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  1. Only available to Canadian residents. What about the other folks?
  2. somber_silt

    PO: American Nightmare (out in Feb)

    I ordered a splatter from the EU store. They also ran out of this variant real quick.
  3. somber_silt

    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Yeah, I missed this one the first time too, but now I finally got one.
  4. somber_silt

    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Just received an email saying that teal vinyl is available again: http://store.paramore.net/after-laughter-limited-edition-teal-vinyl21.html?eml=stocknotification
  5. Holy crap. This should not have happened. Since I have an OG copy, I might consider returning this repress. Or is it just the screen printed version? This is ridiculous.
  6. ordered both colours without hesitation. let's keep our fingers crossed for this is a stick-up...
  7. somber_silt

    PO-Knuckle Puck-Shapeshifter (10-13-17)

    Such slip covers are very common in the hardcore/punk scene when it comes to special sleeves for tour editions , record release editions and so on. I love them quite a lot but have seen a number of people complaining about them on the Internet. EDIT: Slip covers often do not have the intention to fit the entire actual sleeve. So I think it is not a big deal here. If anyone would like to sell his or her record with the slip cover, just hit me up.
  8. http://www.perkoro.com/ https://www.finestvinyl.de/ https://www.dodax.de/ (Free shipping from Switzerland. A good source for major and non-major releases.)
  9. somber_silt

    PO : Madball - Look My Way

    More variants are available here: https://tictail.com/backbiterecords Pressing info:1.000 copies in total- 500 black- 200 transp. orange (Backbite exclusive)- 100 transp. brown (Backbite exclusice)- 100 transp. green (Green Hell exclusive)- 100 transp. yellow (Reality Rec. exclusive)
  10. I just saw this. I think they added the information later. I ordered purple rain and pink kush. That new song is lit.
  11. I wish we knew the pressing numbers.
  12. Didn't knew this was going up today. Totally missed the orange variant.
  13. I still need a copy of Versions. I hope it gets a repress too.
  14. Just ordered one and then it went sold out. Perhaps I got the last one. Too bad I missed the screenprint though.
  15. I am still looking for the B&C 7". Any ideas where I can buy one?