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  1. damn! it'll be available @ UK/euro distros real soon. international postage is cray
  2. http://somestranger.bandcamp.com/album/s-t <--- pay-what-you-want download / free stream of EP http://www.roboticempire.com/store/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&keyword=Some+Stranger <--- preorder link "Formerly of emo-rock outfit DAYTRADER, vocalist Tym joined friend and acclaimed visual artist / guitarist Daniel Danger to form SOME STRANGER with a mutual affliction for left-of-center angular rock. The duo enlisted longtime friend Derrick Flanagin (also of DAYTRADER, CAPSULE) to track drums and promptly hammering out their first set of recordings with engineer Gary Cioffi (TRANSIT, MISSER) also handling bass duties. Vince Ratti (CIRCA SURVIVE, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE) expertly mixed the session, which was then mastered by Will Yip (TITLE FIGHT, BLACKLISTED). Finally, Jacob Van Loon contributed artwork and the debut EP is now ready to be unleashed. This 45RPM vinyl 12" has a first press limited to 500 pieces (200 on black vinyl, 300 on clear/black) and includes a digital download."
  3. http://propertyofzack.com/post/46896823015/poz-stream-some-stranger-ex-daytrader-s-t-ep stream the whole EP at propertyofzack
  4. the tour is a month long full US tour, not half a dozen states, the record is being released by rise records and will be exclusive to the tour. the idea behind tour exclusive records usually is to get people out to the shows, bands have been doing tour records / tour versions for decades. get into it.
  5. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ihatemyselff/m.html?item=190696553700&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&_trksid=p4340.l2562
  6. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ihatemyselff/m.html?item=190695397580&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&_trksid=p4340.l2562 i'm selling the 3 rarest 1st press colors of torche s/t (the reissue that is)
  7. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ihatemyselff/m.html?item=190695397580&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&_trksid=p4340.l2562 here's my ebay account. this stuff is going crazy fast with BIN's this low. i'd rather sell to VC so hit me up to work out dealz
  8. what colors of axe to fall and no heroes? im selling no heroes on brown/white and axe to fall on clear/beer/black tri-color and also the clear tour version. will totally sell to you
  9. i have devil and god on white and clear red. would sell one def
  10. got the refused lp sealed on blue. and the original press too actually. offer?
  11. SET SALE. 50$ or more = free shipping. Otherwise not included. If you want to make an offer for multiple records go for it. All purchases will be shipped by June 28th. Refused - Shape of Punk to come REISSUE SEALED BLUE 40.00 Converge - Axe to Fall LP CLEAR /500 TOUR EDITION UNPLAYED 30.00 Brand New - Devil and God LP WHITE UNPLAYED 75.00 Brand New - Devil and God LP CLEAR RED UNPLAYED /500 75.00 Phoenix Bodies / Enkaphelin LP BLACK 6.00 Against me! - Reinventing LP 180g BLACK UNPLAYED /200 Offer? no idea what this is worth Explosions in the sky - all of a sudden 2LP yellow/dark olive unplayed 40.00 Isis - In the absence of truth 2LP EURO VERSION clear w/ red splatter unplayed /500 30.00 Isis - In the absence of truth 2LP JAPAN VERSION paper bag w/ seal. still sealed/unplayed /250 40.00 Isis - In the absence of truth 2LP US VERSION 1st press black sealed/unplayed 14.00 Isis - In the absence of truth 2LP US VERSION 1st press WHITE sealed/unplayed 19.00 Converge - petitioning forever 2LP blue/white orange/pink 30.00 Ted Leo - Shake the sheets sealed 28.00 Napalm Death - from enslavement to obliteration LP sealed color vinyl 20.00 Napalm Death - scum LP clear green vinyl yellow cover unplayed 25.00 Red Sparowes / Gregor Samsa split LP unplayed starburst red/black vinyl 35.00 Red Sparowes / Gregor Samsa split lp black first press 12.00 Red Sparowes - Every red heart 2xlp clear w/ yellow splatter unplayed in shrinkwrap 22.00 Red Sparowes - Every red heart 2xlp yellow/brown unplayed /300 32.00 Boris / Doomriders 2LP clear red unplayed 35.00 Fucked up - generation posi-press slasher dj version /100 LP 18.00 Baroness / Unpersons split lp sealed first press 20.00 Isis - Celestial 2LP unplayed red w/ red splatter, yellow w/ yellow splatter 30.00 The loved ones - keep your heart lp 10.00 The Ocean - Aeolien / Fluxion 3XLP sealed blue/clear/green 50.00 Baroness - First lp CLEAR SMOKE first press 40.00 Baroness - Second lp CLEAR 35.00 Baroness - Second lp BLACK 30.00 Shook Ones - Sixteen lp clear green 25.00 Mastodon - The Wolf is Loose LP Pic disk unplayed 15.00 Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign lp clear gold unplayed 22.00 Isis - the red sea split color vinyl lp unplayed 15.00 Isis - the red sea grey vinyl lp unplayed 17.00 Baroness - Blue Album 3XLP color vinyl UNPLAYED DELUXE EDITION 70.00 Cursed - III sealed LP 32.00 Mastodon - Remission 2LP unplayed gold 45.00 RAMBO - Bring It! lp clear red w/ DVD 20.00? Pig Destroyer - prowler in the yard lp unplayed clear red / black splatter vinyl 25.00 Ocean - Monument / Fork lashing eye lp clear blue 20.00 Isis - Oceanic 2LP clear/green splatter level-plane UNPLAYED 42.00 Death Cab for cutie - the open door EP 12" - 12.00 Joshua fit for battle - bring out your dead lp screened cover swirly grey vinyl 19.00 Isis - celestial 2LP SEALED color vinyl - 30.00 Hot Cross - Risk Revival LP pic disk unplayed - 15.00 Hot Cross - Risk Revival LP yellow /250 - 15.00 Torche - s/t reissue LP unplayed pink 15.00 Torche - s/t reissue LP unplayed brown 15.00 Torche - s/t reissue LP unplayed clear/white 15.00 Taking back sunday - tell all your friends green (newer cover, sealed) 28.00 get fucked - self titled 10" sealed 5.00 a day in black and white / navies 10" sealed color 6.00 Anodyne - salo ep 10" 5.00 Against me - from her lips to gods remix 12" 8.00 A day in black and white / black castle 12" (cover kind of beat up) 5.00 Burst - Origio / prey on life 2LP clear UNPLAYED /125 30.00 Toru Okada - self titled lp 10.00 Modern life is war - my life my way black/gold 25.00 Braid - lucky to be alive 2LP grey marble 22.00 Coalesce - give them rope she said v.2.0 grey no labels 18.00 Isis - in the absence of truth 2LP euro version white/red splatter /300 35.00 Umbrella(ex as the sun sets) / every kid loves a clown lp pic disk unplayed 8.00 Slayer - Christ illusion lp red sealed 16.00 Isis - the red sea lp clear vinyl unplayed 14.00 The one am radio / wind-up bird split LP clear blue w/ white dust unplayed 11.00 The one am radio - on the shore of the wide world lp blue/white unplayed 11.00 Burnman (ex i hate myself) LP yellow unplayed 7.00 The Now (jffb neil perry ALOL) - s/t lp unplayed 10.00 Forstella ford / life detecting coffins split lp 6.00 They and the children - thoughts on becoming a ghost lp unplayed 6.00 (clear/grey) Back when - we sang as ghosts 2lp green/blue brown/white unplayed w/ giant poster 12.00 Versoma (pre tombs) life during wartime lp sealed color 8.00 pink razors - watiing to wash up sealed color 8.00 windmills by the ocean(isis, red sparowes, etc) st lp sealed color 8.00 Ultra Dolphins - why are you laugh lp sealed color 8.00 Red Sparowes - every heart shines toward the red sun 2lp sealed first press 16.00 Pelican - the fire in our throats 2lp unplayed 20.00 Converge - Jane Doe 2LP white w/ yellow highlights unplayed 20.00 Converge - Jane Doe 2LP red unplayed 30.00 Converge - Jane Doe 2LP gold /440 unplayed 35.00 Converge / Agoraphobic Nosebleed green w/ mess /300 unplayed 32.00 Converge / Agoraphobic Nosebleed red w/ yellow /100 unplayed 50.00
  12. I know a lot of people here were bummed on lack of options. You can now order the green vinyl and/or art print without other stuff. http://new.merchnow.com/search/?q=daytrader
  13. you guys asked for more options, here they are. as daniel danger prints are normally 50+$ this is basically like getting the LP for free. 12X24" 6 color handprinted art print http://new.merchnow.com/search/?q=daytrader
  14. The black is 180gram. It will not be repressed on 180g black again. Highest sound quality naaimean