buckethead’s Facebook page. “ Vinyl Edition updates: (via Pikes service) http://www.bucketheadpikes.com/vinyl.html • "Live from Bucketheadland" is still in production, and has further been delayed by at least two months. • "Bucketheadland 513 1031" Slunk Pass Edition will hopefully be shipped by the end of summer. • "Inbred Mountain" pressings should be arriving within the next few days. Hopefully shipping soon. “
  4. Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock also.
  5. Sound Stage Direct has more than ten available on their eBay page. It’s happening.
  6. Is that the 2X LP w/ slipmat? The Kickstarter campaign? I'm in the USA but haven’t received it yet. If I’m not mistaken, they said they had the finished product weeks ago.
  7. Velocity of Sound

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Any insight on whether it’s 1500 worldwide? 750 for US, 750 for EU?
  8. Do the release dates pertain to the same country? Maybe one date was for the US and the other date for Europe?
  9. Velocity of Sound


    I’m still waiting for signed & drawn cover copies of Roller Coaster and Decaying Parchment. Pikes told me 7 weeks ago I’d have them in two weeks. I hate to say it but Pikes Services is easily the shittiest “webstore” / “label” I’ve ever delt with. They could even be bothered to reply to me when I reached out to them a second time. Its been like 10 months at this point.
  10. Velocity of Sound

    PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    Was there no download code with this or did I just get unlucky?
  11. Velocity of Sound

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    They must of JUST started advertising or something because they sold about 150 copies in the last 24 hours. Fewer than 30 copies left.
  12. Velocity of Sound


    I agree with that. I’m just waiting for signed copies, not deluxe packages. Either way Pikes Services just told me whatever they felt like saying. If there is a delay because of the tour, then Pikes should just say “after there tour”. Instead they say “two weeks” at a time that there was still TWO MONTHS of tour left. All of this on top of the record’s street delayed 9+ months without Pikes lifting a single finger’s worth of communication. I know it’s not Buckethead’s fault, but the people he hired to run his web store sucks hard.
  13. Velocity of Sound


    I don’t know, but I’m fed up with Pikes Services. April 16 they said shipping on Roller Coaster and Decaying Parchment would ship “in a couple weeks”. Guess what. Bullshit. The lack of communication with them is criminal.
  14. Velocity of Sound

    PO Now: Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions

    Both songs appear to be included on the upcoming album.